Day 380: S-words (Secundo)

Several days ago, I wrote a post, called “S-words.”  I am surmising, this second, that it might be helpful to write a sequel to that.  Shall we start?

1.  Secundo.

That word spontaneously showed up in my mind, when I was shaping the title of this post. I speculated that “Secundo” might be spot-on, even though I wasn’t sure it was really a word. I searched Google and ….

Web definitions
The secondary part of a duet


2. Sleep.

Like scores of people I see, I struggle with sleep, sometimes, and I’ve spoken about that before. WordPress shows the word “sleep” in seven of my post titles, so far. (Should you wish to survey that series: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh.)

Here’s some stuff I  want to say about sleep:

  • On the night before I see somebody I’m excited to see, I  usually have trouble sleeping. Specifically, I’m seeing two  people, tomorrow, whom I haven’t seen for a s***-load of years.  One person I know from school; the second person is somebody I met from the first psychotherapy group I ever attended. So, the fact that I’m seeing these two old friends, both on the same day … is that synchronicity? Or simply coincidence? Whatever we call it, it’s screwing up my sleep.
  • I’m going to stop this list, so I can return to slumber-land.

Before I slide black into slumber, however, there are some loose strings I’d like to sew up, from some previous posts. In yesterday’s post, I spoke about losing gloves, and how I was going to search for one of these at work.



Secondly,  readers may have noticed my series of  attempts to simplify my system for doing footnotes here at WordPress, including my search for a surprisingly elusive solution: superscripts.

I’ve struggled to find The Superscript Solution, for several weeks. Actually, simply ‘splaining what a superscript is has been a struggle, since I haven’t been able to show you one, so far.

Yesterday, WordPress Support sent me an email, with a solution.

Should I attempt it?1

She shoots, she scores!

Thanks to sleepers, insomniacs, and, especially, WordPress Support. And, a special shout out to you, for reading tonight, today, or whenever.

  1.  Some people say that when you can’t sleep, you should spend some time doing something soothing before attempting to go back to sleep. Some people might say that doing something new, like using a superscript for the first time2 in a blog post, might interfere with going back to sleep. What’s been your experience?
  2. The second time was easier. I also want to let people know that I will share my new wisdom, soon. 3
  3. Here’s the secret formula:  <sup>3</sup>   which needs to be inserted on the “text” format page.
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21 thoughts on “Day 380: S-words (Secundo)

  1. You play hockey!

  2. I’ve never even wondered how to do superscript in WordPress. But now that you’ve opened up the possibility, my mind is searching for a way to apply the skill. I haven’t used footnotes since college, and that was quite a while ago.

    • Nice to see you here, at the right place and the right time.

      I haven’t used footnotes since college, either, when it was easy to do a superscript: just move the typewriter roll a tad. But, somehow, my blog posts have evolved into a state of Footnote Necessity. Not sure how that happened, but here we are!

  3. Thank you for follow !

  4. I was wondering why I had to dip this far back on my Reader for your daily post, Ann. Ah, sleeplessness. I know it well, too, since the big fill in my life was voided almost a year ago. I think this shorter-than-usual post shows that blogging helped you get back to zzzzzzzzzzzz. Good thing. And you found that secundo glove at work!!

  5. I’m so glad that you finally learned how to do the superscript! I know that you’ve been working on that for a while now! 🙂 And, it looks awesome! I like it!

  6. Please do share the secret. I wait with bated breath…. 🙂

  7. Sleep? What’s that? Another “S” word for exploration is “synchronicity.”

    • I share your surprise about the concept of sleep. And synchronicity is one of my favorite words. I believe there is a blog post with that title … I’ll link to it when I get a sec.

      Ooops! Wrong again. I’m assuming “synchronicity” will be the star of a subsequent post.

  8. I’m really glad that you have superscripts now. Will you share your secret?

  9. Ah…. footnote three. But, what’s the text format page?

    • Good question. I wasn’t sure if that was clear. When you are creating a blog post, there are two tabs up top: one says “visual” (which is the default) and the other says “text”. To make the footnotes work, you need to enter that code on the “text” page. Is that clear?

      • Actually, I don’t know if you can access the “text” page whenever you’re creating a New Post. I know I can always access it when I’m editing a post.

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