Day 433: Changes in time

We lost an hour last night. Now, the days are going to stay lighter, longer.

It all depends on how you look at it, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, the temperature was in the 50’s (F)! As a result, I was outside, walking around.   That means … it’s photo time!


There’s still a lot of snow and ice, but — in these parts — when the warm weather appears, so do lots of people (and critters, too). Notice, at the bottom of the photo above — upside-down and incomplete — a certain word that has appeared in many posts here, over time. Here’s a clue: it’s an anagram of “post.”



I don’t know about you, but when the temperature is warm, I tend to freak, a little, when I see people walking on frozen water. Can you see those people, in the distance? If not, here’s a closer look:


Eeeek!  Again, that was my automatic, initial feeling. But I let go of that, when I saw so many people doing that, without fear.


It was great to see critters, of different types and sizes, outside, on a beautiful day.



I want to tell you some things about the photo, above. I tried to capture the melting snow that was falling, constantly, off the top of the building in the foreground, but  I couldn’t do that. Also, many years ago, on a beautiful, warm March day, somebody jumped off the building in the background. Whenever I see that building, I think about many things, including helplessness.



I saw more creatures, there, getting sustenance. Can you see them, too?



I knew I wanted to get a shot of that. I was dressed for the temperature (no coat and sneakers) but not for the snow and ice, so I was careful in my approach.



We saw those guys, after my son’s piano lesson, at a wonderful restaurant, The Madrona Tree.



This is what the snow looks like, right now, around here. As my son said, “It’s really frozen mud.”



I don’t know why people put anchors on the sides of houses.  Maybe it’s a symbol of security. “This house is anchored, right here, no matter what the weather or how rough the seas.”



Later in the day, we saw this.  If you look closely, perhaps you can see the words in her hair.  I’ll tell you what I saw, right away: “Happy”(and there’s another word* there, too).

I appreciate the company (here and there) on yesterday’s walks.

Thanks to people for whom March is special,  to those who venture out in this world (no matter how safe they feel), to critters of all sizes, shapes, and hues, and to you — of course! — for taking time here, today.

* The other word is “birthday.”

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30 thoughts on “Day 433: Changes in time

  1. Great shots, Ann, and I definitely like the “anchor” concept.

  2. Lovely photographs. I wonder what the big and the little guy are looking at. 🙂

  3. Pic#2 – ‘I don’t know about you…’ reminded me of your post yesterday.

    Maybe the lake is a shortcut. There is an attraction to getting out in the middle of the big flat white frozen surface. But I seen too many stories of tragedy. Here is a thought…imagine waking up from a dream. You are on a large perfectly smooth frozen and frictionless lake. There is no wind. How do you get to shore?

    Thanks for the pictures.

    • Thank you for the connections, the dream, and the rest of your thoughts, Jim. To answer your question: very carefully.

  4. Congratulations on the start of spring-walk season in Boston, Ann! Your photos spread the warmth. I would not venture onto that ice, either. Here’s my take on the house anchor decorations: The owners want the home to be the centerpiece of their family life, the anchor that keeps everybody in the family rooted to each other. Have a great and longer day on the evening daylight side. The sky is blue here in Syracuse, but no 50 degrees yet!

    • Thanks for venturing as far you did here, Mark. As always, I greatly appreciate your take on things. Here’s hoping the warmth makes it to Syracuse, very soon.

  5. It was warm here yesterday too so I went out for a long walk!
    Diana xo

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos from your area. I think, that the Spring is on the way there too.

  7. omtatjuan

    Why wod someone leave their bike out in the snow? If we had snow like that here the world would come to an end…. San Francisco would stop in it’s tracks… I like the pictures.. The anchors… It must be local…

    • I agree. There are lots of local norms, aren’t there? That bike was left on the frozen pond (a sight I’ve never seen before, even around here), and I assume its owner is one of the people venturing out there on the ice. But who knows? I do know I appreciate your stopping by and this comment, here.

      • omtatjuan

        When I think of snow I think of white pristine fields not mud brown clumps….

      • We like to think of it that way, too. And it looks like your vision, at first. Then, time passes and reality changes and sets in. But there’s still pristine white, too, if you look for it.

  8. Frozen mud, indeed. I remember those slushy days, don’t miss them. Glad things are warming up for you. Great photos!

  9. Sans fear. It’s almost always liberating.. even if one were to break through the ice. I’ve had it happen and survived. 🙂 Nice photos, Ann!

  10. Great photos! I always panic when I see people walking around on the ice as well 😉 Ice fishing is big here – I think they’re mad! But they survive it I guess! 🙂

  11. that’s amazing actually, wonderful pictures. As for the man walking on ice, I think he’s adventurous, a little too much maybe. LOL 🙂

  12. I’m catching up on some posts I missed, Ann. And, guess what? I missed that the time changed! And, I’ve never seen a person walk on a frozen river. I’ve never seen an anchor on the side of a house. I’ve never seen a lady holding a bird with words in her hair.

    And now I have. Thank you.

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