Day 326: Helpful reminders, on November 22, 2013

I have another blog, besides this one, called Ann’s Helpful Hints (re: Letting go of Judgment).  It only has two posts: a list of cognitive distortions and a list of antidotes for unhelpful thoughts.

Here’s one of the antidotes:

Use Helpful Reminders.  Use helpful phrases to challenge habitual distortions. For example, for mind-reading or fortune telling, remind yourself “I’m not psychic.” Make a list of other phrases that help you, such as “I am doing the best I can,” “One step at a time,” etc. Consider sticking these reminders where you can see them.

In therapy groups, I often put up a list of helpful phrases.  The group members and I add to it, as we choose. In other words, the list is a work in progress (like everyone who comes to the groups).

I can remember a few of the phrases on that list, right now:

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

The pain of the loss is directly related to the importance of the connection.

Less is more.

That last one was easy for me to remember, because somebody suggested it last night.

Here’s why I’m writing about this topic, today.

I want to include, in this post, some  helpful reminders that people have written to me, lately.

If you wish to “connect” with me, please do.

While you are observing the anniversary of your 1st [pacemaker] implant, is it possible to view it as a celebration ( not painful) of life…YOUR life…& your continued presence in my life and the life of your other readers & friends & family. 

Take heart, Ann.

Thanks to all, for every helpful reminder, phrase, or thought. Quoted or not. Expressed or unexpressed.

Here’s one more phrase, before I end.

Rest in peace.

Rest in peace, John Kennedy.


Rest in peace, all those I love, who have passed on before me.


I want to use that phrase for the living, now.


Here’s my wish, for all my “readers & friends & family.” (And for me, too.)

May we all rest, in peace, while still here on this earth.

Not perfectly. Not all the time. But as best we can.

Thanks so much, for reading today.

** Left to right: my father, my mother, Nell Zaitchik, Rabbi Samuel Zaitchik


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25 thoughts on “Day 326: Helpful reminders, on November 22, 2013

  1. I love your heart and how you express its beauty so lovingly.

  2. Lovely thoughts, Ann. May you have peace, too.

  3. May you reach a new level of peace and acceptance after spending this day with your grief. You’re in my heart.

  4. As best we can indeed. Thank you for this post, Ann.

  5. clayton paul

    Allow yourself to feel your emotions and work through them with insight and perspective. Use the positive and helpful things and people around you today…they understand!

    Clayton 🙂

  6. Love your tribute to John F. Kennedy … and the wonderful words of wisdom. My mantra currently is “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It helps – at times – to de-stress.

    • I’ve been thinking about the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mantra this year. Thanks for reminding us about it (and for reading, too).

  7. Such beautiful thoughts and advice. Rest well…and always. Susan x

  8. May we all rest, in peace, while still here on this earth.

    Not perfectly. Not all the time. But as best we can.

    – beautifully said, Ann.
    I have a little treasure to share with you 🙂 It is the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I got it yesterday, and now it is yours too.
    Here’s the link:
    Warm regards,

    • Thank you, so much, Vic, for these gifts: your beautiful comment and the award (which includes two of my favorite words — “dragon” and “loyalty”). I treasure both.

      • You’re very welcome, and now I’m doubly pleased since you share my soft spot for those words 🙂

  9. The advice you have given has been incredible, and from the above you say “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.” A beautiful way to look at the life you made, and made so well.

    Gives me hope too that being true to who you I am will lead me to exactly where I should be. Take care Ann.

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