Day 430: What I learned at the group therapy conference

Here’s a quick (and incomplete) list of what I learned, over the last two days, at the group psychotherapy conference I attended in Boston:

  1. Helpful words to remember, before starting something new: “You are about to sail into the unknown.  It is wise to be cautious when first meeting strangers. Look around for a familiar face, in order to feel safer.”
  2. Yo-Yo Ma once said, “Good things happen when you meet strangers.”

I think that about covers it, for now.

Thanks to Yo-Yo Ma,


to Wikipedia (for the above photo), to the strange and the familiar, to everybody I met at the conference, to anyone who ever gets confused by how-the-heck the featured image for my post relates to the topic, and to you — of course! — for reading today.

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17 thoughts on “Day 430: What I learned at the group therapy conference

  1. Can’t go wrong with YoYo.

    A corollary to the first point – make strange faces familiar.

  2. Strange is only strange for a little while. Familiar is forever. Thanks for the great shot of YoYo up close and really up close, Ann.

  3. excellent words of wisdom this morning! thank you!

  4. Or as Ron Sexsmith sings, “The world is a very hard place / When lost in a crowd / we search for a kind face”

  5. I’m curious why the quotes about meeting strangers stood out to you the most? Perhaps because group therapy often involves meeting new people?

    • Yes, Kenneth, especially the groups that I do. Also, I was in a group for two days, made up of people I had never met before.

  6. Great advice, Ann. The unknown is always a little scary, but if nothing ever changes, then we’re just waiting around.

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  8. findingmyinnercourage

    Love your Blog’s speaking words of wisdom!

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