Day 352: Snow (It’s safer than I feared)

Well, yesterday was an interesting day, fraught with anxiety about WordPress AND about snow.

The WordPress anxiety was probably not necessary, since this was NOT a life-and-death situation. All that happened was this: In the morning, I finished a post that I had worked on for about 90 minutes, published it, and then discovered (after I got to work) that I had inadvertently left open a “New Post” window, which resulted in the last 30 minutes of my efforts being wiped out.  (I assume I’m not the only one amongst those reading this who has experienced  something like THAT.)  Actually, the work wasn’t technically wiped out, because people who get my posts via email got the completed version. However, anybody accessing the post any other way, saw the incomplete version. (And by the way, I restored the post to most of its former glory, after I got home.)

Confused?  So was I.  And I fixed things, throughout the day.  And it definitely did not kill me.

Now, regarding the snow anxiety … was that necessary?  Well, I think it was probably more understandable than the WordPress-related anxiety. That is, once I got to my car, I had to navigate home, during rush hour, in some pretty treacherous driving.  It took me three times longer than usual to get home. The extra time didn’t bother me, though. What scared me were the parts of the trip where:

  1. I was having trouble seeing, because my windshield wipers were icing over repeatedly and my rear window defroster apparently gives off the same amount of heat as a refrigerator light bulb.
  2. I was on the verge of skidding, practically every moment.
  3. I was driving on unplowed streets, some very populated and some very deserted.
  4. I was often afraid that I would lose control of the car and skid into people who were walking in the road.

So, that DID feel like a life-and-death situation.  But I got home okay. And I didn’t kill anybody. Or even harm, in any way, another living creature.

Here’s the portion of the post where I explain the title (if I haven’t explained it already).

Back in April, after the Boston Marathon bombings, I wrote a post called “Here and now?  It’s safer than you fear.”

Yesterday, before I started the arduous journey home in my car, I walked the 0.9 mile’s distance to where I park it. And it was snowing, quite a bit, during my walk.

A few days  ago, I posted here about my fear of walking in the snow and ice, now that I’m on anti-coagulant medication.

I overcame that fear yesterday.

How did I do that?

  1. I had the equipment (that is, the boots, the coat, and the other winter accoutrements).
  2. I had the support (my sister-in-law, Linda, who also works where I work, walked with me for part of it).
  3. I had the music to cheer me on (because of my beloved ear muff/headphones*)  after I parted ways with Linda.
  4. Therefore, I felt safe to dance and sing, all the way down this snow-covered street, near the end of my walking journey:


And it was FUN.

Okay!  That concludes our post for today, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I just have to save this post and make sure that I close all windows that I may have opened during the creative process (because that which does not kill us, helps us learn).

Thanks to Linda, to all who are feeling various degrees of safety (and fun) today, and — of course! — to you, for reading.

  •  Apparently, according to Amazon, most people think these ear muff/headphones suck. I still love them, though.
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33 thoughts on “Day 352: Snow (It’s safer than I feared)

  1. Debbie Terman

    Ah, one thing about product reviews that I need to keep reminding myself is that the reviewers might (and probably do) have wants and needs that are very different from my own. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that you (or anyone) could and do love a product that “most people” rate low. Also isn’t it the case that some reviews are skewed by the complainers, that people are more likely to rant a negative review when they fall somewhere along the spectrum of disappointment or frustration, whereas people are less likely to post a positive review unless they find a product absolutely fabulous? I don’t know if there are statistics to back that up; I’ve just heard it.

  2. You park your car 9 miles away from where you work?

  3. Carol

    There’s a consensus that snow is paradoxically beautiful and dangerous —…frightful…delightful…let it snow !
    Glad you made it home safely! Xo

  4. Liz .

    Ha Ann. I was sending this to a colleague and noticed it went back to you. I do enjoy your daily posts. 🙂 I will try again to forward it to my colleague. Enjoy your day and walk carefully. 😉


    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Glad you made it safely!

    I recently started taking transit and…. I LOVE IT!!!!! I can’t get over how more relaxed I am when I get home. It’s amazing!

    Your snow looks like our snow. Quite beautiful but it can be treacherous! Take good care.

  6. Your snowy-city-at-dusk photo is quite lovely, Ann. Pretty enough to deserve a song. And your fear of limited snowy driving vision is one shared by many of us in the Winter Belt. I never, ever get over that one.

  7. Gene Phillips

    Keep on singing and keep on dancing!

  8. Stay safe out there Ann!

  9. I’m glad you’re safe, Ann. My world would not be as bright without you in it. I can relate a little too well to this post. I will soon be driving in the snow through multiple Midwest states. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and to say we don’t get much snow here would be a gross understatement. I’ve only driven in the stuff twice. The first time I ended up in a snow bank in Tahoe, and the other I spun sideways blocking two lanes on a major highway on the way to visit relatives in Nevada. No harm came to anyone or anything, but I’d be happy if I was never again was behind the wheel in snowy conditions.

    • It is scary when something like that happens, Russ. I’m so happy that nobody was hurt, and that you are here to make my world brighter.

  10. Always good to have a Linda in your life! 🙂 Glad you made it in one piece!

  11. Howisbradley

    I love living in sunny southern California, but I do miss the snow sometimes. The picture is beautiful

  12. What a gorgeous walk to your car — you’re so lucky to have the opportunity for such a wintery pre-holiday treat. While the driving was understandably stressful, those of us who live in the tropics are dripping with jealousy this time of year.

    • Wow. I had no idea about the jealousy dripping, and in the tropics, no less. Your comment is helping me appreciate what’s all around me. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  13. Huzzah, I love that you overcame that fear! And that you had someone there with you and what are these headphone earphones you speak of?! I need this.

    • Aussa, click on the link where I mention those beauties and thou shalt see them. Or, just google them. I definitely need them; I have moments of panic when I think I’ve lost them. However, there are lots of them out there.

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