Day 418: Uneasy/Easy

Last year, in the dead of winter, I wrote a post “Day 17: I think I wake up most mornings feeling uneasy.”

That’s a phrase that has echoed for me, ever since I sent it out into the blog-o-sphere. I thought of that phrase again this morning, upon awakening.

And I wondered, why “uneasy”?  And, what does “uneasy” even mean?

Here’s what occurred to me, this morning.

Perhaps we humans are hard-wired to strive and accomplish more, in order to survive. And perhaps what helps us do that is a built-in, easily triggered sense of …  uneasiness.

Yes, uneasiness, or whatever else we want to call it. Dissatisfaction. Worry. The longing for something more. The sense that things aren’t okay, or — if they ARE okay in the moment — the sense of how they might go wrong in the future. Focusing on what we don’t have rather than on what we do have. The attraction to what’s wrong, rather than to what’s right. How the negative sticks more (and seems larger) than the positive. Awareness of weaknesses rather than strengths.

If you share this experience with me,  I would be interested in how you might put that into words.

If you share this experience with me, I think you might agree with this, too. NO WONDER it’s so difficult to:

  1. Stay in the moment.
  2. Feel easy, happy, at peace.

It can take effort, that’s for sure. And practice.

Here’s what helped me feel easier, this morning, immediately after I woke up.  The sound of birds, outside my window.

And although I know it wasn’t these birds:



It helps to know they’re all out there, somewhere, too.

What’s missing for me, before I end this post?  Some sounds, reminiscent of what I heard this morning.

How about this YouTube video  (thanks to NewEnglandgardening)?

That was easy.

Thanks to birds of all types of feathers, sounds, easiness, and seasons,  and to you — of course! — for alighting here today.

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32 thoughts on “Day 418: Uneasy/Easy

  1. Thank you for helping my feel chirpy this morning, Ann.

  2. Listening to humming and cooing is a lark. I’m glad that made your morning. As for the sense of unease or expecting the negative to happen? I share that dread of the future mishaps, usually because they do happen, but, I remind myself, that is part of living. Yes, things are going to go awry, but they are also going to go well, too. When something like the window won’t close, or my odometer has stopped working,or the neighbor’s palm tree is sending huge fronds into my yard, I immediately go into “How do I fix this?” mode and find help. Some people refer to unease as dis-ease. If so, then we better try to cure ourselves with a more positive outlook, seeing the things that do work in our lives. Let’s do it together!

  3. Not that I always find it easy to do, and I’m not a fan of Month Python, but as they say…..”Always look on the bright side of life’ I can’t think of anything better to add ATM 🙂 Susan x

  4. Thank you Ann for awakening my morning in gratitude. A frigid arctic chill has descended upon our city, even the birds are not singing — so it was lovely to hear your birds and see your photos and to be reminded to focus on what I have — that not even cold weather can erase! Hugs Have a blessed Saturday.

  5. Ann, thank goodness I am not alone in feeling what I do. Lately, I’ve been waking up with “dread”, a sense of unease, just like you said. What happened to my joy? What happened to me springing out of bed with an attitude of “OH BOY!”.

    A cold, long, hard winter happened. SAD hit me like a ton of bricks this year. Just today I have been noticing my “thought patterns” that are feeding into the SAD, and I said STOP! What happened to the Amy who manually switched channels when she was feeling down? Whoa!

    I even look SAD, tired, weary. What happened to the sparkle? I was doing all right in December then BAM! from there felt as frozen as the winter outside.

    As of today, I am changing that channel to one of “YES! I am feeling JOY and strength today!” In fact, I am right NOW, going over to Petals and create a post with those very words. Thank you for being a part of this process, Ann. It really has been a hard winter for me.

    Then in closing, I say, “What is hard?” No, let’s change THAT though to EASY. xxoo, Amy

  6. oops……THAT thoughT to EASY……xxoo, Amy

  7. I have birds that nest outside my bedroom window, and there is nothing better than when they wake me up with their happy chirps in the morning. I’ll even forgive them when they get me up early on a weekend… 🙂 Have a great one!

  8. I wake always assessing what the day ahead holds. I find that having a project – any project – gives me a lift. Also, if I can get abreast of my ‘in tray’ (anything on my conscience) the night before, then the morning is better. Living in the moment would be better still, but I rarely accomplish it, though I keep trying.
    Way back, we used bird song in a simultaneous layered sound mood induction (for an experiment). It produced such a strong positive effect that we had to take out the bird sound and substitute frogs croaking!

  9. Chirp! I’m glad to hear birds after this long winter, too. As for uneasy feelings about needing to do more and things possibly going wrong — the world really is much more complicated than it was when humans evolved, so I don’t find it surprising that modern-day humans have such high levels of anxiety. We still have a lot to learn about how to navigate our fast-paced world, and that is stressful. Blogging helps to build connections and make sense of our experiences, rather like a support group, so I feel it’s well worth the time.

    This year I’m challenging myself to discover and comment on a different positive blog every day, with a page of links and descriptions on my own blog as helpful resources for both myself and my readers to overcome those uneasy feelings. Your site is today’s entry, and I’m glad that I found it; you have plenty of pleasant, peaceful posts about presence (those Panamanian P-words gave me a giggle) and powerful, perspicacious positive pondering!

    • I am positively pleased as punch, Meg, that you found your way here today and wrote such a wonderful comment. And I am honored to be mentioned in your blog. All the best, and I look forward to future encounters with you, here in our supportive, connected community.

  10. Wonderful. I played the birdsong track this morning here in New Delhi and our place is facing a park with tall trees and the birdsong here mingled with the New England birdsong. There must be really millions of birds in the great wave of dawn chorus that’s always and continually sounding on the perimiter of global night as the earth rotates. The focus on uneasiness may only be touching base, reality check; understanding what it is and learning how to live. I like to think of it in terms of the Buddha’s First Noble Truth: Suffering. Thank you…

    • This comment was so amazing: I am breathless AND breathing in birdsongs, Buddha, and wonder, all at the same time. Thank you for touching base, which helped me understand in new ways. I am very grateful for this connection.

  11. Reblogged this on wordhands.

  12. I like this very much

  13. Ann, for many of us I think there is a sense of not being good enough or living up to other people’s expectations. In trying to change career I still have relatives scoffing at my ideas to try and do what I want to do, not being a white collar profession. I was constantly told when little that I wasn’t good enough etc. so it is hard to dispel that completely. Nature for me is a great healer, as you say – the singing of the birds. My pet dog is also just magic and (nearly) always puts a smile on the face. MM 🍀

  14. It’s hard to stay in the moment when there is a lot on one’s “to do” list.

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