Day 459: Time and Space

Here’s a quote, from somebody who recently joined my therapy groups:

Time exists so that everything doesn’t happen all at once.

Space exists so that everything doesn’t happen just to me.



Last year, around this time, I published the post Day 96: What was the last post about, anyway?, which was “dedicated to my friend, Jeanette, because it’s her birthday today.”  That post included:

  • the first appearance of the Pat Metheny tune “Are you going with me?” and
  • probably not the first appearance of a blatant mistake in these posts, because it was NOT Jeanette’s birthday.

As I explained last year,  I have trouble remembering the exact date of Jeanette’s birthday.  I always remember that it’s in early April, but the actual date eludes me.

It’s time to check last year’s posts to re-discover the real time for Jeanette’s birthday.

Okay! Day 99: Importance and unimportance, continued  tells me that it’s April 9.

Let’s see if I can make the time, right now, to fix that important information into my brain. I tend to think that Jeanette’s birthday is April 6. It’s not. It’s April 9.  9 is 6 upside down.  For some reason, I’m topsy turvy about Jeanette’s birthday. Perhaps that’s because things felt turned upside down for me, when Jeanette moved away from Boston, several years ago. So that makes sense.

That helps me to remember that I confuse 6 and 9, for Jeanette’s birthday. How to remember 9 over 6?

How about with this joke?

Q. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

A. Because 7 8 9.

Nah, that’s not going to do it.  Maybe I’ll just remember it’s 9, because 9 is later than 6, and I’ll remember that I made the mistake of being too early, last year.

I think it’s time to ask this question: Is anybody still with me?

In any case, it’s time to be in the moment, today, which is neither April 6 nor April 9, but rather April 4.

What’s significant about today? Well, it’s the home opener for the Red Sox!






Also, I’m leaving, today, for a weekend trip.

I’m glad I can take the time, this morning, to celebrate both those things.


Today, I will be traveling through space, via train, to meet …

Guess who?

Jeanette!  I’m so glad she’s going with me, on this weekend adventure.

What’s THE most unlikely space for a Bostonian to pick, for a reunion, on Red Sox Opening Weekend?


Yes, Jeanette and I are meeting in NYC. Guess where I found that photo?*

For real.

It’s time to finish this spacey post, people!

Thanks to Jeanette, to people and teams from Boston, New York, etc., and to you — of course! — for making the time and space to be here, today.

* Take time to visit that website if you’re curious about how NYC would look out in space, on another planet.**

** As if it isn’t, already.

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22 thoughts on “Day 459: Time and Space

  1. Great Fenway pictures, Ann. Have a good time with Jeanette in the Big Apple on her pre-birthday women’s weekend getaway. And, finally, so you do not space out her birthday next year, put it into the calendar on your computer/tablet/phone/wall-hanging?

  2. Traveling through space and time. Cool!

  3. I like that quote!

  4. Go Yankees!

    (Yes, I had to start off with that. MANY of my friends are BoSox fans, and it’s fun to have the banter. We can’t have one team without the other…. Neither can baseball itself.)

    Have a blast in New York, and tell the city hello for me…assure her I will be back this summer. Haha.

    • It was a good beginning, Christopher. I also liked the rest of your comment, even better. I will give NYC your regards, gleefully.

  5. Enjoy your weekend Ann 🙂

  6. That is a brilliant quote. who is the author?

    • I actually do not know, Elizabeth. Somebody who recently joined my groups told me about it, but it clearly wasn’t written by him. I had never heard it before, and I LOVED it. I will see if I can find out. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  7. It’s great that you always think Jeanette’s birthday is on the 6th because then it means that you getto celebrate her birthday for at least 3 days, starting early. What if you always thought that it was on the 9th but it was really the sixth? Then you’d miss it every year! (But I’m sure that she’d forgive you. Or officially change the date.)

    Have a wonderful weekend in NYC!

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  9. It was the home opener for the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday as well but sadly they lost against the New York Yankees, 7 to 3. Yikes!

  10. Glad you had fun!!

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