Day 361: That whole bad day/good day thing, again

Approximately 100 days ago, I blogged about Bad Day/Good Day.

I think that was a good post, if I do say so myself.  Not bad at all.  And if you click on the link, and travel back in time and space to go there, I think you’ll enjoy it. I know I learned a lot, from the experience of living that day and writing about it, so you might learn something, too.

But no pressure to do that.

So what did I want to tell you today, now that I’ve completed that past-oriented introduction? I wanted to journey back into the past, again  — although not so far —  by writing about yesterday.

Yesterday, my dear readers, was a challenging day.  And “challenging,” sometimes, is a euphemism for “bad.”

What made my day challenging?

  • It was the day after Christmas. I really don’t like working on the day after Christmas. Somehow, I had forgotten that. (Note to self: remember, next year, that you don’t like working on the day after Christmas.)*
  • A lot of people didn’t show up. The corridors, throughout the hospital where I work, were eerily empty. And this reminded me, big time, of being stuck in the hospital, when I was a kid, during Christmas time. And even though I didn’t celebrate Christmas then, that really, really sucked.
  • Around 3 PM**, I got a wicked craving for comfort food.  And I knew exactly what I wanted: Macaroni and cheese. I wanted that so badly, visions of it were dancing in my head:




Now, where was I?   Oh yes, reasons why my day sucked, yesterday.

Ooops! My language changed there, didn’t it?  I think I need something to eat.

I’m back!  So, where was I? Oh yes, reasons why my day was challenging, yesterday. I will end that list with this:

  • There was no macaroni and cheese, to be found.

However, my day got better, as days often do.  What helped make it better?

  • Somebody showed up for my group last night.
  • I learned a lot.

And, while I don’t like to fortune-tell — because who knows what today will bring — I’m pretty sure that today will turn out all right, too.


Because the hospital cafeteria is serving this:



Thanks to people who love macaroni and cheese, and — according to my old student and current Facebook friend, Chris — that includes everybody. But just in case it doesn’t,  thanks to you, for visiting today.


* Chances are, I won’t remember this, unless I read my own blog posts.

** I wanted to check my memory on the timing here, and I thought I could do that easily, because I tweeted about this yearning yesterday. However, Facebook is telling me this happened 15 hours ago and Twitter is telling me it happened 16 hours ago. Arrrghhh. So, never mind.

*** That image lives here.

**** That image lives here, and I can’t tell you how much it pleases me that there is Clip Art for macaroni and cheese.

***** That yummy image lives here.

****** That image lives here.

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33 thoughts on “Day 361: That whole bad day/good day thing, again

  1. Your variety of macaroni-and-cheese dishes displayed here not only make me hungry, but remind me that your friend Chris may be right, everybody likes macaroni and cheese, but they may not like each kind equally. A mac and cheese made in the oven at home is so different than the Kraft stir-in-a-pot version. My wife Karen throws some shredded cheddar into that mix to make it more yummy for us. Thanks, Ann. My lunch today will be … tuna sandwich.

  2. must be a day after Christmas thing because I was craving pasta also…not Mac & Cheese though…and I kept thinking about pasta all afternoon but I was too busy to eat, I ate some nuts for breakfast but didn’t have time to eat again until 9 at night….and by then I was too damn tired to make anything serious so I had some white rice and black beans (not very exciting) and tried to go to sleep…..and that dear Ann was my day (mixed in with two 3-hour coffee appointments as well as a few hours at work lol)

  3. All of those photos make me ravenous…

  4. All I can think about is how badly I now want mac ‘n cheese…. *weeps*

  5. Mac ‘n cheese rules!
    Nice work – seriously!

  6. Ask my daughters — they’ll tell you…. I make wicked awesome Mac & Cheese — why don’t you come for a bowl? I’ll make it especially for you!

    Glad your challenging turned to ‘it suck’s’ day turned to — getting better every minute!


    • Be careful with those invitations, Louise. My needing to meet you is now officially and seriously over-determined.

      Hugs back at ya!

  7. I appreciate your tasty blend of whimsy and wisdom. Glad you are getting your macaroni and cheese fix on–especially well-deserevd for someone who worked the day after Christmas!

  8. Mac & cheze – I make so many variations: tuna, hamburger, broccoli, peas and mushrooms.

  9. My idea of comfort food is a big bowl of cheesy mac and cheese. There’s nothing better. Yum!

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  11. I always like mac & cheese. The selections look great!

  12. Omg, I’m extremely hungry after seeing those pictures! Yum!

    • I know! What is it about Mac and Cheese that inflames our hunger so? Thanks for the visit and for this yummy comment.

      • I know right?! Mac and cheese is just so delicious! Last week I made one with on top of the mac and cheese a vegetable mix. I cut the vegetables in really small pieces and some garlic to it too! You should try it! Then the dish suddenly becomes a little healthier! 😉

      • See, Julie? Already, I am learning from you, in priceless ways. Thank you!

      • That’s the beauty of the blogging community! 😉

      • It is beautiful, isn’t it?

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