Day 324: Trust in Self

Yesterday, people who had gathered for a therapy group decided to focus on this topic:

Trust in self.

The questions people answered, during the group, included these:

  1. What does “trust in self” mean to you?
  2. What tends to decrease your trust in yourself?
  3. What tends to increase your trust in yourself?

My own thoughts, about “trust in self,” right now?

When I got up this morning, I had trust that I would write a post that would be meaningful.

I just went into another room, and this is what I found:


That’s something I’m familiar with, because I purchased it five months ago, in May, during my spring vacation.  That mug has already appeared in another post, here.

I also found something else, which is a new arrival to this home:


Here’s what I want to tell you about that piece of art:

It’s a watercolor, painted by my long-time friend, Paul Nagano, who appeared in a blog post that was very important to me:  “A walk down Boylston Street, Boston, on April 29, 2013.”

As my son just said, “It looks brighter in real life” (if you can imagine that).

Paul’s watercolor is now hanging in a spot that has been conspicuously empty, in our home, since we moved here.

I was waiting to find the “right thing.”

I had trust in myself that I would.

I did.

I mean, look at it, people!

It’s Boston, and it’s springtime!

Many thanks to Paul Nagano, to people who (are learning to) trust themselves, and to you — of course!  — for visiting here today.

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15 thoughts on “Day 324: Trust in Self

  1. Give yourself positive messages every time you handle a situation well. We all must be our own best friends.

  2. clayton paul

    I love the painting…it’s gorgeous! I love the positive “vibe” from your post today as well. Self-trust is an important issue. It can increase as we “train” ourselves more so with positive and mindful choices. The better we teach ourselves in the acts of love and goodness, the more we can trust and grow ourselves.

    Enjoyed the post, Ann!


  3. My particular experience of “TRUST for SELF” was this….

    Early in life, I realized that trusting others was not ever going to be easy for me, if I could ever manage to do it at all which seemed unlikely.

    So I had to figure SOMETHING out or I would make myself crazy and grief stricken beyond all hope.

    I decided that NO MATTER what the circumstances, it was never about trusting someone else, it was always (for me) going to be ‘could I trust myself to do what needed doing.’ BE the courage, the strength, the badass I needed to be to get through ANYTHING, and everything. DON’T wait for the courage of others, for the help of anyone…just DO whatever has to be done.

    It’s ruthless, and rugged in terms of not having any hope in others….but after everything and all the delving in to find out why people did and didn’t do what they did…the only faith I could have in humanity was in my own. I knew I was the kind of person God wanted in humanity, I knew I would never coward away. And that’s exactly how I live my life.

    It’s hard in some respects…but when you let go of expectations, and hopes for others to be there when you need them, and learn that YOU are there when you need the kind of person YOU ARE….and God is there when you NEED….it eases the trust thing.

    I hope this made sense….

  4. Great topic Ann. I have trust in myself today, because I have proven to myself that I can master tough situations. I have learned to defy my mother’s judgmentality (I don’t think this word exists but I need it just like this) and I agee with Ronnie that we must be our own best friend. The watercolor painting is beautifully sensitive and delicate. 🙂

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