Day 294: Born Sensitive

When I was in my 20’s, a very wise woman said to me,

Ann, some people are just born sensitive.

While some may be


Born Again,





I announce, loud and proud, today, that I was



While those of us who are born THAT way, may sometimes think that we are


… is that a helpful thought, really?

Because when I have worries about anybody — human or otherwise —  being



… usually, there is nothing to fear.

Thanks to my bf, Michael;* our two cats, Oscar (old/front) and Harley (new/back); John Barry;**;*** Bruce, Garson Kanin;**** Lady Gaga;  all creatures born  free, again, yesterday, to run, this way, or otherwise; and to you, especially, for reading today.


* Who “despises” puns and suggested I include this, today:


** The composer of “Born Free” (and many other wonderful things).

*** For the “Born Again” image (I think).

**** The writer of “Born Yesterday” (and many other wonderful things).

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17 thoughts on “Day 294: Born Sensitive

  1. You have born a delightful post.

  2. Born Free…love this movie. 🙂

  3. When I worked at a hospital I used to sing born free with slightly different words: Born free, my father’s a doctor… it made people smile.

  4. loracdog

    Welcome, Harley!! How’s oscar dealing w Harley? And vice versa? Love this post !



  5. clayton paul

    The only one you don’t want is “Born to lose!”


  6. I treasure my sensitivity. It’s core to who I am.

  7. I am one in the born “too sensitive” category. I have found courage over the years to overcome this but sometimes sensitivity still wins over wisdom.
    Thoughtful post.

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