Day 484: The near future

Yesterday, my managers and I decided this: I won’t be returning to work for at least two more weeks. That is, I am committing completely to my not-so-secret identity of Super Recovery Woman,* as I continue to heal from pneumonia.

Looking ahead to that two weeks, I’m not sure what to expect.

But, that’s always true as we look into the near (and far) future, isn’t it?

As always, I will do my best to redirect my thoughts back to the present moment, as those thoughts go into the future and into the past.

In the here and now, I want to show you this:


I saw that yesterday. That felt like a first to me: to be offered such a beautiful and large range of choices, to take what I need.

As I took that all in, I also noticed the older, incomplete set of choices, sticking out below and behind.

Do you see that, now?

For whatever reasons, I chose from that smaller set, as follows:


Sometimes, even when we have limited options, we can still get what we need.

Thanks to; to all who offer hope, kindness, faith, strength, understanding, joy, peace, patience, healing, inspiration, courage, love, and other necessities; to those who accept those as best they can; and to you — of course! — for visiting with me today.

* I hereby offer a choice of  past posts about “Super Recovery Woman” — here, here, here, here, and here — to partake of, as you please.

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44 thoughts on “Day 484: The near future

  1. I hope that the concrete time frame will help you relax about not being at the job, Ann. You have all the time you need to pull on the Super Recovery Woman costume of your own design now, my friend.

  2. Loved this post. Here’s to your continued recovery, Ann (raising a breakfast spoonful of steel cut oats and fruit).

  3. I really like that heart. How can I get one? I followed the link to KristinDudish but I couldn’t find it there or figure out quite how her site works. Or, are these just popping up everywhere in Boston? (like chocolate matzoh and half-pies)

    I hope that you have a little sunshine to sit out in, as you recover.

  4. And who can be better at finding Hope than a woman..!! 🙂

  5. PS> I think you can get to Panama and back in two weeks. Or the California desert.

    Just saying.

    • Nah. No flying for me. I like Boston in the springtime. But I appreciate your ideas (which made me smile, for sure).

  6. Hi Ann, i am SO glad to hear you are taking more time off to continue your recovery from pneumonia! It takes courage in this culture to put our physical needs and well being in the picture at all, much less in its real place- right in the front seat ! Children r trained right away to ignore their body signals in order to obey and practice institutionalizing protocol. Being well or being suck are so polarized and in humane – we are always in a changing state of weather patterns, at diifferent points along a huge arch or spectrum. Sorry to be didactic. Sigh. I love this about you that you have this lesson to share w others. It is very hard won i know but you offer such lovely tools and paradigm shifts – thanks for modeling self care – and respectful relating at the same time!

  7. may this kind investment
    gently be its just reward, for yourself & the world.

  8. As you continue on the journey to recover from pneumonia these next two weeks, wishing for you many “present moments” and; on your behalf, “I take for you — healing, hope, and ‘strength”. This is a perfect way to begin my day, making a conscious decision to choose one or more of the options offered in this art piece. Love it and immediately went to the website to learn more about the artist. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for this lovely, healing, hopeful, and strong comment. I appreciate what you wrote, very much, in this present moment.

  9. Sometimes just pulling on those superhero costumes is a pain. And I think the spandex is not good for respiratory health. So just be superrrrrr-relaxing-recovery-woman for a bit.

    • I guess that would mean choosing and pulling “healing” from those heart options above… and maybe creating a new one: “comfort.” Thanks for expanding my choices, Jeff, with this great comment.

      • I think “comfort” is written in hand on the back of whichever one you choose. Waaaay over the mountain I’ll be thinking of you. Get weller.

      • Thank you for this waaaay cool response. I feel weller already.

  10. Crumbs. Pneumonia.Still a dangerous affliction; so for you to be more or less over it is wonderful. Keep your chin up, with help from wonderful cards like that ! 🙂

    • Comments like these help me keep my chin up. Thank you for the visit and your thoughts. And, by the way, the photos don’t show a card, but rather something that was posted on a door of a healthcare facility. But, you’re right … it had the same effect as a wonderful card, with its caring message.

  11. The Reading Girl

    hope…such a wonderful feeling. hope you are feeling better 🙂

  12. Eleanor

    The good news is that a decision was made for you to take the time off to heal completely and fully — pneumonia can take awhile..
    Be well, take care of yourself, and enjoy the spring – there are some beautiful days coming.
    And … you’ll have more time to find wonderful pictures for your blog.

  13. Rest up, get better!

  14. wow – cool choices- and hope you heal soon – 🙂 and what a cool job you have – sound alike at least. 🙂

  15. I am also healing from something this month too – and wow – life perspective has changed for good – O_o

    • Illness and needing to heal really do change our perspectives, don’t they? So glad you visited and commented here.

  16. That is so true about looking into the future! Definitely take the 2 weeks to recover!

  17. I’m glad you’re taking the time to recover. Pneumonia can’t be ignored, it only gets worse. A colleague of mine who is younger than you suffered a terrible bout of pneumonia a few years ago an ended up in hospital for weeks and was off for about two months. We still worry about her having a relapse and literally have to make her stay home when she gets sick. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery. Take care of yourself.

  18. I hope that you will accept the more time to rest and recuperate more fully. It is a gift of time, which may impact your budget. I hope all the things will ‘align’ and make it easier for you to be your better self! Smiles, Robin

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