Day 476: Ka-plow!

The blog possibilities are essentially endless today, because I — and others — are dealing with many issues. These issues include:

  • Illness (it seems like a lot of people are ill right now; some of us* are dealing with pneumonia).
  • Boston Marathon day, on the first year anniversary of the bombings.
  • Uncertainties about the future, which we all pretty much deal with, every day. (For some people,* these might include: when will I be able to go back to work?  What changes should I make in my work, to help promote people’s healing — including my own?)

Also, somebody* started a “thread” in this here blog recently (see here and here) about a new Super Hero identity, which, for today’s post, I am punctuating like so:


… just because I like the way that looks, today.  I will also say that it is a Super*Recovery*Woman’s prerogative to change her mind, whenever she wants.

So there are many things I could write about today, including imagining more details about my new identity.

Hmmmm. How am I going to create a good enough post, this morning?  Especially since some people* are not working today (because they’re* sick and/or it’s Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts**). As a result, somebody* doesn’t have their usual morning “container” to help them write a short, succinct, and to-the-point post.

As a result, I’m concerned that Super Digression Woman* may write her longest and most rambling post, evah, today. And she* really doesn’t want to do that, people. She’s not herself today. She’s sick!

Geesh! Somebody* had better explain the topic title at this point, don’t you think?


When I woke up this morning, I was thinking many thoughts, including:

I still feel sick.  I don’t feel like myself. Arrrghh! And my mouth feels terrible. Maybe I SHOULDN’T have gotten that dental work done right after I left the hospital last week, but I did that because I was already on antibiotics and I need intravenous antibiotics whenever I get dental work because of my history of endocarditis and I HATE being on so many antibiotics because everybody knows that’s not good for you, so it made sense at the time to get that over with.  But MAYBE THAT WAS THE WRONG DECISION!

Boy, somebody sure got up on the wrong side of the bed, this morning, didn’t she*?

Where was I?

Oh, yes. I was explaining the title of the post.

After I got up, I realized I needed to stop those kinds of thoughts, because they were NOT HELPFUL! And immediately — shazaam! —  the title of this post popped into my mind:


Why that particular title?

  • Because that’s how a lot of people (mis)pronounce my name (which used to bother me, at times) (but these days, not so much).
  • Every decent super hero* needs a good comic book noise, when she’s fighting the good fight! Don’t you agree?

Before this writer* goes any further with this post, she would like to add something else to the mix: appropriate music.



Let’s see what Google Images has for us* this morning, for “Comic Book Noises.”



(I found this image here)


(I found this image here)


(I found that image here)

Take THAT, you unhelpful thoughts!!!!


(I found that image here)

And last, but not least:


I found that last image, here, at a site called — AND I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP — “What comic book sound are you?”

So how would I like to end this post?  What feels left unsaid?

Just this: if you want to read a beautiful post about the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, please check this out (written by my WordPress friend, Mark Bialczak).

Somebody* found it very moving, this morning.

Thanks to Mark, to John Williams (for the “Superman” theme), to everybody else who helped me write this post this morning, to anyone who is celebrating Patriot’s Day in any way at all, and to you — BOING!! — for visiting today.

* That would be me.

** Patriot’s Day***, according to Wikipedia, is “Observed by Massachusetts, Maine, Wisconsin, encouraged in Florida.” I’m wondering if my readers in Florida could report back on what that particular kind of encouragement looks like.

*** Apparently, I punctuated the name of this holiday AS IF I am living in Maine. I’m not making that up, either.

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43 thoughts on “Day 476: Ka-plow!

  1. I am honored by your link, Ann. Thank you. As much light as possible must be focused upon your city’s recovery on this day.

    OK, on to Ka-Plow … Your new superhero name could also be … The Hyphenator!

    Even though you went to asterisks today, that is. Asteriskator doesn’t carry the same Ka-Plow.

    And, a question: In my mind’s ear, I’ve been reading your surname as Kop-Low, a law enforcement slang followed by the opposite of high,

    How do YOU say it?

  2. I love your spirit!

  3. Ann, whenever I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and I do, I do a hard manual switch. I close my eyes, go deep within, and I TELL myself, I feel wonderful, I feel strong, I can and I WILL do all I must this day …. you get the idea. Mind over Matter thing. It works. I wrap my arms around you and say, “Ms. Ann, you CAN do all you must today!!” And SMILE! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you, Amy, for these great ideas (and smiles, hugs etc.).

      • Life is tough, Ann, I’ll be the first to admit. And when you have health issues, it gets even more challenging. You don’t know the times I have clung to my kitchen countertop, swaying with fatigue and pain (this in the morning) and saying these “mantras” with conviction. And then I DO. I get involved in the day, take breaks and rest if need be, but darn it, I do it. Go and see my Daffodil post. If that doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will. [GRIN] xx Amy

  4. I love your spirit too! — and how cool is this… you’re reading my blog as I’m reading yours this morning and we’re on opposite sides of the continent, but not the Rockies! 🙂

    • Because I’m geographically challenged, Louise, it took me a moment to figure out what you meant here. Here’s the punchline, I guess: no matter where we are, barriers cannot really separate us.

      • With our hearts and spirits aligned Ann, I believe we are not separate, we are all connected.

        Have a beautiful day — I hope you’re feeling better soon my friend. Sending healing love and light your way…. eastward from the west. 🙂

  5. I think a lot of folks around the country, and even around the world, are holding Boston in their hearts today. If I could run, and I could afford the price of a ticket, I’d be there physically, but since that isn’t realistic, then the only thing left to do is think good thoughts, and say lots of prayers.

    How about if I end the prayers with a KA-POW instead of an “Amen”? Throw in a bit of extra punch-uation to add emphasis? Feel better, and keep fighting!

  6. It’s hard to feel the sunshine in our lives when we feel physically ill. So heal, recover, and then see what you have to tell us!

  7. Thank you for sharing what you are going through. My thoughts, best wishes, and prayers are with you. I love your humor, Ann! May you quickly KA-POW! your way to good health.

  8. Hope u feel better soon. Thank you for sharing the comic graphics. Never knew what the saying actually meant.

  9. Mags Corner

    Oh, sweet Ann I do hope that you will be seeing some improvement in your health very soon. Pain is no fun and takes all the ‘want to’ out of things we enjoy doing. Thinking about you and sending lots of feel better hugs!

  10. John Fairbanks

    Hi Ann, There has been no mention of today being Patriot’s Day here in Naples, Florida. Lots of press on it being Marathon Monday and of course last year’s bombings. Hope you are feeling better. Love, Diane

    Sent from my iPad


  11. tjefferis1974

    Hope you get to feeling better. Thank you for the laughs every time I read your blog. I want to be your side kick so maybe just maybe we can think something up for a cool name like Positivity*Princess…What do you think? hahahaha

  12. Holy Ka-plow, Batman! This post has BIFF-BOOM-BANG! 🙂

  13. SO many things! boom*kapow*bam! hope you’re feeling better asap!!

  14. Ann I hope you will get better soon . Your blog make us smile .You have always something interesting to share .

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  17. After missing out on your posts for a while, as I have been so overcommitted that I never even looked at my reader, this one rocked me back on my heels. Very good! I am now wide awake and energised to clear my desk. I’m sorry you have been ill and hope some of the energy I am so lucky to have is winging its way back to you.

    • Thank you so much for all your reactions, Hilary, and your generous wish to share your energy. I always love to see you here.

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