Day 488: E for Effort

I have not ever received an “E” for Effort, in my educational experience.

I just googled “E for Effort.”

Here is Yahoo! Answers‘ explanation:

Is it A for effort or E for effort?

Best Answer
tichur answered four years ago
A for effort or E for effort has nothing to do with spelling. “Old school” grades got confused with a newer, less objective system. 

Old School 

E – Excellent 
VG – Very Good 
G – Good 
S – Satisfactory 
F – Fail 

Modern terminology 

A – superior 
B – Above average 
C – Average 
D – Below average 
F – Fail 

Effort grades have little to do with academic ones. Effort means earnest attempt to achieve. 

A for effort and E for effort mean the same thing…superior or excellent attempt to learn.
I want to thank tichur for the exemplary effort he put into that answer.

I will now elucidate the reasons for this title, this morning. As I experience recovery from pneumonia, everything seems like “too much” of an effort. Every exertion, exercise, etc. I extend equals exhaustion exceeding my expectations.

Eeeeek! Look at how many E’s I was able to use in that last sentence! And, I am NOT exhausted.


Expressing my emotions and experience helps, extraordinarily.

Eager for some images, experienced yesterday?

Would you give me an “A” or an “E” for my efforts, today?
Thanks to everyone everywhere effecting any extent of effort, to people who are old school or new school, and — especially! — to my exemplary, excellent, exacting, and extraordinary readers.
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33 thoughts on “Day 488: E for Effort

  1. Astonishing academic research and aesthetic tone, Ann. Excellent Easter-colored exposures and exterior excellence, eager Super Recovery Woman.

  2. I never knew that! You should take a lot of pictures Ann!
    Diana xo

  3. I meant *sure take a lot” not “should take a lot” My brain is on vacation and my typing fingers are working overtime!

    • I understood what you meant, Diana. Thanks for both of these comments from your typing fingers, and xo back at ya!

  4. Ann exhibits exemplary photographic skills of exterior entrances and eccentric environments. She is encouraged to ease into her extracurricular activities and economize her need to explore at the expense of her existing well being. That said, enjoy your day and engage in exertions that don’t exhaust you. Excellent effort!

  5. W for winner

    • Wow! Well, we welcome this comment from you, especially.

      • Ha! Ann, you are such an inspiration (yeah, an over-used word but I mean it!) Thank you for your ongoing wisdom – another W word. Julie

  6. That’s an interesting way to store one’s hoola hoop.

  7. deserving of all the letters
    of beauty and love 🙂

  8. I ll give you an A . A for Ann 😀

  9. Christopher S. Malone

    How about an AE? Awesome Effort.

  10. Mags Corner

    Excellent use of the letter “E”. I enjoyed the pictures, especially the ones of the wreaths and beautiful blossoms. Be well soon! Hugs

  11. There are two Es in “tree.” Especially excellent images.

  12. You will get an E 🙂

  13. AEA
    Awesome Effort Ann!

  14. Wow! You should go and grab yourself a Spiffy Award for all of that excellent effort! 😀

    • Hey! Nerd in the Brain, thanks for your excellent appearance and your exhibition of appreciation. I don’t accept awards, I’m afraid. Awwww!

      • Oh, these aren’t really the accept-y type of awards…they’re just “brag on yourself or someone else” on my blog type of awards. 😀 Award or not, you are quite spiffy! 🙂

      • I visited your award site after I replied here, and … talk about spiffy! Thank you for all that.

  15. Both! And a gold star!

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