Day 183: Halfway

My Year of Living Non-Judgmentally is half over.

An amazing person and poet named Marc* sent me this e-mail a couple of days ago:

Now that you’re about halfway through your year of daily blogging, I’m wondering what you’ve learned from the experience? What has surprised you? What shape has your audience taken?

What lessons you’d offer others.

If you have a moment, I’d love to hear from you, or if you prefer to put it in your blog, just let me know when it comes out and I’ll read it there.

What I’ve Learned From This Experience

A lot. A whole lot. One hundred and eighty-two days worth of learning.

When I saw Marc’s question, I thought, “Arrrgh! I’m going to have to write a long post on a Tuesday morning, when I need to be getting ready for work. How will I do that?”

I can do that. That’s something that I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that writing every day helps me deal with challenging situations.

I’ve learned that I’m capable of being that disciplined.

I’ve learned that I can write short posts and long posts, and that each post is good enough.

I’ve also “re-learned” a lot of things, like:

  • I will go through ups and downs.
  • It helps to let go of judgment about how I’m doing, as best I can.
  • There are a lot of things that look beautiful, that I can take pictures of.



  • There are a lot of things that look silly, that I can take pictures of.



Actually, every post I’ve written reflects something I’ve learned this year, but I won’t torture you by including 182 links here.

I’ve learned that I can keep learning new things, including How to Blog and How to Blog With More Bells and Whistles. And I’ve (re-)learned that learning something new takes time — and mistakes — to get better.

What Has Surprised You?

Actually, just re-read everything I wrote for What I’ve Learned from This Experience, above, for a good-enough answer to this question, too.

It surprises — and pleases — me that so many things can still surprise me.

That’s something else I’ve re-learned, this year: When I’m more engaged and tuned in to life, I am constantly surprised, often by joy.

Okay, I HAVE to link to a recent post, now, since its title is too perfect (“Surprised by Joy“).

What Shape Has Your Audience Taken?

Here are the first two answers that came into my head:

  1. I don’t really know.
  2. The perfect shape.

What Lessons I’d Offer Others

That’s a tough one for me to address, since I don’t like giving advice, and I tend to downplay my role as a teacher (preferring to invite people to get in touch with their own wisdom). At the same time, I MUST see myself as a teacher, since I seem to think I have something useful to offer, every friggin’ day of this year.

If Marc was curious about what lessons I would offer others regarding doing a daily blog, or any blog at all, that’s simple:

If you think it would help in any way, just do it.

No regrets here, dear reader.

Thanks to Marc, of course. And thanks to you for being here, at my halfway point.


Check out more about Marc here.

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2 thoughts on “Day 183: Halfway

  1. Another great post that really has me thinking.

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