Day 196: Why I’m Anxious Today (E-mail, anybody?)

Why am I anxious today?

Oh, so many reasons, and so little little time to list them, this morning.

1. Technology, for cripe’s sake.


I am all for trying new things — with a brave, adventurous, and confident spirit, whenever I can muster it — but technology is proceeding at a rate that seems to be leaving me in a confused dust, too much of the time.

And I am a quick learner, people. Others remark on how quick I am. “Wow! What a quick learner you are, Ann!” they are likely to say, without undo prompting from me. And yet, I am in a constant state of dizziness regarding what I have to learn JUST TO KEEP UP these days.

An example might help here, I suppose. (Although I am imagining that you just might be filling in with your own examples, at this point.)



Ah, e-mail! How do I fear thee … let me count the ways.

  1. There’s way too much of it.
  2. I have trouble keeping track of it.
  3. Just when I think I’ve grasped the rudimentary necessities for E-mail Survival, a new version of my e-mail service comes along — WITHOUT MY CHOICE OR CONSENT — which screws up my already tentative grip on it.
  4. It’s designed to destroy my life. That might sound dramatic, but here’s one example: In the handy-dandy, instant access clickable group of icons for each of my e-mails, THE FLAG ICON IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE GARBAGE ICON. So what’s the inevitable result, if your hand is slightly unsteady, because of too-much-e-mail-induced anxiety? Just this: When I see an e-mail I need to flag NOW, just to keep it bobbing above the sea of other important but less important e-mails, I am just as likely to erroneously stick it in the garbage can. And vice versa.
  5. Arrrrghhhhh!

(pant, pant, pant)

Now where was I? Oh, yes, I started a list of things that were making me anxious today, and technology was #1. Okay! Time to move on.

2. Isn’t technology enough of a reason, people?

Thanks for reading today. (And if you have any hints about how to help me reduce my anxiety, I am all ears and eager to hear.)

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15 thoughts on “Day 196: Why I’m Anxious Today (E-mail, anybody?)

  1. Hi,

    you make me laugh! You’re so sweet and funny… I hope you’re not offended. On the contrary, be happy to have made someone giggle and grin!! I’m 52 and I remember watching “Flipper” on the black-and-white TV in my childhood…. it was WOW, something really cool. We’ve come a long way since then and I think our technical world today is f… fascinating! I’m the complete internet freak, I take online courses (MOOCs, great stuff!!), I’m exploring ways of making money online…. and there is soooooo much I don’t know and understand. So what. I’m learning a bit every day, new challenges all the time. Before I started blogging two months ago I didn’t have the faintest idea what widgets, avatars, gravatars, themes, tags, pingbacks etc.etc. were. Today I’m nearly an expert…ha ha.

    Wish you a wonderful week.

    • Offended? I am flattered and delighted. Thank you so much for reading and for all you wrote here. I appreciate your blog, also. And I wish you a wonderful week, too, Heila.

  2. findingmyinnercourage

    heila2013 said it perfectly! Loved your Blog and know that you are not alone!

  3. Haha. So I can never figure out how to file my emails and when I do, they arrive so fast and furiously, I forget to file and then…..

    Oh well. It is nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks!

  4. @Ann: WOW….I just wrote an extended piece (which I never do) on my FB page about your blog. You are brilliant and NOT alone – it is remarkable to read and assimilate so closely with your thoughts and feelings.

    please feel free to read my post – and reach out to me anytime.

    – Michelle

    MY POST:

    The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally

    rarely, do i [we] stumble, trip and fall over (accidentally) another person who seems to be traveling on the same road, experiencing life the in an almost frightfully replicated version of my [our] own lives. And while on the exact same journey to (which seems arbitrary and unmapped more than planned) he/she stops to takes the same pauses to mindfully think and acknowledge the stops I take – nearly in tandem.

    It is similar to that awkward moment when someone tells you that you have a “twin” roaming around and you are strangely curious how accurate or inaccurate the supposition (in my case) that there is another 5″2′ long blondish haired 30 – something “mommy” – in a sundress, who looks infinitely exhausted, which begs for a set of aviators and the keys to her overly common – common silver SUV, deep in the depths of suburbia – or maybe like one of the “other 2 Olsen twins” from a distance….

    This is not a case of a mistaken “Tanner” kid. There is not Bob Saget or Uncle Jesse – not even a sign of Dave Coulier….

    I have stumbled over, been sent and googled one thing or another and landed on the same wise woman’s blog 9 times 4 days. I would be fine, had I not started to read bits and pieces, here and there. I seriously feel like I am in a really twisted version of the Truman Show (life imitates art imitates life) or this is is a ridiculously uncomfortable (yet well written) version of another person cataloguing my thoughts, feelings and personal quips. Whatever the case, her writing is exquisite and yet not overly complicated but still brutally honest.

    Everyone complains, we all have battles, life is not utopia – in fact on the best of days, it is purgatory. Whoever the author of the blog below is – ( @annkoplow) is – “gets” all of this and has a remarkable way of verbalizing my often verbose (ie, this post) and overly complex thoughts on what is “going on now.”

    Find time to read her story – it’s pretty much the only “blog” I read, have ever read and considering I can barely tolerate proofreading my own, I surmise it will begin and end here, for me. — reading sheer amazement.

  5. Please also let me know if you have access to a Nook or iBooks – I have more reading material and accounts dof “NORMAL” than we each have a lifetime to spend reading. I took a year off to do much of the same – inclusive of an Eat Pray Love moment in Bangladesh for 2 weeks.

    I still remain, me, although music is my release, my therapy and my first love….it fills in the cracks – alleviates anxiety and forces smiles – whether it is the Beatles, Jay Z or Janis Joplin….

    • I was just re-reading a post I wrote earlier this year, which was about feeling guilty for not having time to read much this year. Thank you for the offer, and thanks so much for reading and commenting here. And music rocks!

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  8. Have you tried going without your technology devices and seeing how long it takes you to start feeling anxious? On a large level, society is becoming so dependent on technology for communication that it’s easy for us to forget what we did with our time and our lives before.
    See what happens if you try going 24 hours without using any technology….

    • I think that is a GREAT suggestion. My guess is I might feel less anxious. But I will try it. Although, wait! I want to blog every day. What to do? What to do?

      Thanks so much for reading and for this comment.

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