Day 299: Why haven’t I published anything (outside of here)?

This morning, I am posing questions about where I am in my life, right now.

I have enough expertise and skill to be a published author. Why haven’t I made that happen, so far in my life?

What’s gotten in the way of that?

Here are some things I can think of:

  1. Doubts about my (previously mentioned) expertise and skill.
  2. My ability to think of a kashmillion things I would rather be doing other than writing something for publication.
  3. Concern (and perhaps some other feelings) that other people would  have the control to accept or reject something that was important to me (and what makes THEM such friggin’ experts, anyway?!??)
  4. My short attention span. (Look!  It’s a baby wolf!)


Where was I?

Oh, yes. I was asking the question:

Why haven’t I published anything, so far in my life?

Oh, I wanted to state the obvious, at this point.  I’m not counting what I’ve published here, at WordPress. Because if I did, I’ve published almost 300 times.

I’m discounting that.

Hmmmm. I’m wondering if I’m discounting anything else?

Because, recent data suggests that I can forget things that I’ve done.  By “recent data,” I am referring to my blog post, two days ago, where I forgot that I had actually taken a photo of Carl Yastrzemski, when I was at the 1st game of the World Series, at Boston’s Friendly Fenway Park.

So, let’s see. have I published anything, outside of  these blog posts?

Hmmm. I guess you could say I have.

About 20 years ago, when I was in Social Work school, I wrote a paper about how people with disabilities were portrayed in the media. I interviewed people from a local chapter of (I believe) the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, and they asked if they could publish a version of my paper in their national publication. Which they did.

And in years past, if you Googled my name, that article appeared. But I can’t find it now, to check my facts (and support my bragging).

So maybe I’ll see if I can find that article, later.

But in the meantime, it’s a beautiful day!

Which means, I would like to wrap this post up.

Before I do, here’s what feels left undone.

I want to ask  myself another question:

Do I WANT to publish (or do I just think I SHOULD publish)?  (Psssst!  The word “should” can indicate a cognitive distortion.)

Hold on, I’m thinking ….

Here’s the answer.

I do want to publish, if it’s something:

  1. I feel passionately about, and
  2. I think would be helpful to share with others.

So what might that topic be?

I’m interested in communication of all kinds, verbal and nonverbal. Maybe I should write a paper on something like this:

The people in the following image (from a national TV broadcast) are having an experience that most would consider joyful:

Slide3 (2)

That is, they are attending a World Series Game, where their home team is leading by a score of 8-1, one strike away from victory.  What emotions are they communicating, non-verbally? What are the factors influencing those non-verbal communications, from the stand-point of those sending AND receiving the communications?

That’s definitely an interesting topic.

However, I can think of another topic, that’s probably a better fit for the two criteria I listed above: The therapy groups that I have created and facilitate, where I work.

So I would like to take steps to publish, about those.

One last thing, before I end this post: I believe it helps, once you have identified a goal, to make a commitment for action, ideally witnessed by others.

Therefore, I hereby commit, to my group of WordPress readers, that I will take a measurable step, by the end of this year, to publish about those therapy groups.


Thanks to  Dan Shaughnessy (the author of “One Strike Away: The Story of the 1986 Red Sox”),,  baby wolves (and other distractions), the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, verbal and non-verbal communicators everywhere, and to you — of course! — for witnessing today.

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11 thoughts on “Day 299: Why haven’t I published anything (outside of here)?

  1. Debbie Terman

    In that snippet TV shot, the only 2 people actually showing joy are your sister and the guy in green 2 rows behind you. Everyone else looks like, “It’s cold out here, it’s clear the Red Sox are going to win, can we go home yet?” even though I’m sure they’re much happier internally than they appear.

  2. Amy

    Ok. Except for the Red Sox reference and the intended therapy publication, you could be echoing my brain, Ann! (Hmmm…perhaps the baby wolf would be a baby elephant, but still…) For years I’ve see-sawed with my own wish to be a ‘serious’ writer—maybe not of serious stuff, but stuff that people would enjoy reading. (The idea that 50 Shades of Grey made it to publication and people actually LIKED it makes my blood boil. You kiddin’ me????)

    But I gotta give that person (can’t remember the 50 Shades author’s name…heh) credit. She obviously had the…er…courage to say “HELL to the people who might not think I can write! I’m gonna give it a whirl! Everybody wants a relationship like my two main characters have!” She finished the books and did what it took to get them on the shelves. That’s hard work. I actually admire her more for that than for the books, themselves!

    So another decade passes and I’m still working through those numbers 1-4 in your blog above. Don’t have that many decades left so I’d better get my butt in gear, huh? 😉

  3. I am so glad that you have committed to a goal. That is SO inspiring. I am wishing you all the best to reach that goal.

  4. I like that you’ve publicly stated your goal — and put a timeline on it.

    I have a goal to do something by the end of this month…. Hmm…. you’ve just reminded me…. I only have a couple of days to get it done! 🙂 Thanks. I’m going to meet my goal. you’ve spurred me on.

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  8. Yes, you CAN publish a book of you want to, and your doubts are not a measure of your ability.

    And, YES, you publish every day! And I am a fan of your work.

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