Day 177: What gets me up in the morning

#1: Gratitude that I have another day.

#2: Belief that my work — and my existence, in general — have some value.

#3: Anxiety, because I work at a hospital, which reminds me of scary stuff I experienced as a kid.

#4: Remembering that I will see people I love today.

#5: Habit, because I’ve been waking up, after sleeping, for 60 years.

#6: The alarm, which is always a piece of music I choose and then use for a period of time. This is the one that I’ve been hearing lately:

(That version fades out at the end, but that seems right, because I never listen to the whole thing when I wake up.)

I’m glad all those musicians — and Aaron Copland — got up in the morning, too. (No matter what time they got up, it was morning somewhere.)

And, of course, I’m grateful to you, whatever time it is when you’re reading.

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