Day 467: Fevered plans

Because I’m at risk for endocarditis (and have had it three times since 1998, but with no damage to my heart, because we’ve caught it really early, each time), my doctors and I have devised a very cautious plan:

Whenever I run a fever, I shall go to the Emergency Department  to get tested, to make sure I do not have endocarditis.

That’s the plan.  It works very well, too, because I almost never run a fever.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been running a fever.

At times like this, I can see flaws in this plan.

Have I gone to the Emergency Department? Not yet.

I don’t feel like going!  I have a fever!  And it’s most likely NOT endocarditis. I mean, everybody knows there’s been something going around: a flu, a virus, whatever.  My supervisor at work was really sick with it, a week or so ago.  She ran a high fever for a couple of days.

So those facts would argue for my not going to the Emergency Department to get tested.

However, the first time I decided get tested for endocarditis, when I was 7 months pregnant with my son, I also had some kind of flu or virus. But I had a really funny feeling and I called Dr. Salem, my cardiologist, and said, “I want to get tested for endocarditis.”  And Dr. Salem said, “Better safe than sorry.”

The doctor doing the testing said, “You don’t have endocarditis. You have the flu. But since you’re here, let’s test you.”

And I had endocarditis.

I remember talking to Dr. Salem, afterwards:  “Wasn’t that weird that I asked to get tested?  You know, there really was no reason for that.  I’d never had it before, plus I had the flu and I knew it. How do you explain that?”  And he said, ” I think somebody was looking out for you.”

And I thought of my father, who had died less than a year before that.

Does this make any sense?  I can’t tell. I’m running a fever.

Also, I’ve told this story before, here, when I wasn’t running a fever.

Anyway, back to the present.  My Primary Care Physician knows what I’m doing (or not doing) right now.  She wrote me an email yesterday:

Okay….well there is definitely something going around.  Please promise to go to the ED if you start to feel poorly or continue to have a fever or feel like you have endocarditis.

I promised.  And based on that,  I think I’ll be going to the Emergency Department at some point during this beautiful April weekend, just to be safe.

After all, when you make a plan, it’s usually good to stick to it. Second guessing can be quite painful.

To end this fevered post, here’s something else that looks out for me:


And let’s include some music here, too.

(Peggy Lee performing “Fever”posted by Gareth Miller here on YouTube)

Thanks to everybody who has ever looked out for me, to Peggy Lee, and to you — of course! — for visiting today.

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44 thoughts on “Day 467: Fevered plans

  1. There were several times my brother (the one who just passed with heart issues) would be up and dressed when my mom came downstairs to go to work and ask her to take him to the hospital (we had to move him into their house because it wasn’t safe for him to live alone). And each time, because he paid attention to his body and felt “better safe than sorry” was a really good way to live when you have heart issues, we caught issues early.

    So, I hope your trip to the ER goes smoothly!

  2. Here’s hoping for a noneventful ED trip.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Ann!
    Diana xo

  4. I hope that all goes well. It is always tough when you have something like this.

    • Hi, Ann! I am very glad you have your plan and that you are sticking with it! I’m sorry that you are sick. Seems there is a fever thang going round- i myself was sick for about 4 or 5 days and its not fun. I am glad you will be seen to stay safe. Love you!!

    • Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments, Rajiv and Singing Speck!

    • Rajiv! Somehow I missed this comment when you made it. I guess it’s because I was running a fever. Always great to see your visits here.

      Oh, wait! I didn’t miss your comment. It just LOOKS like I missed your comment. I wonder if I’m running another fever today?

  5. Hope it goes well.

  6. Peggy

    Dear Ann: Please go to the ED.

    Love, Peggy (Ann, not Lee)

  7. I hope your fever lifts soon, Ann

  8. You are Great!

  9. Please go and get tested. It is better safe than sorry. 🙂

  10. Please post back and let us know that you are okay.

    • I am at the ED now, Maureen, with Michael. It is packed! First warm weekend of spring, I guess. The doctor just said to me, “It’s hell out there.” Everything is relative, I guess. It will take a few days to get the blood cultures back, I know.

  11. My plan now is to worry about you, Ann, until I’ve heard that you’ve gone to the ED, got tested, and it’s not endocarditis. Take of what you have to so you can be safe and we won’t be sorry.

  12. Please go to ED.

  13. Wish you well, and because you have written about this ~ and your past experience, so yes, definitely get it checked out. Nice video too 🙂

  14. Catching up late here. Assuming that either you no longer have a fever, OR have been to the ER.


    • I am at the ER, Jeff. It looks like this process is going to take a bit longer than I expected. Thanks, very much, for the visit.

  15. Okay. Well, you know a bunch of us are thinking about you.

  16. I wrote this comment for your latest post day 468 but there was some problem I was unable to post this comment there so I am writing it here .

    Ann , i appreciate your commitment to your blog even though you are not feeling well you have something to share with us everyday . I hope and wish you will get well soon 🙂 .

    This book is simply awesome .Recently i have yet another episode where one of my teacher was discribing introversion as if it is a disease or a very bad and forced habit .These episodes really hurt if only people would understand this concept better and take time to know the real facts . I will be waiting for your reviews on this book. When you finish reading it do share a detail post on this book .

    Your views on book? What are the points you agree on ? Was there anything new that you learn from the book ?

    • Thank you for this comment , which was quite helpful to me. I hope to complete the book “Quiet” soon. In the meantime, I am very grateful for all you shared here.

  17. Linda Lintz


    Hope that you are in & out of the hospital with the fever GONE.


  18. I’m reading these posts backwards — very far behind. I have my fingers crossed for you, though.

    • I think things are going to be okay, Elyse. Thanks for reading: backwards, forwards, whatever, it’s always good to see you.

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