Day 493: Dogged Determination

Our cat Harley saw a new veterinarian yesterday — Dr. Jake Tedaldi.   During the introductions,  I told Dr. Tedaldi that the vet at the shelter where we got Harley in October had written that Harley was “kind.”

I want to share with you the first sentence from Dr. Tedaldi’s visit description, which he left with us:

Harley is a cautious, possibly fretful fellow, but the term “kind” may actually be quite appropriate.

This strikes me as a helpful instance of the sometimes-not-so-helpful automatic process we humans have of labeling others (and ourselves).

Harley wasn’t the only one who saw a doctor yesterday. I saw one of mine, too, and it looks like I won’t be returning to work next week.

Now, might it not seem strange that this post —  describing a cat and a non-working human — has the title “Dogged Determination”?

Well, this post is about to take a turn, people.

Yesterday evening, I went for a leisurely walk with my boyfriend, Michael, at an outdoor location (rare in these parts) where dogs can run free, without leashes.

Here are some photos from that walk:













The next four photos show a dog determinedly retrieving a ball, from a pond (my apologies for shooting into the sun):






The next group of pictures features another water-loving dog. While we weren’t formally introduced to any of the other canines in this post, we were to this one:   Zoomy Bear.

When I first noticed Zoomy Bear, he was living up to his name — leaping over a fence to get to the water.  Unfortunately, I did not capture any of his impressive jumps on my iPhone. This was my first shot of him:


His zoomy-ness blurred him a little, there.

He became less blurry once he returned to the walkway. Here’s Zoomy Bear with his owner (whose name I did not get):









Here’s what I especially remember about that encounter:

  • Departing from my usual routine, I neither (a) explained I was taking photos for this blog nor (b) got her email to send her this post.
  • She told us several interesting things, including how she and Zoomy Bear celebrated his most recent birthday (which included doggy pastry),
  • When I requested photos of the two of them, she said, “Oh!  That will be a study in contrasts: He’s dirty and I’m clean.”
  • She used other labels about herself, including “loopy.” I disagreed with that label, in my thoughts and out loud.
  •  Zoomy Bear’s breed name  included the word “miniature” and (I think) “wolfhound.”
  • My phone died after that last photo, as I was trying to show her the images.
  • When I apologized for that (or, perhaps, for something else), she said, “Don’t worry.”

I am taking her advice.

I’m just glad that — despite not being able to record it on my phone — I remembered the name “Zoomy Bear.”*

Thanks to doctors who care for animals and humans,  kind creatures everywhere, dogs (unleashed and leashed),  those who zoom as best they can, and to you — of course! — for coming by here, today.

* I wonder if I’m spelling that correctly.  It might be “Zoomy-Bear.”

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48 thoughts on “Day 493: Dogged Determination

  1. Really great photos Ann 🙂 And funny experiences.

  2. Mary Morin

    Very lovely blog Ann! I hope you are feeling better and you are enjoying this long-awaited weather!

  3. Mags Corner

    I really enjoyed this post and the pictures are great! Looks like you all had a very nice and interesting walk.

  4. So, is Harley okay? Was there something wrong with the ear? You’ve posted that you thought there was an issue, and that he’s seen the doc – but you’ve left me hanging as to how he is!

    • I often do that, don’t I? That’s because the results were unclear: he might have an ear infection and he might not. For now, we’re going to observe him more closely.

  5. One of the things that I love about Calgary is that we are a city of dog lovers. There are over 100 off leash dog areas — some of them really really large in our city.

    Alas, Ellie, who has a fondness for water and offleash, can no longer go off leash. At 14 her mind thinks she’s still a puppy and off leash gives her too much scope to act like one — which leads to too much pain and limping and grunting.

    Love the post — and the photos. What a beautiful bench!

    • Thanks for this lovely comment, Louise. I’m realizing there may be more off-leash dog areas around here than I think. I’m not sure, since I don’t have a dog. My regards to young-thinking Ellie. And I loved that bench, too!

  6. What a beautiful place! Glad you got to enjoy it.
    Now, hang in there. You’ll be up to speed soon, I’m sure. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. I am in love with those dogs..and your vet’s description of your cat! 😀 (Speaking of dogs, my pooch is giving me the eyeball as I type this…he may be telling me that he wants to be featured on my blog today now that he’s seen the pups on here.) 😉

    • I’m sure your pooch deserves the extra attention. And, I’m so glad you loved those things in this post; so did I!

  8. I love how you know a dog’s name, but not its owner! haha. Is it wrong to shoot into the sun? Because I do it on purpose. I like the way photos look when you shoot into the sun. ❤
    Diana xo

    • I’m laughing with you right now, Diana. And I’ve heard from some photographers that shooting into the sun is not a great idea. However, rules are often made to be broken!

  9. Now that’s a super cool dog.

  10. What a great name for a dog. they obviously know this one well. What fun to take a walk and meet such fun folk. dogs can sometimes be so full of unconditional acceptance. I often take animals as my role models because of how they accept pain, express joy, give love…in all instances, they just accept and move along – no excuses, no putting down of self or anyone else – they just are…
    Their examples teach me much.

    • Thanks for passing on to us what you’ve learned from them. They are wonderful lessons!

      • Looking at the animals, it really becomes “dogged” determination. keep making progress and be easy on yourself. Glad you are feeling better and hope it just keeps being a good trend.

      • Thank you for all of this!

  11. Maybe this chance encounter portends…you and Harley will be “Zoomy Bears” again soon… 🙂

  12. Take this extra week of recovery to enjoy yourself! I love animals of all kinds! I really enjoyed your pics of Harley and Zoomy-Bear! My vet calls my one cat Miss Grumbles. She makes a lot of protest noises during her check ups, but never acts on her warnings! Keep recovering! 🙂

  13. Christopher S. Malone

    The pictures that you took, the ones where you are shooting into the sun, turned out great. I especially love the last one of that series.

    The weather is finally taking a turn for the better! It’s reassuring to be able to take long walks again.

  14. I think your whole post today is a study in contrasts, Ann. Let’s see, your cat Harley is cautious, fretful, kind. Hmmm. I’d more expect the third word to be suspicious.

    Zoomy Bear sure might be dirty but I’m suspicious about anybody who out of the blue and unsolicited declares themselves as clean. Watcha hidin’ there, tootsie?

    I would not want to be the last of three people to get to that curvy bench, either.

    Have a good night, Ann. You will get back to work when your body catches up to your mind.

  15. Don’t rush back to work, you’re still working through sickness. I’ve had pneumonia since November, different parts of you will heal faster than others. The mind, I think, being the last and biggest part of the sickness puzzle. Glad Harley is ok. Lovely photos, too.

    • Thank you for helping me work on this often confusing sickness puzzle. I appreciate this comment, very much.

  16. Beautiful shots…

  17. I’m glad you didn’t join the canines in the water Ann!! This is a nice share about caring and contrasts …. life 🙂

  18. zoomy bear . . . great facial builder for all! 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

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