Day 254: Connections (9/11/2013)

There are at least four things I want to mention in today’s post.

I wonder if there will be connections among them?

The above sentence is also  a thought I have before every therapy group I do, since new people are choosing to come to those groups all the time.

Whenever I wonder about whether connections will exist among the people who come to any therapy group, I answer that question, like this:

There always have been connections, up until now.  Why should today be any different?

I have faith, too, that connections will exist among my blogging words today (even if they are not immediately obvious).

Here are the things I want to tell you, this morning:

1. I woke up feeling a sense of peace and hope.

Nothing has really changed, in my external world, to account for that shift towards peace and hope.  (Often, I wake up feeling uneasy) (although sometimes I don’t.)

When I look out at the landscape of my life this morning, I see, as usual, the light and the dark.  The hopes and the fears. Things I love and things I dislike (yes, I dislike some things, even in My Year of Living Non-Judgmentally).

So the external world has not changed significantly, to account for that shift. But something has changed internally, inside my head, heart, and soul.

This morning, I see options — ways to move forward towards some of my life goals (including my work, my medical treatment, and creating a “good enough” will).

As I have seen, so many times, in my clients and in myself, it makes a HUGE difference to see options. To have a sense of personal empowerment. Of choice.

2. After I woke up, I read this haiku, posted today, September 11.

Waking up again

Here is the haiku, in its entirety:


Waking up again

Beauty of the morning light

The mystery of life

3. After I read haikus by AshiaAkira, I read the first post in my WordPress Reader.

This was the blog post:  What Happened on September 11 — I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together.

It’s a post by If I Only Had a Time Machine, another blog I follow here on WordPress, and it’s about the first episode of Carol Burnett’s TV show (whom I blogged about recently.)

4. Throughout all the things I did and thought this morning, I was aware of my son, whom I can now hear, moving in his room.

At a therapy group yesterday, somebody told us they had started making a list of five things they were grateful for, each day.

I realize, right now, that I am doing the same thing.

5. Thanks to all those who read this blog.

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3 thoughts on “Day 254: Connections (9/11/2013)

  1. Great post today and thanks for mentioning by blog.

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