Day 345: Things That Won’t Kill Me

This post was inspired by (1) expat eye‘s excellent comment on my post yesterday and (2) waking up with a painful leg cramp (among other things).

So, here’s a list of Things That Won’t Kill Me (despite messages from primitive parts of my brain to the contrary):

  1. Pain.
  2. The cold.
  3. The dark.
  4. Water.
  5. Heights.
  6. Mistakes (mine)
  7. Mistakes (other people‘s).
  8. People getting angry at me.
  9. My getting angry at other people.
  10. Jealousy or envy.
  11. Not getting enough sleep.
  12. Not doing what I’m told to do (challenging authority).
  13. Being late.
  14. Losing things.
  15. Hurting somebody else’s feelings.
  16. Disappointment.
  17. Change.
  18. My feelings, in general.
  19. Other people’s feelings, in general.
  20. My heart, despite its unusual qualities.

(Note: I’ve linked everything on that list to a past post. Because I had so many choices and so little time,  I may have made some mistakes. However, see #6, above.)

Obviously, that’s a partial list. However, I need to stop the list. (Setting limits won’t kill me either, apparently.)

Now, you might argue that some of the things on that list MIGHT kill me.  Just to quell those disagreements (although disagreements are another thing that won’t kill me), let me change the title of the list to this:

Things That Won’t Kill Me, Today

Does anybody still want to argue?

Before I end this post, I would like to add one more thing to that list:


Why am I adding that to the list, now? Because I have new and exciting proof of the non-deadly-ness of compliments; namely, all the positive feedback I’ve been getting here.

Also, by adding “compliments,” I can introduce some photos I took yesterday, on my walk after work, past a construction site I pass all the time.




As I took those photos, I thought, “These words apply to a lot of people I know.”

Anybody want to own those for themselves, now?

After all, it won’t kill you.

Thanks to everybody who is still surviving (despite all the things that could kill us), including all of my wonderful readers today.

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27 thoughts on “Day 345: Things That Won’t Kill Me

  1. Your photos have presented us with an excellent life challenge, Ann. I shall strive to exhibit more than one of the nine traits daily. Thank you.

    • Mark, my guess (and I’m an excellent guesser) is that you exhibit several of those traits every day, without even trying. Thanks for this fresh, bright, and lively comment.

  2. People getting angry with me won’t kill me? What? Can it be true. lol. Some things are hard to believe for sure.

  3. Very true! One of my favourite mottos is “what’s the worst that can happen?” Unless the answer is “death” there’s no reason not to give it (whatever it is) a go!

  4. I really like this list! It’s easy to let the “things that won’t kill you” get blown out of proportion.

    • Most people I know (including me) blow these things out of proportion. Thanks for visiting and “hello!’ to the kitty in your photo.

  5. Forest So Green

    Thank you for finding and subscribing to my blog, Annie

  6. What a great way to look at these (very real for me) fears. They won’t kill you. Today, at least. 🙂
    Love it, Ann!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Nancy. As always, lovely to have you visiting here. And those fears are very real for a lot of people.

  7. Brilliant list. I LOVE your #13.
    I am late ALL the time and I always thought there was something wrong with me.
    Now I recently read that people who are late all the time live longer. Yay!

    • What? Elizabeth, it’s enough that you visit here and leave such great comments. Now, you’re delivering this new information, which I LOVE: people who are late all the time live longer? Yippeee!!!

      • I am ALWAYS late.
        I should clarify that I mean to ‘events’ that are not dependent on my arrival on time. I am still on time to appointments and air-flights, and daughter’s graduations etc but i am notoriously late to lunches and social gatherings and calling-by to see people.

  8. Not getting enough sleep won’t kill me? Sure feels like it will some days!! Thank goodness for coffee. Sweet, delectable coffee. Now I can panic when we run out of coffee, right?

    • You can definitely panic, Jess, but running out of coffee won’t kill you (in case you didn’t know). Thanks for this great comment, as usual.

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    Inspirational post by Ann Koplow.

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