Day 419: LOL

Today is my only child’s birthday. My son is 16 years old.  Happy birthday, Aaron!

Last year on this date, the post title was  “Day 54: My son’s birthday” and — leaping old lizards! — I sure don’t want to use the same title twice. 1

I chose “LOL,” because my son:

  • makes me Laugh Out Loud,
  • helps me Learn Outstanding Lessons, and
  • is a Love Of my Life.

And while my son expresses annoyance about:

  • abbreviations like LOL,
  • non-precise language,
  • how often I tell him I love him, and
  • my use of “dear reader,” capitalized acronyms, and some of my other blogging conventions …

I often observe Looks of Love, on his Laconic, Old-Soul, Luminous face.

Ooops! I better stop before I embarrass him (on the off-chance he reads this post). Although it’s probably too late for that.

Lord, Oh Lord, it can be difficult for a mother NOT to embarrass her 16-year-old son.2  For example, mothers often share things their kids did when they were much younger. Geesh, that IS embarrassing, isn’t it?

And which, of course, I’m going to do right now (as I also did, in that birthday post, a year ago).3

Here’s something hanging in our back hallway right now, which my son created for Mother’s Day, many years ago:


I like — okay, LOVE — that. As a matter of fact, I’m LOL-ing, right now.

Loads Of Loving thanks to my son and to Lots Of Laughers, everywhere. And thanks to you – of course! — for the Light Of Life you bring here, today.

1 I’ve already re-used a title in this blog, due to Laziness Or Lateness, but I’d rather avoid that, if possible.

2 Although, Aaron tells me I’m doing okay with that, so far.

3 In case I’m being too subtle, check out that post for some wonderful Aaron-generated LOLs, okay?4

4 Or, if you’re lazy or lethargic like me (I mean, it IS the weekend), or otherwise less than likely to link, here are those LOLs, right here:

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51 thoughts on “Day 419: LOL

  1. wonderful – and happy birthday, aaron )

  2. panikikubik

    Happy birthday to your son!

  3. Oh you can guess how much i love this post??? No you cannot because there is no end to the the how much!
    A treat to revisit Aaron ‘s posts- being mom is my favorite and most astounding being – in life
    Happy 16 to the fabulous human being Aaron! Hope it’s a day with some delightful surprises !
    Love always xoxoxo to you all

  4. The years fly by! Enjoy this special day with your son.

  5. Happy 16th to Aaron. My one and only will be 16 in a few weeks. It’s going too fast, I tell you. Love your post, and love the capybara.

  6. A birthday in the family is always a holiday. Enjoy the day–and hold on to those car keys.

  7. It sounds like you have plenty to LOL about on Aaron’s 16th, Ann. Happy birthday, young man.

  8. Happy Birthday Aaron!
    And don’t worry – the insanity of parents is not inherited…exactly…

  9. Happy birthday to your son and I thought you might both also enjoy this other misunderstood song!
    Diana xo

  10. spartacus2030

    Hilarious! It’s true, our teens never fail to amaze! Enjoyed the video right through too :O)

  11. Happy birthday to Aaron and the mother who laughs and loves him so much! I found with my daughters a different kind of pleasure than with my son. I sure do appreciate the thoughts in this post, too! Smiles, robin

  12. Happy birthday, Aaron. (A very lucky young man to have you for his mom.)

  13. Happy Birthday Aaron! many more to you and hope they are all filled with health, happiness, joy, love, and magic.

  14. robert87004

    Maybe those are the real words, now I’m wondering…….wondering.
    Happy birthday Aaron.

    • They sound like the real words to “Louis, Louis,” don’t they, Robert? Aaron is a good listener.

      • robert87004

        They do, for sure. But I went to Youtube and was cured, and now I’m stuck in the wayback machine. Crimson and Clover, one of my all time faves, next up Crystal Blue Persuasion. I love posts that take me to other places, other times. 🙂

      • Me, too, Robert. Thanks for journeying with us today.

  15. Happy birthday to your son!

  16. embarassment is normal … your love and tender heart is wonderful!

    • I am embarrassed by your praise, but wait! you’ve told me that’s normal! How perfect. Thank you for this wonderful comment.

  17. Happy Birthday to your son Ann, hope he will have a great day.

  18. Tell him HB from the professor!

  19. How many LOLs! Great post!

  20. SOOO many LOLs! Great post!

  21. A belated happy birthday to your son! What a wonderful post!

    My husband and both daughters have February birthdays (and my mother-in-law, too), so we’ve been celebrating all month–although the girls no longer live at home. 🙂

  22. Pingback: Day 444: PCP | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  23. It is almost a month late but Happy Belated Birthday to your son and what a great post! : )

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