Day 455: Guess

In yesterday’s post, which had lots of sentences, this was one of them:

Guess where Bernard blogs?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I love guessing games.  I often ask people to guess things, and I enjoy when people ask me to guess, too.

I’m guessing I love guessing games because that was a tradition in my family. When I was growing up, my father, mother, sister, and I would try to guess something somebody was thinking about, by asking Yes or No Questions.  For example, my father might say, “Guess who I saw today?”  and the game was afoot.

Later, I remember driving with my sister and my young son to visit my mother, and the three of us playing that same game in the car. “Guess what I did last weekend?”  Or somebody would start a story, “Something happened … ” and somebody would say, “Wait!  Let us guess what it was!”

I think it’s fun to guess.  Although — as I’ve written about before (guess how many times!) —  guessing things, without balancing that with reality testing, can sometimes lead to confusion, errors, and pain.

Something I’m not sure of: Should there be a question mark at the end of a “Guess” invitation, like the one about our fellow blogger above?  Is that a question or a statement?


I have to end this blog post early today.  Would anybody like to guess why?

One more game, before I go:  Guess what item in my local supermarket has this incredible price per pound:


This is too much fun!  I don’t want this post to end.

I just HAVE to tell you this:  Here’s actual dialog between Michael and me, earlier this morning:

Ann: I’ve got to go blog.

Michael: What’s today’s topic, baby?

Ann: “Guess.”

Michael: Work?

Ann: No. That’s the topic.

Michael: What?

Ann: “Guess.”

Michael: I can’t. What is it?

Ann: (laughter)

Guess what that reminds me of?

Thanks to my family, to Michael, to guessers everywhere, and to you — of course! — for reading (and, I hope, guessing) today.

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37 thoughts on “Day 455: Guess

  1. I can’t take a sensible guess except to add that the print ink in cartridge comes out to $2,500 a gallon !

    • Thank you for this sensible comment, Carl. Now I can ask people, “Guess how much print ink in a cartridge costs per gallon”!

  2. $4,796.80 per pound… could it be caviar? Or a mistake?

  3. What is the connection between Vincent Van Gogh and Frozen? Truffles?

    • Hmmm. I can’t even guess, right now, about that connection. But are you guessing Truffles for the expensive item? Great guess, but not exactly.

  4. I love guessing games too — but seriously — $4,796.50 per lb? in a grocery store? I’d have gone with truffles too so now have to guess…. some type of rare mushroom?

  5. Hey, Abbott! With Easter season afoot, I guess that it’s gourmet jelly beans. Who’s on first, Ann? It’s opening day!

  6. Guess what brand jeans I’m wearing right now Ann….Dammit, I accidentally just told you 😉

  7. Saffron?

  8. All I can guess is truffles or saffron; those, or perhaps that cinchona bark that replaces all 70 billion cells in your body within 3-4 hours (hold onto something tightly). Incidentally, we played guessing games growing up, too, but they involved things like my father trying to guess my name.

    • Thanks for this excellent comment, Rob, and very good guesses. Pardon me while I look for some cinchona bark during my lunch break.

  9. I love the humour in this post and the title. You had me guessing for a while there 🙂

  10. I love it when a game is a foot. Don’t have a clue about what costs that much. Not a part of the store I normally shop in, I guess… 🙂

  11. Is it some sort of gold flake?. Great conversation with Michael to get things going 🙂

    • No, it’s not some sort of gold flake, although I would love to see gold flakes in the supermarket. Thanks for the great comment!

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  22. I think it’s fun to guess, too

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