Day 479: Super Recovery Woman, revisited

Yesterday, I managed to convince people — even some readers resistant to the idea* — to link to a previous post I’d written.

Do the powers of Super*Recovery*Woman never cease?

I’m guessing that they do cease, people. But before we go there,  let’s take a quick inventory of Super Recovery Woman’s powers, so far:

  • The ability to move minds, despite resistance.
  • The power to link to other posts, with impunity.
  • The ability to focus on healing, despite barriers to same.
  • The powers of punctuation AND footnoting.
  • The ability to digress, to digress again, and — when all seems lost — to return to seemingly abandoned points.

That’s all I’ve got, so far. But remember, Super-Recovery-Woman** is ill, so her list-making powers are severely restricted, for the moment.

Anyway, isn’t it time for an image for Super Recovery Woman? Some helpful readers have already ventured ideas for what Super Recovery Woman might look like:

Whatever costume you pick, I assume it will include only one glove and one sock!

Mark Bialczak

After seeing your love for hyphens I think your super hero logo should be a hyphen (-) .


Now, if Super Recovery Woman had the power to draw and create images these days, maybe she could comply with these excellent suggestions. However, she doesn’t, so she is reduced to searching Google Images for a good-enough start.

How about this?


Pros for that image? Her logo is a star/asterisk!!

Cons for that image? I do NOT look like that.

However, as my bf Michael just commented, “It’s a cartoon, Ann.”

Since I’m not sure what Michael means by that (and he’s not sure, either), let’s see what other candidates for Super Recovery Woman I might show you, this morning.

Well,  I found the first image at and … there are 2,224 more choices there***!

Decision Making is NOT one of my super powers, so …. what to do? What to do? As usual, I’ll just do my best, at making good-enough choices out of too-many options:



young-super-hero-woman-acting-like-sign-chest-33385712 (1)








Phew!  Too many choices (as well as my recovering from pneumonia) continue to be exhausting, so it’s time for me to end this post.

Does anything feel left unsaid for me right now?

Just this:  My original intent for this post was very different from what this post became.  I intended to link to Day 247: No one is alone, because I am SO grateful for the support that I’ve been getting everywhere: here in the WordPress-o-Sphere and in all the other parallel universes I’m inhabiting these days.

Because NO Super Hero can do it alone, people, no matter what her powers, how she writes,  or what she looks like!

Many and special thanks to all my readers.  (And perhaps I should also thank others who deserve my gratitude, but they’re not reading, so …. hey!  Why bother?)

* Including wonderful blogger robert87004 (see his comment after this post).

** I am still struggling with possible punctuation marks for my super-hero name. The candidates, so far, have been hyphens and asterisks. There is pain associated with punctuation, though;  for example, WordPress does weird things with asterisks (although I can use my super powers, aided by a wave of this wand — “\” — to nullify those effects).  For the rest of this post, no more super-hero-name punctuation (which should make Mark Bialczak happy, for one).

*** I searched on “super woman” there. (And, in case you’re wondering, I have used my business-transaction powers to engage with these images appropriately.)

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22 thoughts on “Day 479: Super Recovery Woman, revisited

  1. I think superheroes rule with the mind as well as the body, Ann, and for that, you are the model from which all imitators cower!

  2. I agree with Mark — you rock the world in super all ways, always!

  3. Darcsunshine

    I love this post! My children call me Wonder Woman haha

  4. Great post . Keep counting your super powers 😉 . I have a picture to share too if only there had been a option to attach picture in comment .

  5. I loved Mark’s one-glove, one-sock crack. Spot on!

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