Day 270: Help with hangovers

Yesterday, at work, I felt  …


Not myself.


I was thinking thoughts like these:

I’m having trouble being here today.

I wish I could go home.

Why am I feeling this way, after having such a great day yesterday?

I wonder if I’m getting sick?

Have I taken on too much?

What can I identify, right now, that might have contributed to those feelings and thoughts?

  1. Some people, whom I have really enjoyed working with, are leaving.
  2. I’ve been watching many hours of “Breaking Bad,” in a row.
  3. Because of changes in the weather, I  am often too hot or too cold (thanks a lot, Goldilocks).
  4. Because of operating system changes to my iPhone AND to my computer at work, lots of things look quite different.
  5. Perhaps lots of things are looking quite different, because of other things on this list.

What helped with these feeling and thoughts, yesterday?

Listening to other people’s wisdom about what helps them, including the following:

It helps to do a cost-benefit analysis.

Yesterday, somebody named this antidote as particularly helpful to them:

Cost-Benefit Analysis.  List the pros and cons of a negative thought (like “I always screw up”) or a behavior pattern (like isolating when you’re depressed). A simple version of this is to ask yourself, “Does this [thought or action] help me?

It helps to let people know that you appreciate them.

This is especially helpful during these times:

  1. When people are leaving.
  2. When people are still there.

It helps to make a list of Pros and Cons, especially when you are facing a difficult decision.

I just went to my Go-To Application (Google), for some back-up on Pros and Cons.

Here’s what I found, thanks to The Oatmeal:


Which leads me to this:

It helps to laugh.

This is especially helpful during these times:

  1. When you’re alone.
  2. When you’re with other people.

That concludes our blog post for today, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks to The Oatmeal, to wise and funny entities of all kinds, and to you, for reading today.

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9 thoughts on “Day 270: Help with hangovers

  1. Hi Ann — I run into this sometimes too — a great day and the next, I feel like a hangover. Sometimes, I think it’s because I feel ‘guilty’ about having had such a wonderful day and don’t trust the universe to turn up again with another wonderful day (because heck I don’t deserve two wonderful days in a row!) and so, I ‘get it before it gets me’ and give myself a hangover so I don’t have to be present for another wonderful day — and to trust in the universe. 🙂

    and yes, my thinking can be as convoluted as that! 🙂

    Love your list — and The Oatmeal

  2. Love the pros and cons list! Also, Breaking Bad is one of the best shows I’ve seen! It’s on Netflix so I have to wait for the new season which will probably take about 6 months 😦

  3. Be kind to yourself. Every day brings everyone a new start.

  4. I Love your pros and cons on a pros and cons list. made me laugh and brightened my day.
    Hope that you are OK?

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