Day 438: Double O

In yesterday’s post, I included this sign, which involved a double 0.


At the hospital cafeteria yesterday, the cashier pointed out that my lunch, made up of soup, salad (priced by weight), and water (pictured here)


.. totaled to a double 0 number:


She remarked that people sometimes swoon when they see Double 0’s like that, on their bill.

A quick aside to Observant Ones, like Mark Bialczak .. Look how my hometown is spelled on that same receipt:


Oops! There should be two O’s in Boston, but no “i.”

Oh-oh. This post may be too goofy, even for me.

Look how loosely I’m using Double O’s: as numbers, as letters, as initials, AND in the middle of words.


I’m stooping to misspelling words, too!

Mood: Gloom. Sense of worth? 00 cents.

Hey, people! Not ALL of these posts are going to be good. Or original. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY!  I WRITE A POST EVERY FRIGGIN’ DAY!

Did I doom things, there, with my attitood?   Am I being too obnoxious? Or Obstreperous?

Or too too …. snooty, using such big words?

Oh, poop.  This is exhausting.

Oh! That reminds me. Yesterday, two observant ones asked me if I was okay.  I was, but I hadn’t gotten enough sleep, the night before. That happens to me, sometimes.

Yes, dear readers, I’ve given up on the premise of this post, okay? OKAY? It’s too difficult to sustain.  I want to end this post, too, and I can’t think of any double-o words that allow me to do that smoothly.

I need some food..




Oo!  How about some moovie music, that I loooove?


Thanks to ThemeTunez for posting the James Bond theme on YooToob, to observant ones everywhere, and to YOO, no matter what your attitood or mood.

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29 thoughts on “Day 438: Double O

  1. Soooooooooooooooooooooo silly. :-0

  2. Sooper entertaining 😉

  3. Today, for lunch, go all breakfast, Ann, why not order two eggs, sunnyside up.

    In your lentil soup shot, the noodles looked delicious. I like your cafeteria there in Bostion. So inexpensive.

    This post was oodles of fun.

    • Sorry, Mark. I am ignoring your suggestion today, because the inexpensive Boston cafeteria is serving Mac & cheese for lunch, which is too cool for school.

  4. O what a lovely post 🙂

  5. Great poost, Ann! LOOL! I’m thrilled that I picked up on your choice of James Bond music – OO7!!! Gives me renewed hoooope for my aging brain. BTW, that boowl of soup looks terrific – could yoo please poost the recipe toomorow? Ha! Have a better than good day! I leave you with Ed Sullivan’s voice – “We have a really big shoow this evening.”

  6. Zeros are good! Hungry now too😄

  7. Yoor post was a hoot.

  8. Loooooved this pooooost. 😎

  9. COOL post Ann!

  10. I thought you were going to say that you played double 0’s in the lottery and won a fortune!

  11. This was a fine post. But I would never put myself under so much pressure!

  12. Did you notice that you had noodles (double o) in the soup AND in the salad? (Any chance there were a few in your water?)

    I like the extra ‘i’ in Boston. It makes Boston into the Bostion of bad puns. The Bostion of double o lunches and double o posts. The last Bostion of freeform blogging.

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  14. This was a cool way to lead into your post about James Bond, otherwise known as the Loud Guy in the restaurant. I just posted about using your mind, which I love that we say, “That’s using your noodle!” of course I loved every book by Ian Fleming and was surprised my parents didn’t censor me while I was only 9 or 10 years old! Smiles, Robin

    • Many smiles back at you, Robin, for all that you wrote here! I apologize for misleading you in my “Bonds” post … check out your comment and my reply.

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