Day 302: Taking in/Letting go

During an earlier (and warmer!) season of this year, I created a post —  Day 169: Mindfulness exercise — which described a  focusing exercise I use in therapy groups, to invite people to be more in the moment.

I like the word “invite,” because it gives people a choice. You can choose to follow my directions, or not.  People always have a choice to do that, obviously, but I wonder if they remember. That’s why I like using that language — the word “invite” — whenever I suggest that somebody do something.

Why would people forget they have a choice, when I ask for something?

Because, at work, I am in the role of therapist, or “expert.” And there is a power differential, there,  in that relationship between medical provider and patient.  I certainly have learned THAT, almost from the time of my birth, from the patient side.

So I like to invite people to do things, to support awareness of their personal power. The power to choose.

However, this morning, I am making an exception.  Rather than just give you the link to the previous post, I’m going to be more assertive about this:

Go look at the previous post, people!!!

That was fun.

Anyway, I wanted you to look at that previous post because I thought it would help you get more out of this one.

But I am now losing my investment in whether or not you actually looked at that post.

Hold on …….

Investment lost.

Hey!  That was fun, too.

So, dear readers, I think it’s about time I get to the point of today’s post, don’t you?

As described in that previous post (this is where I let you off the hook for NOT looking), I like doing a breathing exercise which involves these things:

  1. When breathing in, take in something you would like more of, from the moment, from where you are sitting, or from the universe.
  2. When breathing out, let go of something that would be helpful to let go of.

I often have trouble with language, when I’m describing that exercise in writing.  When I’m describing it in person, it’s not a problem.

But in any case, I hope I’ve communicated, well enough, that mindfulness exercise.

For this post, I would like to list some things I’ve used in that exercise, over the years, including some things I would like to take in/let go of today.

I will start with the List of Letting Go:

It helps me, for sure,  to let go of …..

fear460 (1)


… fear in general.  Also, fear of heights ….




… fear of falling:


… fear of the dark:

images (5)


fear of death:



… and at this time of the year, fear of the cold:



Okay, I’m running out of time here, this morning, to complete this post.  And I deliberately wanted to end on the positive — something(s) I want to take in more of, from the universe.

I’m also dealing, right now, with another fear of mine:  the fear of not giving everybody credit, who deserved it.

However, I think I can wrap this post up, in time.


  1. I’ve already invited hope into this post, by the images I’ve chosen.
  2. I can make sure I give everybody credit, throughout the day, after I press the “publish” button here.
  3. I believe I have the time I need to finish this post before I publish it, that is,  to post an image about something that would help.

The pressure is on!

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

Okay, so what image would help, right now?

Let’s see, what is the opposite of fear?

Here’s the word that popped into my head, before I could even think of consulting a thesaurus.



That works.


Thanks to all those who contributed to the creation of this post, and to you, for saying “yes!” to the invitation to read, today.

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7 thoughts on “Day 302: Taking in/Letting go

  1. I am always amazed at how in-sync we are in our being present in the world — I too use ‘invite’ for the very same reasons.

    And I too have done this mindfulness exercise for a long time and use it in my coaching. I also, invite people to imagine that each breath in is transformed into Love and each breath out transforms the world around them into the only thing we give and receive continuously… Love 🙂

    Hope your day is filled with love, joy, beauty and peace.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. I have taken on two lessons today. Firstly, to “invite” people which gives people a choice. That is a FANTASTIC concept and such an easy subtle way of rephrasing requests. Secondly, the breathe in / out concept of taking in more of what is positive, and letting out more of what is helpful to let go of. Absolutely brilliant!
    A great start to my day today. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I like the idea of “hope” as being the opposite of “fear.” You would normally think the opposite of fear would be bravery or confidence or something, but this makes a lot of sense… especially in the context of making a conscious decision on how to live.

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