Day 168: A dream of dancing

In Day 148: Dreams I Have Known, I wrote about a dream where I knew I was asleep and dreaming, didn’t like the feeling, and tried to wake up, fighting the typical “dream paralysis.”

Last night, I had a dream that started that same way: that is, I had just fallen asleep and I knew I was dreaming. Usually I don’t like those early-sleep dreams, because I often have a sense of discomfort or foreboding … like there is some danger present. Last night, I didn’t fight the dream or try to wake up, and it quickly shifted into something else. I was in a room that was like a big studio, with mirrors on the walls. I could see myself, and I decided to try some dance moves. Specifically, I wanted to kick my legs way up, to a full extension. Something like this:


Or this:

Micah kick

And I could see myself, and that reflected image looked like me and dressed like me, and — lo and behold — I could do those kicks.

It was great.

I woke up and I thought, “I want to remember that dream. And I want to blog about it tomorrow.”

I did and I am.

I’m enjoying the memory of that dream, right now. It was fun, freeing, and effortless. I felt graceful and centered. I was surprised by my skill and knew that it was the Dream Me, but the movement and expression seemed to come out of the Real Me.

While I might not be able to kick exactly the way I did in that dream, I know I can kick — in other ways — in real life.

Thanks for kicking back with me, here and now.

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5 thoughts on “Day 168: A dream of dancing

  1. Uhh! Aren’t those dreams the best? And sometimes they can inspire you to follow them. I remember a dream I had about 20 years ago where I was swinging a baseball bat just like Darryl Strawberry who was with the NY Mets at the time, and he had one of the most beautiful swings in the history of baseball. Powerful, yet very fluid and graceful at the same time; kind of the way you might describe a dancer. I don’t dream about swinging a bat like that anymore. But I do dream of having a strawberry patch in my yard one day…

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  3. Gene Phillips

    What a great dream. My best dreams that I remember have been gliding dreams, not flying exactly but sailing from tree to tree much more freely than a flying squirrel of jumping off a cliff and gently landing in soft sand.

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