Day 436: Looking Up

These days, things are looking up, including me.

Yesterday, as I was walking around the hospital where I work, I looked up and noticed that this clock was ready for its close-up:


Have you ever noticed that almost all clocks and watches in advertisements are set to ten minutes past 10 (or ten minutes before 2)? That’s because marketing people have ascertained those are the most visually and esthetically pleasing positions.

Just to demonstrate this, I am going to google images for “clocks”


(I found that image here, a page that further proves my point)

…. and “watches.”


(I found those here.)

Anyway, I was looking up a lot, yesterday. On my walk back to my car, after work, I saw this:


“Wow!” I thought, for several reasons.

Then,  over to my left, I looked up again:


I repeat, “Wow!”

Then, I looked up some more,  as I walked by friendly Fenway Park:


I thought I saw buds on trees in this recent post. Now, I’m sure of it.

There are lots of numbers on this side of Fenway Park. This is my favorite one:


In this statue memorializing Ted Williams …


… somebody is really looking up to him. You can see #8‘s statue in that photo, too.

There was one more moment, yesterday, before I reached my car, where I paused, took a breath, and mindfully looked up:


Yes, things are definitely looking up, around here:


There are good reasons to look up at home, too:



Okay!  The clocks — in a less-than-optimally-esthetically-pleasing position — are telling me it’s time to end this post.

Thanks to time-keepers everywhere, the moon (which made several sneak appearances, above), people who stop and look,  everyone I look up to,  and to you — of course! — for looking this way, today.

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30 thoughts on “Day 436: Looking Up

  1. And thank you for reminding me to look up! What lovely photos you captured.

    And… I didn’t realize that about clocks and watches! I ‘saw’ it but I didn’t ‘see’ it! 🙂

    • It is amazing what we don’t see, Louise. Thanks for seeing so much in my posts and photos. (And thanks for the mention in your blog today. That meant a lot to me.)

  2. I enjoy looking up to the sky both in daylight and at night. This morning Venus was another lovely sight.

    Here is an image of a clock in our living room 10 seconds after the hour of 10 on Oct. 10, our anniversary. We notice that time on clock ads. It reminds us of our special day.

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  4. That cloud formation blows my mind, Ann. As does the buds on trees a mere five hour’s drive from here, where it’s snowing hard with a foot expected today. And, yes, your pick of Yaz’s number as your favorite makes me say wow, too. He’s at the top of the Sox chart for this Mets fan.

    • It’s getting very cold here, Mark, but I’m assuming we’re going to dodge the snow bullets this time. Thanks for this great comment.

  5. The clock at 10:10 looks like a smile, that’s the main reason they think it is aesthetically pleasing (from what I’ve heard), we look and our brains will matrix shapes out of nothing and so our brains see the smile and think happy thoughts about that brand!

    • Makes sense to me, Kate. Thanks for this illuminating visit and comment. I’m definitely thinking happy thoughts now.

  6. Never, ever thought about this before…and now I will be staring at clock photos all day 🙂 10-to-10 has a nice ring to it as well!

  7. I wasn’t aware of that about clocks, that’s neat! Have a great day, Ann!

    • It IS neat, isn’t it, Jen. It’s one of those things that, once you realize it, you see it everywhere. Great to see you here, today.

  8. Great variety of sights when you look up! I love the clouds, am constantly taking cell phone pics of them! Smiles, Robin

    • It was wonderful to look up and see you here today! Thanks, Robin.

      • Thank you! I am sorry to be rather sporadic on many others’ posts, along with yours! I get here, write a post and then try to visit everyone, if there is a waiting line or list for computers, sometimes I can only write on 2-3 while catching up on reading. How do you keep up so well, Ann? Smiles, Robin

      • I don’t keep up, so well, with other people’s posts, Robin. Thank you for your comment, which helped me a lot, today.

  9. I’m in love with your cat. Just thought I should ‘fess up.

    • I think you already confessed that. Although I’m not sure which cat you love.

      • Okay, I am exactly, equally fond of both cats. The tabby and the sweet one with the white face. But I’ve had a special connection with the tabby since Day 417, when I realized that your tabby and your camel are kindred spirits and both of them have your back.

      • Thank you for clarifying, and for seeing all that you see in them.

  10. This was a fun read — thank you !!!

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  12. The Reading Girl

    Thanks for this message :). Those were some pretty amazing pictures 🙂

  13. Hadn’t noticed that about the clocks before. You are very observant (mindful!) Enjoyed especially the cat pics. Gail at Making Life An Art

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