Day 386: Clues

Oh, I have WAY too many things I’d like to write about today.

Let’s start with some continuity, shall we?  In yesterday’s mysterious blog post, this was part of the opening gambit:

“The blog’s afoot, Michael!” I cried, as I ran — my feet descending the stairs clad in but one purple sock — to retrieve my cell phone.

Sometimes, I have fantasies of people reading my posts verrrrrrry carefully: for clues, for meanings, for all the friggin’ things I’m putting in them as I’m composing them.

Why wait for other people to start, though, when I can do that myself?  Therefore, let’s examine that quote from yesterday’s post, verrrrry carefully.

I see one theme emerging, almost immediately.  The dichotomy of OFF/ON  (in the realm of socks):


Now, if you look at that photo — which definitely does demonstrate the Dichotomy of OFF and ON, sock-wise — what clues emerge from that photo? What might we deduce about that, regarding when that photo taken?  Was it yesterday, The Day of the Wicked Pisser?

Well, one of the  Wicked Pisser suspects IS in that shot. So perhaps that photo was taken yesterday.  However, is that a PURPLE sock?

Right now, I can imagine people crying out, in Blogging Land, “Ann!  What IS IT you want us to see, in this post?  Are we suppose to be paying close attention to the fact that, when you sleep, one sock usually comes off?  Is THAT it?  Do you want us to be as exquisitely aware — as you are — of space and time?  WHAT??!!!!”

Good questions, readers.

Here was my intention, when I started this post today:

I wanted to write about opposites, including:

  1. ON and OFF,
  2. UP and DOWN, and
  3. (maybe even)  CATS and DOGS.



Well, because of my usual motives, when blogging. These include:

  1. To play,
  2. To be authentic,
  3. To fulfill past promises, and
  4. To let go of anxiety.

Have I been playful? I think so.

Have I been authentic?  I always go for that (even when I’m being mysterious), so ….Yes.

Have I fulfilled past promises? Well, I promised my fellow blogger, The Culture Monk, in the comments section for this pre-New Year’s post, that I would try to include some photos of dogs as well as cats, in 2014.  So …. Yes.

Have I let go of anxiety?  Not quite.

Well, then, what IS the anxiety you want to let go of, today, Ann?

How much time do we have?

According to my calculations, we have about 20 minutes. Okay!  Ready, set, go!

In the moment, I am anxious about:

  1. Flying to Panama, in three weeks, which — for the first time in my life — will involve being in a teensy eensy plane. (Hence the wish to write about UP and DOWN).1
  2. My mind’s a blank.

Hmmm. I still have 19 minutes left, to complete this post. So, perhaps, I could tell you about other anxieties that occurred to me, earlier this morning, including the thermostat being OFF again, which was quickly returned to ON (thanks to an assist from my bf, Michael).

Or, I could tell you about my anxieties regarding being on time, which pretty much always come into play when I’m writing in the morning before leaving for work.

But you know what?

I think I’ve written enough about these anxieties, for people who want to look at my posts verrrrrrry carefully, like this guy:

Image 2

At least, I’ve left enough clues, for now.

The game (and my work) is afoot, so … gotta run! Thanks to all, for reading today.

  1.  Another way I considered writing about UP and DOWN, today: I thought I might say something about how my mood is affected by having a long weekend and then returning to work. But ….. another time, perhaps.
  2. I found this image at My showing you the full name of that link was deliberate, for those of you who might want to investigate further.
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24 thoughts on “Day 386: Clues

  1. You make me smile and my heart feels light and airy reading your words.

    BTW — in my 20s I took flying lessons — in my 40s, I got to fly with the Snowbirds (Canada’s equivalent to the Blue Angels) — small planes rock!!!!!!

    And Panama — woohoo! very cool.

  2. Intriguing once again. I’d say the sock is burgundy and the leg that intrudes in the corner of the picture certainly appears to indicate someone hurrying to run away from the scene of the crime. Can we establish first the movements of all suspects on the day the crime was committed? Who was where and when? This may help in narrowing down the pull of suspects – hopefully to one 😉

    • I think the photo is misleading in this instance, Vic. The sock is brown. The day is 1/21/14. The suspects are usual.

      That’s all I can give you right now; I must hasten off to another case. But thank you for your consulting detective skills.

  3. You have me flummoxed with this sock-on, sock-off puzzle this morning, Ann. Cat in the corner, underfoot, the Pisser culprit? Toenails are purple. Sock is, kind-of. Feet are diagonal to hardwood floor patter. Is this hardwood floor the background for your blog layout? You got me. I also can’t handle the news that the local news ‘Today Show’ break-ins are touting -18 wind chill in Syracuse.

    • I can’t handle that kind of weather either, Mark. My sincerest sympathies, plus thanks for your admirable attempts to reason things out despite being floored by confusion.

  4. I had fun reading this. So much comes out in blogging and reading the blogs of others 🙂

    Though I’ve been absent for a bit, yours is one I felt I must must must stop in on…

  5. I clearly need to go back and read yesterday’s post… but I can pretty much assign meaning to anything haha.

    • You and me both, Aussa. I would love to get your feedback on the previous post, because it’s always great to read what you write (and you have impressive experience solving crimes).

  6. yeah… I pretty much take what you write at face value and had no clue that I was supposed to be looking for clues or hidden meanings! I just figured a cat peed on your bed… and it inspired a funny blog title!

  7. but there still aren’t any pictures of dogs!!!! I think I need to email you some pics of my yorkie and Chihuahua so we can bring some balance to this cat overloaded blog 😉

    • Yes there are! There are pictures of some sort of cute Terrier Doggies in the second photo! See them? Does it have to be YOUR dogs, Kenneth?

      • ya know…I scrolled through it twice and missed that both times….I think my brain is a little out of whack at the moment! no it doesn’t have to be my dogs…but my dogs are of course the cutest in north America 😉

      • Well, as usual, the clues were mysterious and subtle.

      • well….my mind is so tired the clues could be the size of a billboard and I’d still miss em! I finished my fourth book during my trip….I’ve been reading like a nut but the downsize is my mind is very tired.

      • It’s good to read. And thanks for writing, too!

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