Day 271: Room For Error

I am in the middle of watching a lot of “Breaking Bad” episodes, in an attempt to catch up. I would like to watch the final episode on Sunday with people I love.

I’m probably not going to make it, but I’m going to do my best.

I’m going to make decisions, recognizing there are trade-offs at each point.

I want to take care of myself first.

My priorities may shift, throughout this process.

I am currently watching the Fly episode.


Walter White just said,

There is no room for error, not with these people.

Thank goodness I’m not dealing with people like that, these days.

Thanks to creative people, imperfectionists everywhere, and to you, for reading today.

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11 thoughts on “Day 271: Room For Error

  1. You are welcome. Glad that you’re taking care of yourself first! This coming from probably the only being in Albuquerque who hasn’t watched Breaking Bad…

  2. Mark

    I watched the last episode of season 2 and the first of season 3 last night: The ones where the plane crashes; and those 2 drug dealers from Mexico set the hay truck on fire. I’m not going to catch up by tomorrow night but that’s fine.

    • Should I say “Spoiler Alert”? Oh for heaven’s sake, probably not. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Mark.

      • Mark

        Ann, where are you in your quest for completion? ie season, episode….

      • At this writing (3:07 PM EST, on Sunday), almost done with Episode 7 of the last season.

      • Mark

        Excellent! I started Netflixing the show in July, and have watched the current season since its debut in August. Oh by ‘the last season’ you mean last year, ie not the final season? Anyway, I do love the show and look forward to catching up with seasons 3-4 over time. Will be watching tonight.

  3. Actually, Mark, I meant the final season. Now (at 4:00 PM), we just finished Episode 8 (the end of Part 1) of the final season.

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