Day 159: Random Acts of Kindness (Location: Watertown)

A week ago today, I  parked my car in the lot behind the public library in Watertown, Massachusetts.


I put money in the meter, and noted the time.

I became engrossed in the conversation I was having, in the library cafe. Suddenly, I realized that my meter had run out. I grabbed my wallet and headed back to the parking lot.

As I stepped outside, I saw The Meter Guy, a few yards away from my car. I sprinted to the meter and said laughingly to him, on the way, “I made it!”

He  said to me, “You know, on Saturdays, you can park for free for two hours in those spaces over there,” and he waved towards another section of the lot.

However, I had just grabbed my wallet on my way — leaving my car keys back in the cafe. So I said, “Nah. That’s okay.  I don’t mind giving a little more money to the town of Watertown today.”

Before I could put the change in the meter, he said, “Wait!” And he pushed a button on his hand-held Meter Guy Instrument.


(I LOVE that Google Images has pictures of EVERYTHING.)

As the instrument  (very much like the one pictured above) printed something out, I thought, “Huh?”  The Meter Guy took the printed, blank ticket and put it on my windshield.  “There!” he said. “Now, if somebody else comes by, they’ll know I gave you a break.”

I said, “Hey, thanks!  That’s so nice!”

Then, I went back in to finish my conversation, feeling great.

My boyfriend said about this story, “Wow!  A meter guy! That’s hard to believe. You don’t expect THAT kind of behavior from them.”

But I have the proof:


Thanks, Watertown Meter Guy, for that unexpected act. And thanks, to you, for reading today.

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