Day 241: No worries

I like that phrase, “no worries.”

I’ve heard and read that several times, recently. I’ve started saying it, too.

I believe that worry does not help us.

It does not spur us to action.

It does not solve problems.

It’s the mental equivalent of this:


Last night, at dinner, I said to my boyfriend Michael, “I have a lot of things coming up SOON that tend to make me anxious: a presentation at work, the beginning of a new school year, blah blah blah.*

“I would like to make this commitment  to you.  And to all these other witnesses.” (I gestured to the soy sauce and the other inhabitants of the dinner table.)

“I want to Not Feel Anxious for the next 10 days.”

Michael asked me how I was going to do that.  I said, “I don’t know.  Just NOT do it.  Notice it and put it aside.  Say to myself, ‘Sorry!  That’s not allowed!'”

Michael and I talked about I’ve used this assignment at work: “Scheduling worry.” That is,  I tell people to schedule a time, each week, for worrying (Thursday at 6 PM, say). Then, when worry comes up during other times, they say to themselves, “Nope!  This isn’t the time for that. I’ve got that scheduled for Thursday, at 6 PM.” (Then, when Thursday at 6 comes along, the assignment is to “worry as hard as you possibly can.”)

However, I don’t want to schedule worry.

I just want a break for 10 days.

Michael said he would like to join me in this.  (The soy sauce was noncommittal.)

Would you like to join me, too?

Thanks to small animals who are doing their best to get somewhere, condiments everywhere,  worriers, warriors, and to you, too, for reading today.


*I actually said, “blah blah blah.”  I like that phrase, too.

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21 thoughts on “Day 241: No worries

  1. I love what happens when I like my own post here. I get an e-mail that says,”You’re so vain. You probably think Day 241: No worries is about you.” I am, I do, and it is!

  2. Anyway, what I was going to say was, I’ll join you! I love, love, love this idea.

    when I got out of that relationship I knew I needed to cry, but I also needed to teach myself I had the power to work through my emotions. So…. I gave myself 10 minutes on the hour to cry, and the other 50 minutes I had to do at least one thing positive to move me out of the darkness into the light. Eventually, I’d forget I was ‘supposed’ to cry and my tears flowed into the joy of being free without my fearing they would last forever.

  3. I’ve always found that soy sauce is non-commital ahaha. Yeah I’m going to try that too! So worry free until which date?

  4. Fun post! Started using the phrase “no worries” as a response to many things, and I love it.

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  9. Thank u for reporting No Worries. I really needed it this morning. Everything ok until call from my 47-year-old about a disagreement she was having with her 51-year-old brother. My three adult children are working together in our family-owned business? They draw me into their squabbles. Then when I attempt to get them to look at the other’s position, failing to totally buy in to their position, they get upset. After my daughter abruptly ended our conversation, I returned to reading my e-mails. Your post popped up. I commit to NO WORRIES for the next ten days. Then, let my middle-aged children know they have to work it out. Hubby and I are retired and living thousand of miles from them and the business. Ranting helps. Again, thank u for the post.

    • I have no worries about the fact that it took me over seven years to see this wonderful comment. Thank you so much for commenting and I hope all is well with you, here and now.

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