Day 261: Replies

That’s the topic for today, people!


That’s the image for today, people!

Here are some replies that are on my mind, this morning :

Reply #1.

Yesterday, at work, I saw a co-worker I really like, who had been markedly kind to me when I first started my job, two years ago. These days, I don’t get to see her very often, so I was particularly happy to run into her.

As always, she looked and sounded kind, but worry was there, too, about how well she was doing at her new job.

I replied by saying, “You know, I was just thinking, this morning:  I’ve been at my position for two full years, and I am JUST NOW starting to truly believe that I know what I’m doing.”

Reply #2.

Yesterday, at work, I saw somebody in therapy for the first time, who told me some awful things that had happened to her, when she was a child.

On my white board, I wrote this, in big letters:


She replied by taking a picture of that, with her cell phone.

Reply #3.

Yesterday, on this blog, I wrote about my (sometimes) Dread of Anger.

Eric Tonningsen replied by writing this:

… Ann, two possibilities for your consideration: 1) You are choosing to be in dread so choose otherwise and; 2) Create a simple mantra or affirmation that you can use to acknowledge, then pass on dread. It can be as simple as saying “whatever” and laughing. I learned this from a 16 year young nephew. And it works – when I’m aware and at choice. Or…ask yourself, what purpose does it serve me to be dreadful? Two cents, unsolicited. 🙂

Reply #4.

Whenever I put something out there into the world, this thought can pop into my head:

I wonder what the reply will be?

Reply # 5.


I’m smiling, right now.

Thanks to Eric, his nephew, repliers and repliees* everywhere, and to you, for reading today.


* A made-up word, which means somebody who gets a reply.

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7 thoughts on “Day 261: Replies

  1. I think reply # 2 is the best advice to follow EVER in the whole of the universe.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Robert Weir


    I’m living in the dread of a situation within which I’m currently ensconced

    I have often felt that just ‘whatever’ vibe, but in a destructive way, which in my life I has been very prevalent

    Eric, via this post has given me the confidence to go in that direction

    of course there is more to it than that, a lot of consideration has to occur, another person is involved but:


    my mantra shall be

    whatever, stop being afraid

  3. Jack, I like this post a whole lot! It was fun to read. And it obviously touches on a subject that is, well, touchy for me: work. I have a friend at work (all my friends at work are “so-called,” which really goes without saying) who reminds me daily to assume the Buddha’s pose and repeat the ever-effectual mantra, “F*** it!” Hey, those are his words, not mine. But I do believe they work a lot better than that fake, “Hey, come on, get happy” Partridge Family crap.

    This whole idea of replies is hilarious and I want more! Thanks and peace, my brother zombie.

  4. Oh, and Ann, no offense for calling you “Jack” and “brother zombie.” Mmm, oh yeah, sorry bout that. Love you, baby!

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