Day 407: Two Images (before I leave for Panama)

The original title for this post was “Random Images Before I Leave For My Trip To Panama With My Friend Peggy, Let Go Of Anxiety and Have Fun … Wheeee!”

But then I realized — not only was that title a tad long —  I had only two images to show you.  That’s because I didn’t have much time, yesterday, to take photos. I expect to  have more time to take photos over the next five or six days (although if I’ve pointed out anything over the previous four-hundred-and-six days, it’s “we don’t know the future”).

I just had an urge to ask the entire blogosphere this question:

If things go wrong and I can’t get photos onto this computer when I’m away and/or I miss a day posting …. will you still love me?

And then I realized that was totally inappropriate, for many reasons.

I also realized that I did not have (or don’t remember having) the urge to ask that question the two times I traveled last year, when I was also blogging every day.  What’s the difference, now?

  1. I have more followers now — which might translate into a stronger feeling of not wanting to disappoint people.
  2. I have a friggin’ cold this time — which might translate into a stronger feeling of vulnerability and wanting to be reassured.
  3. Again, I have a friggin’ cold this time — which might translate into my assuming people might forgive me for showing vulnerability.
  4. Did I mention I have a friggin’ cold?  Because colds make me very spacey.

To get back to the point of this post ….  I want to show you two images I took yesterday.These two photos are related to each other, I’m sure.  At least, I’m sure I can come up with something that links them to each other. Geesh!  I would think that after all these days of blogging here, and of connecting disparate images and thoughts into something that at least SEEMS to have cohesion and sense,  I’ll be able to do the same, this morning, with two images.

Let’s hope so.

Image #1:


This always happens when I pack for a trip. Hi, Oscar!  Bye, Oscar! I’ll see you again, very soon.

Image #2:


One thing I actually got a chance to do yesterday was to go to the post office to pick up a package.  In the package was the chakra bracelet above, which I had ordered from somebody I’ve connected with, here in the blogosphere:  Irene, from irenedesign2011.

I hope it’s okay with Irene that I’m linking to her blog and showing her bracelet, which is going to Panama with me.

Okay!  I don’t have time to figure out a connection between those two photos, other than the fact that I took them both yesterday.

What do YOU think the connection(s) are, dear readers?  I can’t do this alone, you know!

Okay, time to get ready to leave for my trip.

Thanks to everybody reading right now.  See you soon, I hope!

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50 thoughts on “Day 407: Two Images (before I leave for Panama)

  1. The connection is to your heart. You love Oscar and he wanted to get his hair on your clothes so you will remember that he wants you back. The Chakras as I understand them are your energy centers. A trip like this one is to expand your heart Chakra. Have a wonderful time. Flying is supposed to be scary.

  2. panikikubik

    Have a wonderful journey Ann!!

  3. You are going on an adventure. Have a grand time. And, for the record, I’m jealous.

  4. Deb Olken

    Let the (travel) adventures begin! Have a fabulous vacation!!

  5. My connection: Some things you can’t take with you, some things you can. If you do not post because you are having too much fun in Panama, I will appreciate you even more when you’re back, Ann. Just saying. You go and love that small plane trip portion of the journey.

  6. I agree with Mark. We won’t forget about you, because a vacation is a vacation. Take some time for yourself and let it be away from the computer; vacation days can still be “counted” if you don’t write anything, because you’re living life up. When you come back, those words will spill out onto the computer.

    • Thank you for this kind comment, Christopher. It helps me to name expectations as a way of letting them go. Then everything feels like a choice — much better.

  7. Have an awesome journey! Get over that dadblame cold! And I think the connection is that Oscar would like to wear the bracelet.

  8. Have a great trip. Go and enjoy yourself. Have fun. And don’t worry about us – we’ll still be here when you come back – I hope so, anyway!

  9. LOL — I see the bracelet representing all that you will be carrying with you — and the things that count most are in your heart. 🙂

    and we will be here, waiting to here all about your adventures, small plane and all, either in the moment or when you return!

    Great journey.

  10. I wish you a very nice vacation Ann, hope you will be healthy soon again. I’m happy to see, that you received your bracelet in a good condition. Enjoy the real life too, we can hear about your adventures, when you are back, just enjoy.

  11. I can’t seem to start a comment w/o stating the obvious– object constancy…
    And to also observe what a fine job you are doing, taking care of yourself and the beings that matter most to you, including the virtual community you have nurtured.
    I am glad you are taking a vacation and look forward to hearing about it – any time !
    Love u

  12. “If you don’t post every day while you’re gone I will never come to your blog again”….. 😉 Wouldn’t it suck if someone said that to you lol… I am sure there are crazy people out there that have probably said stuff like that! safe travels 🙂

  13. YOU are going to panama!!! We gotta talk. I have friends there, I lived there. I took my cats!! No, I really did. LOL!! If you want to meet some cool locals let me know. 🙂

  14. I have this weird fear of ‘disappointing followers’ as well. And then I think ,who the hell do I think I am? But it is there nonetheless….in fact, I was very close to closing down the blog in order to work on other projects and I felt bad. Crazy female Catholic guilt? Who knows. All I know is, have fun!!

  15. An anomaly perhaps. 🙂 I don’t get or relate to fear or expectations of my blog readers as a big part of why I post is to simply be a messenger when I feel the urge. What others think is secondary. Safe travels, Ann. Haven’t been to La Republica since the early 80’s. I know it has changed considerably – for the better.

    • I relate to what you’re saying, too, Eric. When I feel centered, I let go of expectations for myself and others. Sometimes, though, the free-floating worries rush in. And for me, writing them allows me to let go of them. So this blog always, always helps me, every day.

  16. Enjoy your travels, and stay away from the computer if at all possible… we will all still be here upon your return, and to hear your tales and view your photos 🙂

  17. Yes, of course we will still love you if you don’t get around to posting every day. We read your blog because you share a bit of yourself and your life with us. To do that, you actually have to have a life and you have to care for yourself. Which means going places, even places without internet, and doing things.

    Think how terribly selfish we’d feel if you spent your time in Panama posting to us instead of having adventures. And, how many of us will ever get to Panama? In my case, I’m counting on you to enjoy your trip fully and full-heartedly without worrying about your readers at all, so that you can come back to us bubbling over with stories.

    • Thank you for this rich and helpful comment. The key is “without worrying about your readers, at all.” I’m working on the non-worry — applied to all things — right now!

  18. Dear Ann,

    My connection between the two photos:

    Wherever you are, you need a source of harmony and balance.

    When you are far from home, you need the chakra bracelet because
    “The purpose of wearing a chakra bracelet, beyond the evident beauty of the gemstones used, is to harmonize, balance… the different chakra regions….” (

    At home, Oscar is your source of harmony and balance… beyond the evident esthetic pleasure of his furry beauty…And to make sure you won’t forget this, he is infusing your clothes with his scent. 🙂

    Have a wonderful trip!!

    (Good if you won’t post for a few days. Maybe then I’ll finally be able to catch up on reading all your posts. 🙂 HUGS!)

  19. I don’t think that there always has to be a connection. Why can’t you just post two pictures that you took, that you liked or that you wanted to share? Why complicate things? 🙂
    Have a great trip! I hope that you let go of lots of anxiety and have fun!

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  21. Love this post. Hope you are having fun. AND love the chakra bracelet… looking for it now! Blessings, Paula

    • And I love this comment. I did have fun in Panama. And I’m wearing that chakra bracelet right now. All the best to you, Paula!

  22. how was it? I am contemplating going there in april.

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