Day 223: Reasons why I should move to London, Part 3

Today is our last day in London, as we get on a train to Edinburgh.

I had a great time here, with my 15-year-old son. I (re-)learned lots of things.  We met many amazing people.  And we saw some incredible theater.

We’re both sad to leave London, but I’m sure that Edinburgh will be fabulous, also.

In order to deal with sadness of saying goodbye, here are more reasons why it’s so difficult to leave Olde London Towne:

Reason #4: I have olde and new friends here.


This is Alexa, whom I first met when we were kids, at Children’s Hospital in Boston, helping each other deal with some difficult medical challenges. It was wonderful to spend time with her and her son Alex, as they took us to a terrific sushi restaurant and to Camden (pictured above).


This is Sen, our amazing concierge at our hotel in London. He helped us feel welcome and safe from our very first day (and every time we’ve encountered him since then), with his can-do attitude, listening skills, kindness,  ingenuity, knowledge (of details and important issues),  humor, and appreciation for how a good game of 20 Questions and Charades can cheer up some weary travelers.

Reason # 5:  You can barter for goods here.

This was particularly applicable in Camden, where there were so many goods, everywhere:



And so many interesting people with whom to barter.


This is Ali, who was born in Afghanistan.  He had some perfect sunglasses to sell us.  After he quoted us a price  he said was “firm” (after giving my son and me some excellent monetary and psychological reasons for why this was a fair price for these sunglasses), he responded very positively to our requests to have the fun and pride of bartering him down.

Reason # 6: All the beautiful and historic things to see here.






Okay, there’s a lot more I could show and tell, but it’s time to get ready for the transition to Edinburgh.  Thanks to London for all its riches and gifts, and thanks for reading today.

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19 thoughts on “Day 223: Reasons why I should move to London, Part 3

  1. ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ Samuel Johnson.
    I would agree, don’t you think?

  2. .Wonderful and interesting blog today. How amazing that you and Alexa have kept in touch for all these years. Life can be so rewarding if we let it. Can’t wait to continue my tour with you. Yes, I feel like I’m traveling along for a free ride. Have a great day discovering new places.

  3. Lovely post; good to hear you’re finding so much joy in this trip.

  4. Great to see my beloved London, Camden is amazing I always love to go there. Glad you enjoyed it, Edinburgh is great too though!

  5. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. This is so much fun!

  6. wonderful shots..make me want to visit this place

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Kavita. I’m glad you liked the shots. And London is GREAT to visit.

      • yes true…I might give it a try in Summer though as recently been to Tasmania and to be honest cold is not something I can live with easily require so much more effort 🙂 But on the other hand there are places like Antarctica where I so wanna go : )

  7. the shoes! So cool!

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