Day 409: Panama City and Boquete/Usual and Unusual

We are in Boquete, Panama!

And I have photos!  WordPress, the internet, the Powers that Be are all aligned, so I can bring them to you, without fuss or muss.

Why waste time?  Here are some photos I took yesterday, as I strolled around my environs:

Boquete, Panama

A Photo Essay (minus the essay)

Wait!  I now realize that I have other photos of My Winter Vacation to Panama to show you, also.  Let’s rewrite that title:

Panama City AND Boquete, Panama

A Photo Essay (minus the essay)

Part I: PANAMA CITY (and little bit before)




IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0113

IMG_0114 IMG_0115 IMG_0120

Wait!  I have to say something about THAT photo.  That’s Richard, who drove us to the airport, to catch the plane to Boquete. The tilt of the photo reflects hurry and … amazement, because check out the license plate, people.  Richard’s hero is David Ortiz. Words exchanged during the trip to the airport included “Big Papi” and “Yay!”


Okay. Now I’m in a chatty mood.  The above photo shows the size of the plane I thought we were taking to Boquete. There were many reasons for that assumption, including prior information and the evidence of my eyes.


This is the actual plane in our immediate future. I was informed as such by a woman named Connie, who was quite hilarious (and who will appear in a blog post after I get home and can access the photos on my iPhone without risking thousands of dollars in roaming charges) (it could happen, people!)

Part II: Boquete





IMG_0140 IMG_0150

IMG_0153 IMG_0158

IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171

Now that I’ve shown you some images, I think it’s about time that I explained the title. During my trip to Panama,  I have encountered the usual and unusual, including:

  • taking two POUS  (Planes of Usual Size)1 and getting to each destination, in one piece.
  • letting go of expectations (a usual thing for me to work on, every day).
  • unexpected obstacles (usual, when I travel outside my comfort zone).
  • encountering people who were unexpectedly impatient as well as those who were unexpectedly kind. (Also not unusual.)

So for me, dear readers, my time in Panama, already, has been both usual and unusual.

Okay!  What do I need to do, before I end this post? Not unusually for me, I have yet to mention one of my main inspirations for today’s post.

So, before I go to breakfast and the adventures ahead of me today (including a tour of a coffee plantation and a “Mardi Gras Like Parade” through the center of Boquete!), I want to tell you this:

When I woke up this morning, around 5:30, here were my thoughts:

  • It’s time to start writing, and
  • OMG!  I bet there are lots of stars outside!!!

You see, I have a long-time longing and wish to see a star-filled sky.  This morning, I got my wish, so beautifully, that I was moved to tears.

That experience is also not unusual for me, these days.

Okay!  Time for breakfast.

Thanks to the people of Panama, to ROUS2 everywhere and to you — of course!

1 This is a reference to one of my favorite movies, “The Princess Bride” and the ROUS — Rodents of Unusual Size.

2 Readers of Unusual Size AND Readers of Usual Size.

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39 thoughts on “Day 409: Panama City and Boquete/Usual and Unusual

  1. How lovely!

    but… where’s the snow? 🙂

    Have a marvelous day — sounds like it started out perfectly!

  2. So very beautiful! Great pictures, looks like you are having a great time so far!

  3. Great photos. Do you have an iPad with you? If so your photos from your iphone will transfer via iCloud to iPad with Wifi access. To prevent any unwanted charges go to settings, Cellular and turn off data roaming and cellular data. You should do that part whether transferring photos or not. You could also post from your IPhone using the WordPress app.
    When I travel my iPhone photos are what I often use for blog posts. Apologies if this is more info than you wanted

    • Thanks, Sue! I have an iPhone. I will try to follow your suggestions, to see if I can also post my iPhone photos. Not too much information; I appreciate your kindness.

      • Happy to help. It’s always more challenging posting while away. I’m often wandering the streets in search of the magical wizard Wifi. 😉

  4. Lovely pics. Are they doing pull-ups on those bars? And I must buy that swirly building at the top!

    • Yes, Professor, please do buy that swirly building. Could you keep my name for it, please — The Jenga Building? Jenga is a game of blocks, in case the Professor is not familiar with that.

  5. Awesome photos 🙂 I’m jealous..I’ve been putting a trip together to Panama for next year… but 365 days seems like so far away…..i’m glad you are there though 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with great photos! Have a great time!

  7. Wonderful pics – very jealous of that warm weather!


  8. I’m loving that I can share in your trip – the pictures are great!

  9. Great photos. Can’t wait to see and hear more
    Susan x

  10. Wonderful photos Ann. Nice to see, that you enjoy.

  11. It is so gorgeous there. I had no idea how beautiful it was. Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures with us.

    • It’s unusual that it takes me so long to notice and reply to a comment. Apologies of an unusual size to you and gratitude, also.

      • No problem at all. It has happened to me on a few occasions as well – seems as though some comments get lost in the notifications.

  12. I’ve never heard of Boquete and now I want to go there right away. I guess that’s a risk of being a Koplow groupie.

    I’m glad in a way that the stars brought tears to your eyes. It means that you really saw them, the way that you wanted to see them. I’m sure that if they looked into your eyes, they saw stars, too.

  13. I sit here in awe of your photo essay, Ann. Beautiful kind of says it, but it’s more. Beyond Beautiful. Keep enjoying.

  14. Gene Phillips

    I love the colors.

  15. I’ve never been to Panama. Beautiful photos.

  16. I had no idea Panama City was so big and full of modern skyscrapers! I hope your amazing adventure continues!

    • Thank you! I had no idea, either, before I landed there. The adventure did continue, in many amazing ways. I appreciate this comment.

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