Day 368: Cold Hard Facts

I know it’s cold.  The cold woke me up.

How cold is it? Let me check.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 5.11.01 AM

Lots of interesting numbers, there. I see a repeating series, on the bottom. But that entails the future, and we never know.

The only thing we know is the now. And now, the number is 2.

It could be worse. It could be 1. I wrote about 1, I know, last year.

What else do I want to tell you, while the number is still 2? (It is; I checked.)

When the number is that low, the cold HURTS.

Yesterday, when I was waiting for a bus, the cold was hurting. The temperature wasn’t as low as now, but the hurt was still there. As I was feeling that pain, I was talking to myself, to hold off any fear: “It’s okay, even though it hurts.”

I had time to say that, several times, as I waited, surrounded by other people.

A bus came, but it wasn’t my bus.  I was very glad to see it, though.

Why?  Because of this:


Then, it wasn’t as cold, or hard to wait.

My bus arrived. And it was warm inside there, too.

One more check, before I end this post.

Yep. It’s still 2.

Thanks to people who can write LOVE, no matter what, and to you — of course!  — for reading today.

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50 thoughts on “Day 368: Cold Hard Facts

  1. The world needs eccentrics. They are full of love. 🙂

  2. +15°C here… bonne année et bonne santé, Ann! 🙂 my very best and lots of inspiration in 2014! cheers, Mélanie – Toulouse, France

  3. LOVE this post! 🙂

  4. Adam Hughes

    LOVE 🙂

  5. Aww. I like ice graffiti 😉

  6. omtatjuan

    I wouldn’t last a day in those temperatures. I have no thick coat, no gloves:)

  7. How can we not love “graffiti” artists. Have a great, warm day. 🙂

  8. I’d swap, truly I would, it’s 40 degrees centigrade here… hot, too darned hot. Yes, I’ll take your 2. Thank you. 🙂 Susan x

  9. Love Hurts Ann ~ Love that Nazareth song. Only Zero here. Hope it warms up some for you Dear ;D

  10. I love that you not only see but capture the wonder in the world all around you and share it with us here!

    It’s 28F here — which is relatively balmly for our winter. Going down to -4 Sunday they say — but then, they have been wrong. 🙂 Major snowstorm coming in, ‘they’ say!

    Snowed overnight. Still snowing. We had the most snow in December last year on record! Ever! January is shaping up to be a repeat. 🙂 Okay — and as I wrote that the Calgary Herald (our local newspaper) headline came across my desktop — Scientists worry about lack of snow. 🙂 go figure!

    thank you for the snowy reminder that Love is everywhere!

  11. Sometimes live gives us what we need, Ann. A bus with snow graffiti. How wonderfully random. And lovely, of course. This minute my TV ‘Today’ show local weather strip says -8. It will hurt to go outside, just as you say.

  12. It’s 27 dg right now and I’m dying. I’ve run out of long pants and am in my pajama pants just for coverage! 🙂 I did love the “Love” graffiti! That was awesome! Sending you warm thoughts today!

  13. what is up with all the bloggers across wordpress reminding me how cold it is!!! I think you are contributing to my torture Ann 😉 thank god I’m ten days away from sunshine and beaches

  14. When I see things like the word love scratched into ice on the side of a bus it makes me ridiculously happy. I’m glad that I react that way. And I’m so grateful for those amazing souls who give us those random and awesome gifts on the days we need them!

    • And I’m grateful for the gift of your comment, which is making me ridiculously happy right now. I’m glad you react the way you do, too, Nancy!

  15. Professions for PEACE

    Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful share. Thank you, my world feels warmer already!
    Cheers, Gina

  16. I am sitting cozy in my apartment, with my laptop on my lap keeping me warm, toasty, and content for now with staying indoors… I do love the snow though! Also, sometimes I do enjoy chilly weather without a coat, but not when the temperature is below freezing!

    I don’t understand how the Polar Bear Club enjoys jumping in water in freezing weather. I can understand that a lot of people are thrill seekers and enjoy the rush of adrenaline, but doing so through the practices of the Polar Bear Club causes you to not just have an adrenaline rush, but what I would think is serious discomfort and possibly pain from the cold! Though I don’t understand it, I know I have eccentric habits that I enjoy that may not be understood by others, and so I pass no judgement on the PBC. To each his or her own I guess, though the hypothermia risks they take is still perturbing…

    • I’m glad you’re warm and cozy and also happy to hear that you love the snow. Yes, I don’t get the whole jump-in-icy-water thing. There are people in South Boston, near where I live, who are famous for doing that every year in the ocean. Brrrrrrrr! Maybe they don’t even feel it. Thanks for this comment!

  17. Our high on Monday will be -15. Penguin weather. I am grateful for my long johns.

  18. I find this post fascinating.
    For me, 1 degree is warm winter weather, mild and pleasant. When it was -28 two years ago and I had to spend 4 hours at a cemetery I worried about loosing my toes. But that’s normal. -28, not loosing our toes.
    Thank the blogging gods for posts like this, such perspective! : ))

    • Thank you for this dream of a comment, Catherine Dream. I am now full of wonder, because of YOUR fascinating perspective .

      I’m wondering, where does she live? Why was she spending 4 hours at a cemetery when it was -28? How did she get such a wonderful attitude — considering how friggin’ cold it is where she lives — that she believes that losing toes is not normal? And, how delightful is it, that she (1) thought of blogging gods and (2) thanked them?

      Very delightful, indeed.

  19. Weather is cruel. I woke up this morning and saw it would be 66 degrees here for another week, and wanted to scream. Not a drop of precipitation here near San Francisco for over two months… in the middle of winter. Water rationing will start soon and the county will gouge us for sure. And the air quality is BAD. My dad with emphysema has to stay indoors and look out at the birds chirping as the sun sets at 5 pm. Look on the bright side: cold and snow give you fresh air! 🙂

  20. Pingback: Day 387: Why I’m not afraid of going out today | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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