Day 422: Singing out loud

I love singing out loud, especially to certain tunes.

When I’m in my car, I don’t repress that urge, at all.

I used to repress the urge to sing out loud elsewhere — assuming that people around me might get annoyed. Lately, I don’t care.

What’s different, now?

Whenever I feel self-conscious these days, I remind myself that:

  • Most people won’t notice, at all.
  • Other people are constantly moving their mouths when they’re alone in public, so now it’s “the norm.”
  • If somebody hears me singing out loud, it won’t kill them (and maybe, just maybe, they’ll enjoy it).

I think I’ve blogged about this before — if  not about singing in public, then definitely about doing a public dance step or two.

Why am I writing about this, today? Because, music is very effective personal medicine for me.  When I listen to music, it makes a huge, positive difference. And whenever I participate, join in, or otherwise perform music … even better.

Last year, in some blog post (which I won’t try to locate now), I made a pledge: to get more involved with music performance. And earlier this week, I had the chance to participate in a local choral group, but … I decided to pass, for now. I just don’t have enough time AND it would have taken me away from dinner with my bf Michael and my son Aaron.

So the time is not quite right for that, but I believe that will happen, soon. And, here’s a helpful reminder:

I have all the time I need.

In the meantime, I would like to make another pledge: to commit to singing out loud — more often and with even less self-consciousness, from this day forth.

What will help me do that?

  • Watching this video, which I LOVE, of two guys who have mixed emotions about the song “Somebody That I Used to Know”, by Gotye:

(Many thanks to The Breakfast Toms.)

  • Reconnecting with an old friend.


Yes, Oscar is an old friend (and an inveterate photo-bomber), but I’m referring to the inhabitant of the background: Ye Olde Karaoke Machine.

I haven’t used that Karaoke machine, in years, and I believe it’s time to crank that sucker up again.

Therefore, I would like to make a commitment — a pledge, if you will:

I pledge — with these fine readers as my witnesses — to, without undue self-consciousness and/or coolness, sing with the aid and abetting of the Karaoke machine pictured above*, tunes including but not restricted to:

  • “Harden my Heart” –  Quarterflash
  • “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – The Tokens
  • “Blue Bayou” – Linda Ronstadt
  • “Mack the Knife” – Bobby Darin
  • “Carry On My Wayward Son” – Kansas
  • “Cry Me A River” – Julie London
  • “Daydream Believer” – The Monkees
  • “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” – Marvin Gaye
  • “I Saw the Light” – Todd Rundgren
  • “The Boy from New York City” – Manhattan Transfer
  • “When Sunny Gets Blue”**

That should help.

Thank you for witnessing!

Hmmmmm. I wonder if I can get a new Karaoke disc, with THIS on it?

… because “Everything is Awesome” has been a relentless earworm since I saw “The Lego Movie” last weekend. And, as The Breakfast Toms might agree: If you can’t beat them, join them.

Feel free to join me, dear readers, in singing out loud.

Thanks to Oscar, to The Breakfast Toms again (because they’re not afraid of repeating themselves), to my old friend Rob (who helped me type up some lists of Karaoke tunes, several years ago), to Lego girl (for the “Everything is Awesome” Youtube video), to all the artists who contributed to the tunes I mentioned above, to people who are brave enough to sing out loud, and to you — of course! — for visiting today.

* If it still works.

** I am using the punctuation and information that I see on my lists of Karaoke tunes… which I found, easily, this morning!  Yay!

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35 thoughts on “Day 422: Singing out loud

  1. Oh my gosh! Love that first video – so funny!

  2. I respect your sing list, Ann. I have been known to partake in karaoke when I’m not in Syracuse. (The fear of karaoke in Syracuse stems from the past, when I was music critic for the big daily, and didn’t want anybody to have the chance to write in saying that the critic can’t sing.) Anyway, Bobby Darin’s ‘Mack the Knife’ is my go-to-song. Have you ever gone out to a full-fledged karaoke night and wailed this one with music accompaniment turned up loud and the crowd (seemingly) interested in your song? Whew. What a rush. Have fun singing, Ann. My suggestion for your sing list: Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home.” Yeah.

    • Mark! Thanks for all these out-loud revelations and suggestions. I have done some Karaoke in public. My go-to-song for that is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” with those impressive high notes. A rush, indeed.

  3. I’m always singing out loud! This past summer Mr. T and I were singing along with the radio when we were out camping and not paying a bit of attention because it is the norm for us to sing along and when the song was over, everyone broke out in applause! 🙂 I’d like to say that we sounded that good, but the reality is, we sounded okay – but I have awesome friends! 🙂 So, enjoy your singing and music!

    • I loved this story, Kate, about you and Mr. T singing out and your awesome friends. Thanks for voicing your thoughts out loud here!

  4. I’m sure Mark can belt out a tune or two. 🙂 I have no idea why, but karaoke freaks me out. It makes me anxious, and maybe the reason is because people take it seriously: those who can sing and those who cannot.

    Even in the movie, Nebraska, there was a karaoke scene and it made my skin crawl at the time. Singing in your car, however, is a whole different story. It’s one of the only moments to yourself where you can go crazy, sing as loud and as out of tune (<— in my case) as you please.

    I'm a closet case car crooner.

    Great list by the way!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Chris. I know other people who are skeeved out by Karaoke, too. Great to hear about a fellow car crooner and I’m glad you like the list!

  5. Haha, I like your idea, also your template! 😄. Singing is really catching!

  6. I loved the BT’s Gotye video! I thought that I was the only person who did that — sing Somebody That I Used to Know at the top of my lungs, but only that little bit. Drives my kids out of the room.

    I don’t have a karaoke machine but I’m going to join you in your sing-out-loud pledge, Ann. Does it really matter that I can’t carry a tune? It’s the heart that counts. Thanks for the fun!

    • It IS the heart that counts, and thank goodness for yours. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Breakfast Toms’ Gotye video. You are definitely not alone with that behavior (even if your kids leave the room). Thank YOU.

  7. Sing away and help to brighten the world! I love your list of songs. Maybe some day you’ll link to a song with your voice doing the singing. I would like that, and hope it happens.

  8. That video made my day. Since I can’t really sing, but also love to sing, I appreciate any song that is conducive to being loud with silly antics. It helps me pretend I sound okay. That said, it’s a hard song to do well.

    I spend a lot of time alone these days, or at least not around adults, and I find that I’m almost constantly singing, sometimes without even being aware. I hope you take Russ’s suggestion. I’ve been reading your posts for an hour, and I love your writers’ voice. I bet your other voice is great, too.

  9. I can so relate!

  10. findingmyinnercourage

    You weren’t kidding when you said you were just blogging about music! Too funny! I am laughing out loud! What a coincidence! : )

  11. If someone looks at me strange while I’m singing in my car, I figure They want me to dance a little. I sing out loud all the time and my kids love it – not really, but they’ll be old and stop caring so much someday.

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  13. oh my gosh i just cried laughing at that video…thanks for sharing!

  14. You’re braver than I! Due to several things (a bad experience with live Karaoke in Vegas; being told I am not singing the right notes…) I don’t like singing if others are present. Put me in a car alone and I’ll crank up the oldies and blast them out with the best! Gail

    • I wish we could all feel better about our imperfections and just sing out, whenever we choose. Thanks so much for expressing yourself in this comment, Gail.

  15. I sing in the car too! Rainbow and ‘Since you been gone’ is my fave to belt out. Nods of respect for that Marvin Gaye classic. Wonderful song.

    • Hi, Alex, and thanks! Always great to see you, here and at your wonderful blog, too.

      Your comment reminded me of another Marvin Gaye song I love to sing: “Ain’t That Peculiar?” also by Marvin Gaye.

  16. I like your list, my Mom and I saw Gotye on Saturday Night Live last summer, she came out of the bathroom with her pants down, almost tripping to say she really liked the odd phrasing and the way the voices reach you! So surreal that music isn’t stagnant and everyone should check out newer songs, too! Smiles, Robin

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