Day 340: Humble Hesitation

This post was inspired by many things, this morning, including:

  • A blogger I greatly appreciate, prayingforoneday, nominated me for “The Versatile Blogger” award.
  • Another blogger I greatly appreciate, sittingonmysofa, wrote that she had tried nominating me for that award, too, “although I sensed a humble hesitation on your part about accepting any awards.”

I love that phrase, “humble hesitation.”  That reminds me of ambivalence, which was a topic of yesterday’s post.

And sittingonmysofa was correct.  I AM ambivalent about accepting awards.


  • I wonder if I’m deserving.
  • I’m concerned about doing “the right thing in response.
  • It takes me a lot of time to respond to the nominations, especially if I am concerned about responding “the right way.”
  • I haven’t quite figured out what my personal  “right way” is.

I haven’t decided, yet, what I would like to do, when nominated for an award here. And each time, throughout the year, my response has been somewhat different.

I’ve noticed what other people do, in response to awards.  There’s a whole range of behaviors.

Some people follow the rules of each award exactly.  That’s great.

Some people indicate, on their blogs, that they do not accept awards.  That’s great, too.

Some people are in the middle — they follow some of the rules of the award. Or they respond in spirit, somehow.

I appreciate other people’s decisions about What To Do, In Response to Awards.

I especially appreciate those who are clear about their stance on awards.

I love clarity.

However, I am not in a clear place about this, yet.  I can’t clearly communicate to people what I want, regarding awards here. Not yet. I assume I will get to that place. But I’m not there, yet, in this moment.

And I have to admit, I have some judgment about my own ambivalence — about being in middle of a process of deciding what works for me.  Regarding awards, and other things, too.

Okay!  I am ambivalent about some aspects of this post, but it’s time to wrap things up.  And I KNOW there’s something else I wanted to write about, today.

I’m going back to the title of my post, now.

I associate the word “humble” with this man:


… but I don’t associate the word “hesitation” with him.


However, when I read his words carefully, I am learning something from him, again.

I want to rewrite this old adage:

He who hesitates is lost.

to this:

Those who hesitate are human.

AND let’s add this, too, today:

Take the next step, as best you can.

Thanks to Nelson Mandela, for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And thanks to prayingforoneday, sittingonmysofa, all the other bloggers here whose paths have crossed with mine, and to you — no matter where you are — for reading today.


* I found this image here.

** I found this image here.

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27 thoughts on “Day 340: Humble Hesitation

  1. Thank you for reminding us of Nelson Mandela’s remarkable and eternal message for us all, Ann.

  2. Take the next step, as best you can. — so powerful.

    Thank you for this post today. You have stirred me from ambivalence into taking action about something I’ve been hemming and hawing on. Thanks!

  3. May he rest in peace and may his example stir us into action!

  4. I love this: “Take the next step, as best you can.” Such beautiful and powerful words to live by.

    This brings to mind the beautiful quote by Helen Keller:
    I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.

    • Beautiful, Nancy! Thanks so much for sharing that quote by Helen Keller. I remember reading a biography of Helen Keller when I was young; I can honestly say that changed my life.

  5. clayton paul

    Ann, if I may, accept the awards offered to you with grace and humility. They are a way which fellow bloggers have of showing appreciation to you and your work, as a person of value and interest. Even the great Nelson Mandela accepted awards he was given. He knew it was an expression of gratitude.

    You are deserving of recognition in your efforts here. If you are trying to “live non-judgmentally,” then don’t pass judgment on yourself!


    • I am taking in your suggestion, Clayton, and I will figure out something that works for me. Thanks for your encouragement and kindness!

  6. Nelson Mandela is on many of our minds today, I think. I like that you used the word humble as a tribute to him. Sometimes we forget what a powerful quality that is, humility, and how it makes the most beautiful wrapping for a heroic soul.

    Thank you for your kind words about my blog, too.

  7. Thanks for this post and for the tribute to Mandela.

  8. Wonderful post Ann, as always. First, regarding the awards… I feel a bit uncomfortable because I have been awarded several awards but have not yet “gone to pick them up”. I will have to take care of that real soon because I never said that I don’t accept awards and I definitely do not want to hurt anyone.On the other hand, i always feel that my posts, that are a creative expression of myself, my life and my thoughts, are more urgent for me to publish than my acknowledgement of the received awards. You know what, I am going to change the award-acceptance rules….. I have to be creative and do it my way.
    As for Nelson Mandela – yes, humble suits my image of him and hesitation does not.

    • Wonderful comment, Heila, as always. Thanks so much for your perspective on the awards. It helps me to read your thoughts!

  9. Howisbradley

    Over all the years I’ve been blogging, I am still conflicted in how to respond to awards. Generally I tend to break the rules a bit.

    Thank you for your tribute of Nelson Mandela. We’ve lost an amazing man.

  10. Thank you for this moving tribute to the hero, Nelson Mandela. I was not familiar with that rousing and tear-inducing quotation of his till I read it here. I will be adding that to my “Walls of Inspiration, ” i.e. my bathroom walls that are covered in handwritten favorite quotes. And thank you for setting out so clearly your current processing of how to handle awards. I am in the exact same, slippery spot and need to do something immediately in order to respond graciously. I’ll be interested to see how you resolve the matter, at least temporarily. Shine on, beautiful one. Xo

    • Thank you, for shining your beautiful thoughts and self, here. Perhaps you don’t need to do something immediately (this is a reminder to myself, actually). I appreciate this comment, very much!

      • Yes, righto–I have been telling myself it may not need to be immediate, but it had better be soon. I thought if I wrote “immediate” it would help galvanize me into action–you know, my word is my bond and all that :). But I am readying to perform tonight, so it will at least need to wait till tomorrow. Have a lovely day!

      • You, also, and when you get a chance, check out my blog post for today (#341). I think you’ll like it (for several reasons).

      • Thanks–#341 is another wise and terrific post! And when you have a minute, please check out my newest post (on vulnerability)–thought of you and your excellent piece on the joy of doing things that scare you. Cheers.

      • Thank YOU! Off to check out your post ….

  11. Hi, Ann! Congratulations! You’ve just been nominated for The Shauny Award for Excellence in Blogging! (Yes, there really is such a thing.) Alas, no honor comes without its obligations. See today’s post, December 9, in “The Getting Old Blog” ( for instructions on what to do next. 🙂

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