Day 395: Confetti Confessions

I confess. I think about confetti a lot.

So it’s not surprising that confetti has shown up in this blog before, in Day 321: The gift of mortality:


in  Day 307: Beautiful, healing Boston:


and, in Day 185: Airing things out:


Let’s find a definition of confetti, shall we? From Oxford Dictionaries:


Syllabification: con·fet·ti


small pieces of colored paper thrown during a celebration such as a wedding.


early 19th century (originally denoting the real or imitation sweets thrown during Italian carnivals): from Italian, literally ‘sweets’, from Latin confectum ‘something prepared’, neuter past participle of conficere ‘put together’ (see confect).

Spell confetti with one f and a double t: it is an Italian word.

So now that we know what confetti is, where it came from, and how to spell it, I’m going to return to this, which is still up in the air:

Why do I think about confetti so much?

Lots of reasons, including:

  • It’s colorful, and I love colorful things2:






  • In my work, I notice that people don’t celebrate the positive very much. As a matter of fact, a big part of my job is inviting people to celebrate more. Sometimes we get really radical, and consider the equal time rule — giving celebration the same amount of time given to celebration’s opposite: fear, anxiety, regret, depression, or whatever the person’s experience of anti-celebration. (Well, equal time is fair, isn’t it?) (Even if that’s so difficult to do.)
  • Sometimes I like to come up with ideas for new products, and one I’ve been tossing up in the air for several years is ….NEAT CONFETTI.  Here’s the pitch: I often want to throw confetti in my office, to celebrate progress, a triumph, anything good. But, confetti is messy.  I’d have to clean it up.  So, I can envision some sort of product where confetti explodes out of a box, but is attached to strings, so you can easily reel it back in.

Wouldn’t that be SWEET?

Okay, I think I’ve put together enough for this post.  It’s time to prepare for its conclusion.

So, what have I forgotten?

A NEW image, never before seen in this blog, perhaps?

Here’s something I put up on my white board, earlier this week:


Here’s what I want to point out, about that image:

  1. Somebody, who was in the same place that had been causing anxiety, depression, etc. for months, was feeling a lot better that day.
  2. While we were able to point to logical explanations for this improvement, this person still found this  mysterious and confusing.
  3. This person, almost immediately after acknowledging the improvement in mood and reduction in symptoms, started listing Reasons Not To Celebrate.
  4. I wished I had some Neat Confetti to throw, that day.

Okay!  Time to clean up, before I leave for work today. Perhaps I should protect what’s mine, in this post:

©  All of these ideas belong to me, Ann Koplow. Although, wait, that doesn’t feel right, since I’ve been inspired by so many people throughout my life. Nevertheless,  if you’re going to use my ideas, try to give me credit, if possible. Although, honestly, sometimes I’m fine with people just sharing whatever-the-hell I’m writing about here, if they think it will do some good.  But, please, don’t try to make money pretending that my ideas are yours, okay?  I especially don’t want to see any of you showing up on “Shark Tank,” pitching NEAT CONFETTI.  That would really suck, and seriously piss me off. Also, some of these photos are mine and some of them aren’t. Do I need to be more specific?  All right, all right! The first two and the last two photos are mine. AND, that equal time rule, in the list of antidotes?  I totally made that up.

Wow. That had quite the mix of feelings and thoughts there, didn’t it?  Plus, I broke several rules of copyright-ing, I believe.  Perhaps I should just thank people, grab something to eat, and call it a morning.

Many thanks to people who try their best to celebrate whenever and however they can, and thanks to you — Yay! — for visiting today.

  1.  I’ve already given credit for this Photo that is Not Mine, in that previous post, so I believe that I’ve protected myself, covered my ass, etc. well enough, so I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE.   Yay!!

  2.  These images have all appeared in previous posts, but I’m not going to link to those earlier posts of mine, because my work here is done, and … it’s good enough. Yay!!!

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24 thoughts on “Day 395: Confetti Confessions

  1. An excellent dissertation on confetti! I am submitting this in your name to the Journal of Festivities and Exclamation for peer review.

    I’m with you. It’s even more important to celebrate the highs, because the lows will always circle back again.

    • Speaking of celebrating, this comment gave me a high. I love the “Journal of Festivities and Exclamation” and plan to subscribe, probably through my e-reader.

  2. Confetti!! they keep everyone in a great happy mood 😉

  3. I celebrate you million dollar idea of neat confetti, Ann. It can be sold in both party stores and office supply chains.

    And thank you, too, for sharing the origin of confetti. Italian weddings. I did not know. It interests me how wedding celebrations have gone from confetti to rice, and, now, in wish to be more environmentally safe, little packets of bird seed. Next up for leaving the church, Ann Koplow’s neat confetti?

    If so, add bridal shops to my list in paragraph one, please.

  4. As one who likes things relatively neat and tidy I am in for your quick clean up confetti. All the fun without the mess 🙂

    • I will make sure you get a complimentary sample, once we go into production. Thanks for reading and for this fun, non-messy comment.

  5. Let the confetti fall where it may….every day! Excellent idea to celebrate the positives.

  6. All for celebrating here, Ann! And I encourage of the practice. Yet mewonders if the polar vortex and sustained winter freeze hasn’t gotten your mind confused between falling snow and confetti? An interesting showering of thoughts, indeed. 🙂

    • I always celebrate when you stop by, Eric. It’s true that my mind is confused by the winter freeze, but I can certainly recognize confetti and a great comment.

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  8. I really think you have a great idea there, Ann. I wish I could help you with the next step, but after the initial concept, I rarely know what to do.

    About the message on the white board — it seems complete without points 1 and 2. Or, it needs a point 3: “But today I’m going to feel grateful, and celebrate.”

    Excellent post!

    • I, too, need help with follow-through, after initial concepts. Your follow-through was excellent here, in suggesting that great addition to my white board message.

      Always wonderful to see you here!

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  10. Bird seed out the window to celebrate? Helping life in celebration?

    I am still cleaning up confetti from New Years 2003/4. Bird seed vanishes!

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  12. Everything in my house is always covered in confetti. One of the perks of the job I guess. A little vacuuming does the trick for most cleanup, and for those pieces that want to stick around, gotta give ’em credit for being so persistent in their quest to make everything happier. I can’t be mad at them for that.


    xx Jessica
    The Confetti Bar

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