Day 243: Freaked-out-nomics

I’ve been freaked out lately, even while I’ve been trying to keep my pledge of “no worries” for 10 days.


Lots of reasons.

  1. There was a “perfect storm” of circumstances where I live, which resulted in some significant water damage.

  2. I thought I had picked up an ailment on my trip. (I had not.)

  3.  I am going even more public — including where I work — about my being the longest surviving person in the world with a cardiac pacemaker*, as I am participating in an American Heart Association charitable walk.  (Of course, I’m going more public about my pacemaker world record by doing this blog, too.)

  4.  This morning, I spent many hours trying to create and send e-mails asking for contributions for this charitable walk, and at different times it looked like (1) none of the e-mails had gone through AGAIN!!! and (2) the e-mails had all gone through and were going to bombard people with the same request many times.

Some of the reasons I listed above may seem more minor than others.

But when I get freaked out, many things can feel like Life or Death situations.

There are very few situations that are Life or Death, but sometimes my perspective gets out of whack.

At times in my life, I’ve dealt with life-threatening situations very calmly.

At other times, I’ve dealt with non-life-threatening situations with all my alarm systems blaring, full blast — Danger, Danger, Danger!

During times of Full Blown Freak Out, I’ve encouraged myself — and others — to ask these questions:

What is hurting me right now?

What danger exists to me, here and now?

Hold on. I’m going to breathe, sit quietly for a few seconds, and ask myself those two questions.

The answers are:




Thanks for reading today.

* In 2014, I found out that I am NOT the longest surviving person in the world with a pacemaker. See here for more about that.

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10 thoughts on “Day 243: Freaked-out-nomics

  1. Eleanor

    I”d love to make a donation for your walk — let me know the details.
    Breathing is always good — my thought is that everyone should take 10 deep breaths before they drive someplace (20 deep breaths on rainy days).

  2. I like Eleanor’s breathing vision — breathing is good!

    As is your decision to go more public with your pace-maker success! Which I find absolutely amazing and wonderful and inspiring. Thanks to science, medical research and the creativity of humankind and your own resilience — you are here today. And I think that’s some kind of wonderful!

    Blessings on a day of breathing.

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  4. Thats all it is in the end! We should be happy to just be breathing and remember to do that when we worry about major or minor things and remember to step back and just calm down and things will have its way of working out 🙂

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