Day 358: Pressure

Today’s post is about pressure. And honoring my almost-year-long tradition of confusing my readers as soon as possible, I shall start with a poem:

’twas the day before Christmas, and all through the flat,

Several creatures were stirring, including a cat.


Now, if I do say so myself, I’ve done a nice job confusing people almost immediately, including using the word “flat” which implies that I live in the UK, which I don’t.

And here’s how I bring things back to the Topic du Jour  almost immediately. I’ve relieved some pressure on myself, by including the above photo — thus fulfilling another Year-of-Living-Non-Judgmentally tradition (grand or otherwise).

That’s a relief! Now I can breathe easier.

Here’s another tradition around these parts: Ann asking questions, that she then answers. (Okay, there seems to be another sub-topic here. Traditions.  Should I make that part of the title?) (Easy decision:  Nope.)

Where was I?  Oh, yes, asking myself a question, as follows: Why did I start with that poem, when the topic is Pressure?

I will answer that question with a list (something else that’s a tradition around here). I started this post with that poem because:

  1. It’s December 24th.
  2. I wanted the centerpiece of this post to be a list of things I felt pressure about, yesterday.
  3. As a result, I thought of the line “Making a list and checking it twice.”
  4. My next (erroneous) thought was that the above line came from “’twas the Night Before Christmas.”
  5. Voila!  I thought of the beginning lines of this post.

Is anybody out there concerned about me, at this point?

No worries. It’s just another edition of  “Ann’s Mind and Welcome To It ” (which could be the title of my blog next year) (if I change it).

And I want to confess something else about Ann’s Mind, right now. I’m a little anxious. Why? Because after I got up, I realized that I forgot to plug in and charge my phone/camera/life support system last night … and the power on that device is verrrry low* . I would take a picture to show you how low the power is, but I can’t. (If you don’t know why I can’t take a picture, at this point, I empathize with your state of mind. Truly.)

Anyway, I would really like to get to that aforementioned list, right now. So here it is!

List of Things I Felt Pressure About, Yesterday

  1. Responding back to phone calls.
  2. Responding back to emails.
  3. Responding back to comments here at WordPress.
  4. Making decisions about a trip to Boquete, Panama.
  5. Making decisions about Christmas gifts.
  6. Making decisions about what to do about WordPress awards.
  7. Deciding about unimportant friggin’ details, including how to coordinate my packed and often unpredictable schedule at work today, so that I can connect, for two seconds, with somebody I would really like to see, so that I can get ahold of some gifts I really want that I can then give to people I love, tonight.

If you had trouble following that last item on the list, again, I empathize.

Here’s my point (and I do have one)***.

I felt a lot of pressure at points during the day, yesterday.  And who put that pressure on me?

Me.  Just me.

Nobody else did.  Everybody else was just:

  1. Doing their job,
  2. Trying to connect, and/or
  3. Being kind.

I am not going to say, “Shame on me,” about all that.  Nope.  That doesn’t help.

Here’s something that does help:


It’s a reminder, on a post-it note.  I could say more about that, but, Jiminy Cricket!  Look at the time.

There are other posts, here at WordPress, where I HAVE said more, but …..

No pressure!

Thanks to everyone who has ever nominated me for an award, list-makers, poets, holiday celebrators everywhere, those who put (and relieve) pressure on anybody, and to you — especially — for reading today.

* As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve relied on cardiac pacemakers since I was a kid, so devices running out of power can seem scary to me.**

** Although, honestly, I think I’m not alone in my cell-phone-running-out-of-power fears.

*** I always hear Ellen DeGeneris’s voice in my head, when I use that line.  Thanks, Ellen!

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31 thoughts on “Day 358: Pressure

  1. I understand this feeling of pressure and anxiety! We went without power from 11pm Saturday night until 1pm Monday afternoon. And the cherry on top? I didn’t catch up on laundry so we didn’t have a lot of warm clothes or even socks! I had to have my cell charged so I could keep in touch with family and follow the news reports on the ice storm and progress being made to restore power. Thankfully some family had power on and off and we bounced around from house to house to stay warm and charged.

    Couldn’t imagine what I’d do in your instance! Charge your things, my lady!

  2. Oh and Merry Christmas! I read that book to my boys every Christmas Eve.

    • Merry Christmas to you and your boys!

    • I just re-read your first comment, Jess, and I’m wondering if my post misled you in any way. Just to clarify (for you or anybody else my writing may have confused), my pacemaker is self-contained and does not need charging, which is a good thing, because it’s amazing the things I forget!

  3. I know and understand anxiety and have dealt and still do with the horrific aspects it may have (my blog name says it all).
    Have a good holiday and take care. 🙂

  4. Mary Morin

    Happy Holidays Ann!
    From The New Kid on the Blog!
    P.S. I got an A- on my group facilitation and a B Plus for the entire semester. No complaints here!

    Mary Morin

  5. Your post inspired me to take a deep breath. Pressure released! Have a happy Christmas dear Ann.

  6. Christmas and Chanukka that was, right…? 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! May you be surrounded by love, happiness and less pressure on yourself x

  8. And I know while reading that I added to your pressure in the WordPress award category, good blogger Ann. I don’t feel the need to apologize; shameless, you could say. But I do feel a bit guilty that I contributed to your anxiety. Oh, wait, I’m layering yesterday’s post into today’s! Merry Christmas Eve, Ann.

  9. Yes, always breathe

  10. If #4 is a yes or no decision then allow me to relieve some pressure, the answer is YES. You’re welcome 😉
    Okay, so I hope I’m not daft and missed this answer somewhere along the way, but… what are you planning to do after you reach the end of 365 days?! Surely you are not leaving us…? What’s the plan?! Ah!

  11. Howisbradley

    breathe, and then do it again

  12. Great kitty photo, and “don’t worry be happy!” I had to give up all sense of being ready for anything this holiday season. I’ve dealt with phone calls, mostly insurance and renovation related about smoke damage in the office from the great fire on our block of 2013. I’ve taken care of email, but Christmas presents are still in limbo, and I simply don’t bother with WordPress awards.

    • Thanks for this comment, Timothy. I will do my best to not worry and be happy. It helps to hear about your experience and perspective.

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