Day 185: Airing things out

I think it’s good to air things out — to be direct about feelings and thoughts. To get things out in the open.

That’s a lesson I’ve learned, over and over again.

If we keep things inside, they tend to expand in importance. If we keep things hidden away, they tend to breed shame.

I’ve been re-reading some of my own posts this morning, and, boy, do I see THAT as a recurring theme: Airing Things Out (especially things like stress, anxiety, and worry).

By re-reading this morning, I also see that I’ve really been stressed out this year. Duh. I knew I would be — because of the job I’d taken on, and the other random Acts of Courage I might be called on to perform.

I like the word “Courage.” I think it’s appropriate whenever any of us makes a change, ventures out, or risks rejection, failure, or any set-back.

In other words, whenever we go outside, speak our truth, or interact in any way.

I took these pictures yesterday, at work:




They are airing out the lockers, because of the saw-toothed buggies that had found their way inside. (See here for more about that, in a post about Horror Stories and Non-Horror Stories.)

They got rid of the bugs, without pesticides. They emptied things out, left the doors open, for all to see inside.

(I love metaphors. Can you tell?)

When I walked by the lockers yesterday  I took these pictures, assuming I would use them in a post some day.

If not today, when?

I want to say this, right now: Going into work yesterday, where I saw and took these pictures, was an act of courage. It will be another courageous act, to return there tomorrow.

In addition to naming acts of courage, I think it helps to applaud them. I’ve used applause as a sound effect in posts this year (like here). I’ve also done groups (as a facilitator and a participant) where people have applauded when somebody did something courageous, new, or helpful in any way.

I think applauding helps.  It might seem hokey, or immodest, or awkward.

If so, that’s probably because it’s unfamiliar.

Yesterday, at work, several people spoke about progress they’ve made in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. At one point, I said, “I wish I had some confetti, because I feel like throwing some.”

Where I used to work, we did throw confetti, every once in a while, to celebrate acts of courage and progress people had made.


That took some time to clean up, I must say.

More fun to clean up than bugs, though. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks for reading. I hope you celebrate something today  (especially your own courage) (open up and look for it; it’s there).

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10 thoughts on “Day 185: Airing things out

  1. Thanx to u, I found courage, but I’m not going to say it took allot of courage to find courage
    Did I say that???

  2. Yay, Lena!! Thanks for celebrating with me here today.

  3. My word mantra this year is “Bold” (in my professional career). It has taken courage to address the insecurities and limiting beliefs I’ve been hanging on to that have allowed me to stay in my career comfort zone that has no direction. I’ve been saying “yes” to opportunities that scare me AND will help me grow or make new connections. Also, I think it is important to celebrate progress so it feels like forward movement. I remember a stand-up comedian saying how awesome it is to start his job with a round of applause. Wouldn’t it be great to apply that method at work!

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I appreciated all you said. And It WOULD be great to have applause at work. You are inspiring me to give myself the equivalent of applause when I start the work day, in some way. Maybe a little quiet cheer in the morning — “Yay, me!”

      • Love that! You can also listen to canned applause for when you begin writing your blog and then again when it is complete. It is important to remember the value of what you are offering others in the process of creating…and that they will appreciate it in the end.

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  5. Yay, Charmin!

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