Day 504: Let’s not be pi(c)ky

I have an idea, people!  Let’s not be picky today, okay?

Let’s not be picky, critical, fault-finding, or judgmental — especially about ourselves — even if we’re

  • slow,
  • reluctant,
  • confused, or
  • not up to expectations, in any way.

Let’s not be picky, if we’re

  • naive,
  • oblivious,
  • uninformed,
  • in the dark,
  • inexperienced,
  • unenlightened,
  • uninitiated,
  • unknowledgeable,
  • unlearned,
  • unmindful,
  • unread,
  • unschooled,
  • unsuspecting,
  • untaught,
  • untrained,
  • unwitting,

or any other synonym for the word “ignorant” …. about anything.

Who wants to join with me, in this assignment?

Does anybody want to turn my suggestion down?  Does anybody want to postpone this, for another day?

I would understand if people might want to avoid this assignment, because being un-picky, non-judgmental, whatever-we-want-to-call-it … is NOT easy to do.  As a matter of fact, it’s a lot more challenging than something I’ve been avoiding for so long … that I’m embarrassed to tell you about it.

Letting go of picky self-judgments, even for just a day, is much more difficult than what inspired today’s post:


…. setting up and using that friggin’ Waterpik.

I could tell you lots of reasons why I’ve been avoiding doing that, for months.  But those “reasons” probably wouldn’t make sense to you. Or maybe they would.  My reasons make sense/don’t make sense to me, depending upon how I’m thinking about things.

However, since I’ve decided not to be picky today, my reasons for doing — or not doing — things in the past don’t really matter, do they?

One of my obstacles to using that Waterpik  — to help in my (1) dental care and (2) constant battle to avoid endocarditis* —  was this: I had lost track of the instructions.

I took a step closer to fixing that this morning, before I started this post. That is, I looked for, and found, the instructions online.

That was easy. And I discovered that using that friggin’ Waterpik is friggin’ easy, too.

So here’s another pledge for myself, which seems very achievable: I will use that Waterpik before I return to work today, after an absence of over a month.**

To help me accomplish all these things, I shall end this post with some inspirations I noticed yesterday (in order of appearance):










I’d like to end this post with (1) a fortune I received, on Saturday:


… and (2) two guys who’ve been making lots of noise, as I’ve been writing this post:


But I’m not being picky, right now, in any way.

Thanks to Oscar and Harley (left to right), the Madrona Tree restaurant,, Waterpik, my medical team, those who are picky, non-picky, or anything in-between, and to you — of course! — for picking the opportunity to read this, today.

* I’ve written about endocarditis in this blog, several times.  It’s an infection of the heart. I’m prone to it, I’ve gotten it three times before, it’s dangerous, my medical team says good dental care helps prevent its recurrence, but — and I don’t want to be picky — nobody really knows how I can perfectly avoid it.  We’re all doing the best we can.

** I got pneumonia in April, which I’m recovering from, slowly.

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37 thoughts on “Day 504: Let’s not be pi(c)ky

  1. No self-judgment today, Ann, like water under the gum.

    Good luck on your first day back, my friend.

    I enjoy the flowers on the trees, and on the paths; and the peace in the park, and in your heart.

    • Thank you for this comment, Mark, which I shall pick like a beautiful flower, to take with me on my path.

  2. thanks for taking me on your walk — I’m not picky — I’ll walk anywhere with you, any day!

    Good luck today back at work. And with your meeting…


  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I let things happen.. Being picky never has worked for me:)

  4. Nit picking is on my “no-no” list. It is such a waste of time. Glad to see you are back in business. Just be sure to pace yourself. Those purple petals are gorgeous. Noise from cats is just their conversation, and I love hearing mine talk to me. Have a great week.

    • I am working on the pacing, on listening to cats, and on being less picky, especially regarding nits. Thanks for this comment!

  5. Oh Ann, do I like you! Yes, I’m in, and all the way. 🙂 Thanks for including a little history of your medical concerns, since we’ve “just met” and I wouldn’t understand the context. How lovely to know you’re getting back to work. I hope all goes very well. And your inspiration photos are simply wonderful to see this morning. I’ve already been a little picky this morning, but I’ll shut it down right now! 🙂

    • The feelings are mutual. I am thrilled that you shut down that pickiness! Thanks for this wonderful comment.

  6. I bet you’ve been missed at work! Enjoy your first day back and e-a-s-e into it.
    Diana xo

  7. colorful words and images!
    the water flosser gently picks on others, too!
    remember, use only on the teeth
    you, and others, want keep 🙂

  8. What can I say except that I come from a family of dentists who are very picky about dental hygiene. My brother threatens me with sharp instruments if I don’t take care of my teeth! So he is very picky, and may well need to read this post. BUT, today is not a day to nit pick, so I’ll leave him alone. Today,

  9. This is a tall order, but I’m up for it.

  10. Sign me up! I think self-judgment is the hardest judgmentalism to avoid of all. After all, how do we stay away from us! I’m sure Oscar and Harley have been trying to tell you to chill. I know our furry friends often do. They, and as your other photos show, help us keep things in perspective.

    Someone once said that humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking about yourself less. That thought has helped me through those self-judgmental days. Thanks for the great reminder today. 🙂

    • That is a great quote about humility, Mel, which I will try to engrave and keep in my mental space. Thanks for signing me up for that, and for the rest of this helpful comment.

  11. Today, and hopefully many other days, when I experience difficulties and challenges, I will not be picky. I believe a “non picky” attitude opens the door for opportunity. Thank you for this post.

  12. Good post Ann and nice photos, special the last one, but you me 😀

  13. I almost didn’t read this post because of the evidence of dental instruments. However, the petal-strewn paths more than compensated.

  14. Somehow as I have gotten older, I have become less picky, always now just looking for the good and greatness in the day…and if I am lucky a new experience or opportunity comes my way. Wonderful post. And wish you a very healthy and wonderful week Ann, take care!

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  16. No judgement! Take care and stay well!

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