Day 350: Face it

It’s Monday morning, which means I need to go to work soon, and this is what I’m facing.

Ice and cold. (Cue Google Images … )



I chose the last two images from the Google Images Buffet (for “ice and cold”) because of something else I’m looking at, this morning.

My face.

I accidentally scratched my own face at the beginning of the weekend. I still don’t know how I did this. Actually, that’s not really true — I DO know how I did it.  It involved getting ready for bed, having a fingernail that was too long, and losing track of the relationship in space and time between my hand and my nose.

I hope I’m not the only one, out here in the blogosphere, who has ever done something like that.

This didn’t really bother me, although the scratch bled a lot (probably because I’m on anti-coagulant meds). I thought it would heal over the weekend, so I would look “presentable” by the time I needed to return to work.

However, when I got up this morning and looked in the mirror …. Eeeeeeek!!!  It’s still pretty gnarly looking.  I mean, you can really see an obvious wound, on my nose.  And I have to get ready for work, where people, most likely, will be looking at my face.


I have lots of thoughts about this, right now, including:

  • We all have wounds.
  • Some of them are more obvious than others.
  • If we do not have a choice — regarding whether we can hide a wound —  we might feel more shame.
  • It can be traumatic for people to deal with damage to faces. (I am working with a person, in therapy, who is dealing with this right now.)

I have more thoughts, but you know what? I have to stop this post, so I can figure out what to do with this obvious wound on my face.

Here are my options:

  1.  Try camouflaging it, with make-up.
  2.  Put a band-aid on it, to hide it completely. Although that’s going to disturb people even more, don’t you agree?  I’m still freaked out by this band-aid


and it was on the BACK of somebody’s head.
3.  Another solution, less connected to shame, which I haven’t figured out yet.

Okay!  It’s time for me to end this post and get ready for work.

Thanks to Paul j Horton (who painted “Ice Cold Lips”), lorency (for the iced-eye image “Cold as Ice”), people who have accidentally hurt themselves in any way, all those with imperfect faces, and to you — of course!! — for reading today.

  • I found this image here.

** I found this image here.

*** I found this image here.

**** From “Pulp Fiction,” in case you didn’t know.

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31 thoughts on “Day 350: Face it

  1. Call in sick and pour yourself a nice glass of mulled wine 😉

  2. I’ve done so many horrid things to myself it’s actually a tragedy. Like when I slipped and fell under my mother in laws car and bashed my shin so bad it was bruised for a month, or when I was shaving and tore a chunk off my leg (this has happened so many times I’m actually considering NOT shaving again, but I don’t know how thrilled my husband is about that idea haha), or that time I smashed my knee off the wall and gave it a nice open wound.

    But I guess it’s a blessing that people have stopped asking me questions about my numerous wounds. 😉

  3. Adam Hughes

    Oh you poor lady,I do so hope you are OK now though. I think everybody has done things like this before. When things like this happen to me,I tend to see it as a sign; To go back to bed. 🙂

    The Wine idea (as above) sounds a good one. Though,I personally can’t stand Mulled wine 🙂

  4. You’re not alone – I’ve done the same! My nails grow fast and are quite strong and hard. I get my nails from my dad, only his are stronger – so strong he tightened screws with them!

    • I like this re- frame of the situation, Diana, that perhaps this proves that my nails are hard and strong! Thanks for reading and commenting, as always.

  5. i have scratched my face , but in may i scratched my leg on the nightstand & it wouldn’t stop bleeding & now i have a big barely hurt.

  6. Makeup! Benefit’s Erase Paste does miracles for covering up blemishes.

  7. I had a similar problem when I was on anti-coagulants. Brave it out and tell everyone you’re trying out a new look 🙂

    Remember your “Day 346: More Things That Won’t Kill Me,” points 15,16,33,34.

  8. I hope you decided the band-aid route, Ann. I think that is healthier across the board. Certainly better than mucking it up with make-up, anyway. Also, not to complain, but your entire blog background has changed to wood paneling today, making it hard to read … and reminding me of a cabin in the woods. Thank you.

    • Thanks for letting me know all of this, Mark. WordPress sure can be glitschy at times, for sure, and I’m glad for the information. (Knowledge is power.) I don’t see that problem — with the wood paneling background — but I will let administrators here know about your experience and see what they say. On my laptop, lots of the photos in my posts look teensy-tiny, but they tell me that’s probably not a problem for most people. Again, thanks for reading and for your helpful thoughts.

  9. Gene Phillips

    I am with Mark in support of the band-aid solution. You might want to keep a small supply of fun band-aids for just this purpose. I had sushi band-aids for a time. Just do a Google image search for “fun adhesive bandages.”

  10. Yeah I hate it when people at work look at my face too. Great post. Keep it up

  11. Eleanor

    Had I read this earlier my advice would have been to make up an interesting story about getting the wound. Several years ago I had knee surgery and when I told people how it happened (I got into my bed the wrong way) I kept thinking how much I wished I had an exciting story to tell like doing a bad landing while skydiving or kicking an alligator.
    Wishes for a quick healing.

    • It’s not too late, Eleanor. If anybody asks, I will consider telling them that I head-butted an alligator. Perhaps after skydiving. Thanks for this comment. Always great to see you!

  12. Around twenty years ago, I went to work with a black eye. I was met with disbelieving looks when I explained that I got up during the night to use the bathroom and walked into an open door. Talk about a cliché excuse! I’m surprised none of my co-workers left a pamphlet about spousal abuse on my desk. I should have made up something more believable than the truth.

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