Day 305: What November means to me.

As I explained,  way back on Day 105 of this year,  everything makes sense on some level(s).

The main point of that old blog post was this:

You will relate to my (or anybody else’s) experience in some ways, but not in others, because my experience (like yours) has been unique.

But I’m going to let go of the past (that 200-day-old blog post) and be more in the moment, right now.

It’s the first day of November.  I have lots of reactions to the month of November.

And they all make sense, on some level.

You may relate to some of my reactions but not to others, because of where you are.

Some of my reactions to November:

  1. It’s autumn in New England, and I’m a wuss about the coming cold, so I’m still not happy about that.
  2. At this point, though, I’ve let go of denial and am working on acceptance.  That includes embracing the beauty of what is. For example, this past week, all the mindfulness exercises I did in therapy groups focused on leaves I gathered outside of work.autumn20leafJust one leaf01 copy (None of those leaf photos are mine, but those images remind me of the leaves we used, in mindfulness.)
  3. November, to me, means November 22nd.  November 22nd, 1963, was the day President John F. Kennedy was shot.  For people who were conscious and aware on that day, that was a life-changing experience.
  4. I was unconscious, on that day, because I was having my first heart surgery, at age 10, to get my first cardiac pacemaker.

That’s the punchline, for me, people.

This year, I am planning on experiencing November differently.

How?  I’m making one conscious change.

I am taking November 22nd off from work, and spending that day in a way that’s helpful for me.

I haven’t figured out how I’ll be spending that day. I’ll be working on that, this November.

And already, this November is different.

Thanks to Divinipotent Daily and the town of Bedford, Massachusetts (for the leaf photos, from Google Images Roulette) and to you, of course, for reading today.

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12 thoughts on “Day 305: What November means to me.

  1. suzicate

    My mother often talks about that day as well…it was her 30th birthday, and she was horrified that Kennedy had been shot. I like October a bit more than November. While it is still beautiful here with nature’s color changes the air is getting a bit crisp. I like it this way, but I’m not a fan of COLD!

  2. I was born that year. I saw on the news that his grave site is the most visited grave site in the US. I wonder what that’ll be like when the 22nd comes…

  3. Nov 29, my dad will be 90.

  4. Happy November… This is one of my favorite months as it is when anticipation of the holiday season is matched by winter knocking on our door. One of my favorite months, Happy B-day in case I miss it 🙂

  5. I am very glad to know that November is one of your favorite months.

  6. What an operation to have at the age of ten!

    I don’t like the winter months… my favorites are May-August. (November 27th will be my dad’s 75th birthday.)

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