Day 487: Gratitude Attitude (stinky pinkies)

Your post host (me, whee!) believes that a smart start makes inviting writing.

Perceive/receive a theme/scheme for today, okay?

Hmmm. I’m going to put a  temporary, necessary stop to this priming rhyming, for clarity (or charity):

When I was a kid, my family played lots of guessing games.  One of these was called “Stinky Pinkies.”  Here’s how that worked: One person would think of a two-word phrase (usually an adjective and a noun, but not always) that rhymed, such as

Gratitude attitude

Post host

Smart start

Inviting writing

Priming rhyming

Stinky pinky

Then, that person would give the guessers a clue, such as:

A thankful way of thinking

A WordPress writer

An intelligent beginning

An attractive turn of phrase

A poem that sets up a premise

The name of a great game

And the game would be afoot!

My droll goal, for most of this post, is to show lots of shots of things for which I have a tankful of thankful, with some amusing using of this same game.

It’s up to you to provide guess success.

Stinky Pinky #1

True Clue:    An elevating donation.

Residual visual:




mk created and posted that amazing picture yesterday, for my not-so-secret identity, Super-Recovery-Woman.  I have a tankful of thankful for that.


Stinky Pinky #2

Clue Two: A cat using a computer

Residual Visual:


While that image speaks for itself, the answer is not up to my usual stringent rhyming standards, but … it’s good enough!


Stinky Pinky #3

New Clue: A lucky visitor.

Residual Visual:


That’s my dear friend, Megan, who visited me yesterday.


Stinky Pinky #4

Due Clue:  A bashful fellow

Residual Visual:



Stinky Pinky #5

Clue, too:  An incredible flower

Residual visuals:




Let the guessing, messing, and/or confessing begin!

Thanks to my family, mk, my cats, Pharrell Williams (whose video appears in Game #2), Megan, springtime, rhymers and guessers everywhere, true blue friends and readers, and to you — whoo hoo! — for your exquisite visit, today.

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39 thoughts on “Day 487: Gratitude Attitude (stinky pinkies)

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I swear Nora my cat looks just like this cat… You let it in and it hisses at you…Nora needs cat therapy or something…

    • I assume that Nora looks like Gnarly Harley, in #4. (By the way, for those of you who are playing along at home, that is not the answer I was going for.) Regards to Nora and thanks to you, for visiting and commenting today.

  2. So, do you want us to make nice, little rhymes? That would be cool!

  3. I want to play! I want to play! But first I must start my day!

    Dang slang

    Back later to stay and play! 🙂

  4. If I’m correct, one must say #5 like a Bostonian. 🙂 Still working on #2.

  5. Niko

    😀 I like Megan 🙂 and your cat that has a really annoyed look in the first pic! 🙂 🙂

    • And I like this comment, Niko! I think Oscar the Cat was listening to Pharrell Williams singing “Happy.” Not sure what his state of mind was.

      • Niko

        😀 Oscar has a splendid intellectual look in that pic! 🙂 Nice feline 🙂
        Bye bye Dear Ann, have a nice day

      • Same to you, Niko, and thanks for increasing my gratitude attitude today.

      • Niko

        🙂 😉 you’re welcome darling

  6. No 4: Shy Guy

  7. laurajfairbanks

    Hmm is it a spoiler if we guess …..
    spoiler alert – 1. lift gift, 2. that’s got me stumped, 3. blessed guest, 4. shy guy, 5. awesome blossom

  8. A straight resurrect of the fun sun by Ann
    And now, I’m a fan


  9. Great game 🙂 . I tried to guess the answers but was unable to come up with suitable words that can rhyme chime . I guess mess (hehe ,trying to practice) .

    But I really enjoyed reading this post and rhyming comments. 🙂

  10. I think I got #2 – feline online? I also got #4 shy guy, but others beat me to it. Could only come up with Lift Gift for #1. As for #3 and #5, no idea! Good game, though.

  11. Well, because of my busy day, all are answered, Ann. Going back to some pretty swell cartoon days, though, I must tell you that I very much am impressed by your most tip-top, laptop cat.

    Your family game surely helped your turn out to be as clever as you are. It a phrase-turner, punster’s dream.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You are welcome, Mark. I thought you might enjoy the fun puns, the heyday wordplay, etc. Thanks so much for stopping by. A day without Mark is much too stark.

  12. This is so much fun Ann. I’ve never played stinky pinkie before. It reminds me of a fish and chip shop in Aberdeen that was called Betty’s. Our nickname was Sweaty Bettys … it was so hot in there with the fryers!
    your Pal Val

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