Day 335: Closure

Closure is really on my mind, today, because:

  • It’s the first day of December, which is the last month of the calendar I use.*
  • When I started this blog on January 1, 2013, I committed to blogging once daily for one year.
  • In my life, I am going through some endings (as we all do, all the time, of various sizes and importance).
  • I do group and individual therapy, so closure is my bread and butter.**

I just got lost in my own asterisks, at the end of this post. So, where was I?

Oh, yes.  Closure.

What do I want to tell you about closure, today?

Closure is important, in order to move on.

There is no right or wrong way to do closure.

Closure is challenging, because it brings up old closures, which often relate to losses.

I like to use the term “ending the chapter”, when I talk to people about closure.  Somebody, in my office, recently said that in their culture, they use the term “putting the period on the end of the sentence.” I like that, too.

Here are the punchlines of this post:

I want to put closure on The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally, in a way that honors my original commitment and intent.

However, I (selfishly) want to keep blogging every day. it helps me, tremendously.

So this is my commitment, for the month of December:

I will figure out a way, that’s good enough, to “put the period on the sentence” and “end the chapter” of this Blogging Year.

This will allow me to honor the old and embrace the new, as I move into my next phase of writing here (whatever that may be).


Speaking of closure, something feels unfinished to me, here.  What’s missing? Something besides all these words, words, words.

I need a picture, people.

I will now check that place I keep my photos, my calendar, and way too many other things (my smart phone, of course).

Hmmmmmmm ….. Voila!


It’s the dawn of a new day, looking back from where I live.

That’ll do.

Thanks to those who look back and forwards, smart phones and people everywhere, and to you — of course! — for reading today.


* Although, that’s not really true, since the calendar I use most frequently is on my smart phone. And while there’s a lot that confuses me about that calendar, I do know that there is neither ending nor beginning there.

** If you don’t recognize that idiom, it means “someone’s basic income; someone’s livelihood—the source of one’s food.” ***

*** Actually, now that I think about it, maybe closure isn’t my bread AND butter. Maybe closure is my bread, and hope is my butter. ****

**** Or vice versa.*****

***** Today, I master****** the art of the self-reflexive footnote.

****** In my mind.

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30 thoughts on “Day 335: Closure

  1. I always like your posts, you reflect on things that are helpful to us all.

  2. magnifique, Ann… LL=large like… my very best and take care! cheers, Mélanie

  3. This is timely for me as I contemplate closure on a very painful chapter in my life. A move I know I need to make means rising up against an innate part of my personality that tells me to be silent. For closure, I need to find my voice. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth, and all the best to you, as you contemplate this move. I am always honored to hear your voice here.

  4. I will be along for the ride through the closing December chapter, Ann, and anticipate the beginning of the new direction, too. Yes, this blogging venture — writing and reading — is good for the mind and the soul.

  5. I would agree, Mark, and I am so glad we met here!

  6. Thought provoking words.,, and a beautiful beautiful photograph. Virginia

  7. Ann

    Visited to see who it is that has decided to follow me, love what I’m finding as I wander around.

    Blogging everyday for a year? That’s commitment for you, I couldn’t do it myself, I’m lucky if I spit out one a week. Enjoy coming in to land on day 365…but don’t stop writing, will you, you’re good at it.

    Respect REDdog

    • Thanks so much! This comment means a lot to me. I’m so glad we’ve met here.

      • What is Narrative Therapy, a mate asked me the other day if I found my writing therapeutic, cathartic…is it along that line?

      • Great question. Here‘s one blog post where I talk more about narrative therapy. Wikipedia actually has a good description of it, here.

        Briefly, it’s a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on the language and stories that a person uses regarding himself (to others and to himself) and looks for exceptions to negative stories. For example, everyone has stories of failure and success — focusing on the stories of failure perpetuates that belief and also self-defeating behaviors.

        In any case, I think writing can be very therapeutic and cathartic. I certainly find it so, here.

  8. Hope makes a great butter. What a wonderful image..

    • Thank you! That means a lot to me. By the way, I was commenting on one of your wonderful posts while you were writing this comment.

  9. I hope you keep blogging in the new year – I love your blog.

  10. Hi Ann, I wandered over from Aussa’s page and simultaneously noticed you had followed me. Thank you!

    I’m a bit bummed that I’m finding you in month 11 of your one year journey. Or maybe it’s poetic that we’ve found each other at the same point in our respective journeys.

    I look forward to poking around and getting caught up.


    • I am so glad we found each other, too, Nancy. I believe it’s never too late, whenever paths cross. Not only that, I don’t expect that my journey will end on December 31.

  11. I really like the way you write! Do you have an ABOUT page that I’ve missed?

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