Day 360: Amazing

This post is dedicated to my amazing sister-in-law, Linda, whose birthday is today.

My 360th* post title was inspired by a comment on yesterday’s post by a blogger I admire very much, Shakti Ghosal. The comment concluded with this:

Have fun and continue to be amazing.

As I hope I have demonstrated this year, fun is very important to me (and here’s one post about that).  So I already love what Shakti wrote.  What makes me love that sentence even more, is the use of the word “amazing.”

“Amazing” is one of my favorite words, apparently.**  I use it a lot.  People have pointed that out to me.   And because I can be a rather self-conscious person, when something personal is pointed out to me, I can wonder about it.

Why do I use that word?  What does it mean to me?

And if I’m judging myself, I might ask myself this question, too: Is my frequent use of the word “amazing” … annoying***?

Here’s my answer to that last question:  “Who cares?” (As usual, asking that question helps me let go of self-judgment.  Isn’t that amazing?)

I think the other questions I asked above — the less judgmental ones —  are more interesting.  And I will try to answer them,  in the time I have left before I need to leave for work this morning.

1. Why do I use that word?

I like the sound of it.  It authentically *** reflects that way I feel.  I am amazed, a lot of the time, at how creative, kind, loving, brave, resilient, and hopeful people can be, even after experiencing incredible challenges and set-backs. Often, when I am trying to express my reactions to all that, other words seem inadequate — incapable of capturing the depth of somebody else’s experience and the range of my responses to them.

2.  What does it mean to me?

“Amazing,” when I use it, is almost always a positive word.  I can’t prove that “amazing” is ALWAYS a positive word, when I use it, because I don’t have the tape of everything I’ve said in my entire life.  However, that’s my gut feeling right now: when I use the word “amazing,” it’s a compliment.

It’s true that I am also surprised — amazed —  by negative events. However, I believe, in those circumstances, I use words like “terrible” and “awful.” And, yes, those words are judgmental. Because, as I hope I have conveyed, throughout this year, judgment is human.

And I am human.  And so are you.  And we are connecting, in some way, right now.

Isn’t that amazing?

Okay, it’s time for an image.  Let’s see how Google Images responds to the word “amazing” today.

Aha***!  Google Images responds in many different ways, which does not amaze me. Here are some of the first responses, in order of appearance:




Image*******  Image********

And before I end, for today, I shall consult my iPhone, too.

As my iPhone just showed me,


A-Okay!  I have some personal images to show you, too.

I think it’s amazing that I get to do work I love:


that I can walk around, every day, and see beauty where I live (no matter how clear my vision is that day):


and that I get to blog here, every day, for readers like you, including those who tell me they would order “Year of Living Non-Judgmentally” merchandise:


There are many more things that I find amazing, this morning, including


how some creatures are  not afraid of heights (which is amazing to me, because I am afraid of heights) ….

…  but it’s time to end this post.

Thanks to amazing creatures, readers, writers, walkers, and humans everywhere and — most of all — to you, for visiting today.


*Actually, it’s the 361st post, but who’s counting?

** Another one of my favorite words is “apparently.”  Another one is “actually.”  I don’t know why so many of my favorite words begin with the letter “A.”

*** Another favorite word.

**** This image was here.

***** This image was here.

****** This image was here.

******* This image was here, today. (I’ve seen this one before.)

******** This image was here.

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27 thoughts on “Day 360: Amazing

  1. In addition to your rumination, Ann, I find the photo of that bolder off the ground quite amazing. Thank you.

  2. Boulder. Boulder. Not bolder.

  3. AMAZING POST! Loved it.

  4. In every sense Ann this was…… amazing! ( A thought to ponder, the letter ‘A’ – wouldn’t have any connection to …..”Ann”?) Just a thought. Susan x

    • Susan! This is amazing. I DID have that same thought, this morning. Thanks for being so special, stupendous, and smart, Susan.

      • Ann, you alliteration is absolutely awesome as well as amazing! 🙂 I hope your world never ceases to be amazing… we all need it! Susan x

  5. Janis Moulton

    I really enjoyed those images and would definitely call them amazing! You did a great job of choosing them. I’ve also noticed that I use the word amazing very often as well, and I practically always mean it in a positive way. I think our frequent use of that word just shows that we are not jaded about life in general. It think it means that we are able to find a sense of awe and wonder in our daily lives; not just on rare,”fantastic” occasions. If we have to frequently repeat a word, I think amazing is a good one! Happy Birthday to your sister-in-law!

  6. Actually Ann, an a appeals awesomely amidst advice adhering any amusing antidote arriving at an appointed allegory…….ok. do you realize how damn bloody difficult it is to write a sentence with only words that start with I’m tired and need a nap 😉

    • Kenneth, you get an A+ for that amazing comment.

      Also, your comment helped me improve this post, which I did by re-cropping the photo that said “OK!” restoring it to its better, original form of “AOK!”

      So thanks for the collaboration, Kenneth. Again, the check is in the mail.

  7. Amazing post from an amazing writer.

  8. Linda, Sister-in-law

    Ann, Thanks for the amazing description-what a wonderful birthday gift:)

    So many good A words.

    Funny, I have been putting together the ABC’s of the Good Life for my coaching clients, and having so much fun coming up with the positive powerful good feeling words associated with each letter of the alphabet. It is both a fun & energizing project..

    Amazing, awesome, audacious, achieving, alliances, amusing, adding, accepting, able, abound, abundance. abreast, absorb, assured, accelerate, accentuate, access, acclaim, accolades, accommodation, accord, accrue, accumulate, aromatic, acknowledged. action, acquiesce, acquire, active, adapt, addendum, address, admire, adjust, adore, adopt, adroit, adventuresome, advance, advocate, affirm, affection…

    Love, luck, laughter-always,

    Linda Lintz

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  10. My A-word is “awesome.” I use it a lot, but every single time, it’s an awesome reason. I read a stuffy post once about words to avoid using, and awesome was on it. Apparently, the author felt it trite. How trite is anything that either amazing or awesome, or sometimes even both?

    Rather than search a thesaurus for a more scholarly word, I’ll save us both time and call it amazing or awesome if it is amazing or awesome.

    I think this is an awesome post, Ann.

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